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4| Bumping Into The Devil

4| Bumping Into The Devil

The first few lessons were dreadful. The teachers decided to torture me, even though they didn’t even know me, by making me introduce myself in front of the class. I had to tell everyone my name, where I came from and why I’m here.

I kind of felt sorry for the people who were in the same classes as me, they had to hear me repeat it.

By now, it is lunchtime and I have never been so glad to eat food. Food is my life, I just can’t live without it. Like everyone else.

“Come on Ava, I want to get there soon otherwise we’ll get the rubbish food.” Molly whines, dragging me along quicker. I thought all school food was rubbish? Is she suggesting that the food here might actually be nice?

At my old school, the lunch food was dreadful. Practically nobody ate it, except for the people who forgot their packed lunch. I honestly have no idea what they put in the food but let me tell you, it was the most disgusting thing I had ever had. It put greasy chips to shame.

“I’m trying,” I say, my arm slightly hurting from her pull. Who knew she had such strength? I swear she’s stronger then me and I’m bigger than her!

Eventually, we make it into the cafeteria. I breathe a sigh of relief once Molly lets go of my arm and start rubbing it.

I follow her to the short lunch line, whilst observing the cafeteria. I assume this school is a cliche school, where the clique groups sit at certain tables but boy am I wrong. Everyone sits with anyone, it's mixed, from the cheerleaders to the geeks. There wasn’t a single table for a certain group of people, or at least, that’s what I saw.

I’m guessing they have a popular group who sit at the popular table because let’s face it, every school has that group.

I’m also curious to know if they have the bitchy cheerleaders, with a ruthless Queen B who loves to inflict pain on others.

“What would you like miss?” A dinner lady asks me, her face looking depressed. Her voice is monotone but cold. The stare she is giving me sent shivers down my spine.


“Uh...I’ll have the pizza,” I tell her, keeping my eyes on my tray. If I look into her soulless eyes any longer, she might take me to hell with her.

She dumps my pizza on my plate and I rush over to Molly who is paying for her food.

Note to self: don’t buy food from here anymore.

“Let’s go!” Molly chirps as I finish paying.

Molly leads us to the table that Josh and everyone else is sat at. I can’t help but smile at that, I could see them being my new friends here. It made me happy that they accepted me so quickly as well.

“Ava! It's so good to see you.” Luke smirks, whilst I roll my eyes at him. Please don’t tell me he’s going to try to flirt with me again.

I ignore Luke and start to eat my pizza. It doesn’t taste that bad, it's better than the one back at my old school but then again, that really isn’t saying much.

“So, how were lessons?” Lawrence asks me, his white hair falling over one of his eyes. He’s got this mysterious aura around him that intrigues me. I know I said I wouldn’t date any of these guys but I didn’t say anything about looking at them. Lawrence is very attractive, his white hair is unique and new. I definitely feel attracted to him.

“Awful. Why are teachers so cruel?” I rhetorically ask them. Do they really take satisfaction in humiliating and torturing us students? Are there lives really that sad?

“What do you have next?” Josh curiously asks me.

“P.E.” I sigh.

I hate sports. I can play it, to a certain degree but when it comes to running or dodgeball, I’m out. Every time I play any sport that has a ball, I always end up injured. I don’t know why balls hate me, I have never done anything mean to them.

One time, I was playing at my old school with my best friend, Rosie. I was doing everything I was supposed to, dodging incoming balls and trying to throw them at the other team yet I ended up getting knocked out.

I remember waking up in the infirmary, with a bruised head and a horrible headache. After that, my teacher gave me a free pass for the game.

“Oh dear.” Molly gives me a sympathetic look.

“I’m going to die,” I exclaim.

“Nah, you’ll be fine. I’ll save you.” Luke flirts, winking at me.

I glare at him. Did he blank out the part where I said I wouldn’t date him? “That’s okay Luke, I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself.”


I cut him off with a stone cold glare. How do I try and get him to read the message that I don’t need help?

“Mate, I would give up. Ava clearly isn’t interested in you. Why don’t you go and find some cheerleader or something?” Lawrence whispers to Luke, loud enough for me to hear.

Thank you, Lawrence, maybe advice from a friend will get it into his head.

