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31 | The End

“No, no no!” I argue, shaking my head. There is no way he’s going to make me do this! No way in hell.

Max pouts, pecking my lips. “Please,” he begs. “For me.”

Goddammit, he can’t make that face. The cute one where he widens his eyes and puckers his lips. The way he’s looking at me, it’s not even fair. I can’t say no to that face and he knows it.

“Max, stop it.” I snap, stepping back. I glance back up at the ride, gulping at the number of twists and turns. The people on the carriage scream in terror. Yeah, there’s no way I’m going on that.

Max follows my line of sight and smirks. “Stop doing what? I’m not doing anything. I’m just a boyfriend begging his girlfriend to join him on the ride.”

My insides nearly melt when he says ‘girlfriend’, referring to me. Even after getting back with him a month ago, I still can’t believe it. These past few weeks have been amazing. Since its the summer holidays, we have been trying to do as much as we can. We went to the beach the other day and we went on a date. Today, we invited the group on an overnight trip to Universal Orlando Studios.

Now I’m regretting it because Max wants me to go on the scariest ride here. I’m not a massive fan of rollercoasters. I have Acrophobia--a fear of heights.

“Max, you know I can’t...handle those rides,” I say, with a shaky voice. “Just ask Josh or Lawrence to go on with you.”

Max stares into my eyes and sighs. “Fine,” he says and runs a hand through his hair. “I’ll just ask one of the guys.”

With a triumphant smile, I watch him head off to find them. When he’s out of sight, I turn around and search for the girls.

Then, suddenly, hands wrap around my waist and lift me up in the air. I scream in surprise and kick my legs. When I hear that husky chuckle, the one that sends shivers down my spine, I know exactly who is holding me.


“Are you serious?” I ask rhetorically. Max puts me down and spins me around, only to lift me up again and put me on his shoulder. My face stares at his back whilst my legs are in perfect sight for Max to see. Along with my butt. Wonderful.

Max chuckles when I attempt to slap the back of his head. I’m in an awkward position so it’s a lot harder to twist my torso around and slap him on the head. I scowl and stop struggling. As long as he puts me down soon and doesn’t take me to that ride, everything will be fine.

Everything is not fine. I’m about to be strapped up on the ride. Max had dropped me in the line with him and spent the entire time waiting in the line persuading me to get on it. After lots of begging and kisses, I relented. And now, as I’m about to get on the ride, I’m regretting it. Why did I listen to Max?

Fear is etched on my face. My hands tremble beside me and a lump has formed in my throat. I’m going to be screaming the entire time--I know it.

“Don’t worry Sunshine, if you fall, I’ll be falling with you,” Max whispers into my ear and chuckles.

I slap his chest. “Not funny.” I snap and take a shaky breath. The worker gestures to two seats and Max happily gets into the one furthest away. Slowly, I follow him. The man lowers the bar and checks how safe it is. When he leaves, I start to panic more. My heart pounds in my chest and my eyes are wide in panic.

A hand suddenly brushes against mine and I snap my head to stare at Max. He gives me a reassuring smile, his eyes lighting up. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I’m going to be fine. Max is with me--that’s all that matters. The corners of my lips quirk upwards at the thought.

That’s when a voice announces the ride is going to begin.

“Oh. My. God.” I mumble, stepping off the ride. Max quickly wraps his arm around my shoulder and brings my face into his chest. “You’re fine,” he whispers into my hair.

I nod my head and hold on tighter to him. That was probably the scariest but fun rides ever. My throat feels a bit sour from all of the screaming but I think it was worth it. At one point during the ride, I was laughing my head off.

“Thank you for that,” I tell Max, sincerely.

Max shrugs his shoulders, “you’re welcome sunshine. Do you want to find the others now?”

I nod my head and step out of his hold, grabbing his hand. Together, we search for our friends, who could literally be anywhere. This place is so busy, with crowds and crowds of people.

“Do you see them?” I ask Max, standing on my tippy-toes to see above people’s heads. “Ugh, why did we think it would be a good idea to split up?”

Max stops walking and stares ahead. I stop too and turn to face him with a frown on my face. “What? Did you find them?” He shakes his head.

“I found someone better.”

With my eyebrows still knitted together, I follow his line of sight and gasp at the sight in front of me. Ahead of us, taking photos is Ariana Grande. The celebrity. I absolutely love her, she has an amazing voice. The voice of an angel. Her new album is amazing. The biggest smile I can muster forms on my face. It would be the best thing ever if I could meet her.

“Wanna try and meet her?” Max whispers in my ear. I can just about hear him over the loud chatter and excited screams of fans. I nod my head furiously and drag him over to her, internally squealing.

“Get your phone out,” I order when I notice people taking selfies with her. Max complies, not wanting to face my wrath right at this moment.

Pushing through the people, I end up standing right in front of her. She’s tall, not as tall as me but close. She smiles when she sees me, causing my brain to go mental.

“Do you want a picture?” She asks me in her soft, sweet voice.

“Y--Yes,” I stutter, nervously. Man, meeting a famous celebrity you admire can be tough. I’m super nervous. “Max, can you take a picture of us?” I ask him, keeping my eyes on Ariana.

“Sure,” he answers. Ariana and I position ourselves. She wraps an arm around my shoulder and smiles.

“He really likes you,” I hear her say through the chatter. I turn to face her, puzzled. “He has stars in his eyes when he looks at you. You’re one lucky girl.”

More to myself then her, I mumble back: “I know.”

After I’ve got a few photos with her, we part. Me more reluctantly. Max encases his hand with mine and leads us out of the crowd and into a small cafe.

“That was amazing,” I breathe. “I can’t believe I just met Ariana Grande. She is legitimately one of the best singers ever and I met her! Oh my gosh, I’m hyperventilating.”

“Woah, woah,” Max says, grabbing my hand over the table. He rubs soothing circles on my hand, whilst giving me a concerned look. “You okay there sunshine?”

“Sure,” I gulp in air. “This is going down in my diary as one of the best days of my life. No joke.”

“You keep a diary?” Max asks, smirking. “Can I look at what you’ve written about me?”

“Hey,” I protest, “I don’t have a diary and even if I did, I wouldn’t share it with you.” If I did keep a diary, most of it would be filled with stuff about Max. I honestly think it would be embarrassing. Max would tease me for ages about it.

“Are you sure about that sunshine?” Positive.

We continue to talk for about twenty minutes, until the group comes hurtling into the cafe, wearing big smiles. Apparently, Max contacted them when I was with Ariana. I was completely entranced by her I didn’t notice him texting them.

Anyways, they said they were close to getting on a ride so afterward they would come and find us. Since it was around lunchtime, we decided to eat at the cafe. I told them all about the death trap I went on and when I met Ariana. Molly insisted I post the image on social media and see how many likes I get.

“Right well, should we head over to the hotel?” Josh suggests later in the day when the park is beginning to shut down.

“I’m beat so that’s a yes from me,” Lawrence comments, yawning loudly. Soon, Bree ends up yawning and so the yawning loop begins. I snuggle my face in Max’s chest, hoping to avoid joining the loop. Max chuckles and tightens his hold on my waist.

We all head back to the hotel that’s in the park, tiredly. We booked rooms for two to share. Obviously, Harry and Bree were made to be in the same room together like Max and I. Molly’s sharing with Josh, leaving Lawrence and Luke to be in the same room together. That’s going to be interesting since Luke claims a girl is going to be visiting his room tonight. If it is true, I don’t know what Lawrence will do. Possibly scare her away?

“Come on Sunshine, let’s go and cuddle,” Max says, loud enough for Molly to hear. She wiggles her eyebrows and watches Max lead me into our room. My cheeks heat up in embarrassment. She is so going to quiz me on what happened tomorrow. Oh god.

“Max,” I slap his chest lightly. “You are a menace.”

Max smirks, “only for you.”

As cheesy as that line is, I still love it. Just because it came from Max.

I roll my eyes, hiding the smile on my face and head into the en-suite bathroom to get changed. After brushing my teeth and hair, I step out and crash onto the bed. Max has already changed into a pair of PJ bottoms, leaving his chest bare. My eyes trail along his tanned skin and six-pack with lust. Despite the fact I’ve seen his chest a lot, I still stare at it like I’ve never seen it before.

Max is one hell of an attractive man. I am so lucky to be blessed with him. And it's not just about his looks.

I climb to the end of the bed and cuddle up against Max. He wraps an arm around my shoulder and gestures for me to put my head on his chest. Without a thought, I comply. This feels nice.

No, it feels perfect.

“I love you, Max,” I whisper, dazed.

“And I will always love you, Ava.” He replies, huskily. “So much.”

And that’s when my eyes flutter closed, a content smile planted on my face. How I could even think to give this up is beyond me. This right here is heaven.

“I guess I found you.” I hear Max say into the darkness. “I found Ava.”

The end.

{A/N: Welp, that’s it, folks. I think I need to work on the very end of this story but yeah, I’m happy. Thank you so much for reading, commenting and liking. It means the world to me. You guys are amazing. }

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