“But all of the cheerleaders are plain compared to her,” Luke whines back quietly. I don’t really know if I should be grateful that he finds me that attractive. I mean, its definitely going to boost my confidence. But...I don’t want to date him.

Lawrence rolls his eyes, giving up.

“Oh god, here comes queen bitcheria.” Molly groans, her lip curling upwards in disgust.

I look over my shoulder to see a young blonde haired girl, who has a lot of make-up on her face and clothes that are too short on. Following her, are two other girls who look like exact copies of her.

They all sneer at people who try to approach them, there eyes showing disgust. Like the people are below them, not as good as them.

I already hate them.

“Let me guess, the stereotypical sluts who ‘rule’ this school,” I whisper to the group and they all nod their heads.

"Great," I mutter sarcastically, watching the three girls go and sit with a group of jocks. Well, when I say sitting, I mean sitting on their laps. The leader of the group immediately starts to suck the face off of one of them.

I look away in disgust. I mean, she could at least have some class.

“That’s her boyfriend,” Molly states, pointing her head at them. “The captain of the football team.”

I expected that. Stereotypical Queen B with the stereotypical captain of the football team.

“I’m guessing they’re the popular group,” I ask and once again, they nod.

“Not all of them are there though. Max seems to be missing.” Josh says, looking around.

My heart slightly constricts at ‘Max’. Every time I hear that name, my heart goes weird whilst rage boils in me. It can’t be the same Max so I don’t need to be angry but I am.

I hate him. So much. He ruined me, made me a different person. Because of him, I’m somebody I don’t want to be, somebody insecure who makes out with guys at parties, who doesn’t find herself pretty.

He made me her and I will forever hate him for it.

I need to stop thinking about him, its not like I will ever see him again.

“Who’s Max?” I curiously ask, swallowing at the name. Nobody seems to notice my discomfort though or if they did, they don’t point it out.

“The ‘bad boy’ of the school,” Molly informs me. “Well, he is now. 2 years ago he wasn’t but after a trip somewhere, he became one. Its kind of weird though.”

Molly frowns whilst I look at her to continue. The boys are all in their own discussions now so they can’t fill in for Molly.

“He doesn’t date at all, doesn’t even look at girls. I think he went on holiday and something happened to him. He completely changed into someone different. He’s scary, like really scary. The boys talk to him at times and say there’s a spark missing in his eyes. Like he’s there but not really.” Molly explains.

“Huh. What do you think happened?” I ask her, leaning in.

“Me, personally? I think he met a girl, fell in love and then lost her. He was so nice before that summer but then afterward, he became cold and distant. He doesn’t even go near girls, he acts like their the plague. I know Alessandria, the Queen B tried to get with him but he wouldn’t allow him. He looked like it pained him too. I think he’s still in love with that girl and he can’t let her go. The look in his eyes, it’s scary. He looks dead. Whoever he fell in love with, meant a lot to him.” Molly finishes, looking slightly sad.

Poor guy. I kind of know what he’s going through except for the fact that I’m not pining for her/ him.

“Oh, there he is.” Molly points out to him.

I turn my head to look at this Max and gasp. No way.

Oh my god. How is that possible?

My Max, the one who broke my heart just walked through the doors, his once bright brown eyes were now dark and empty. His silky brown hair was unruly, it made him look mysterious but hot.

He still had his amazing build and sharp features. He looks like Max but at the same time, he doesn’t. He looks here but not here.

I look away from him and quickly pack my stuff up. Molly gives me a look of confusion but copies me. I need to get out of here, I need to get things under control.

I can’t believe its him. The guy I hate more than anything else.

I rush to the bins and dump my stuff up.

“Ava, what—”

“I need the toilet,” I say, cutting her off and walking to the doors. I keep my head down just in case he’ll see me. I don’t want him to see me.

But apparently keeping my head down was a bad idea because I end up bumping into a hard chest. Strong arms wrap around my body; I feel sparks ignite, leaving me confused.


Hesitantly, I look up and my eyes widen in shock as I see Max staring at me.

He seems shocked too. But he quickly recovers, his eyes tightening around me. I see disbelief and happiness in his eyes. Why is he happy?

Recovering from my shock, I try and get away from him, sending him a harsh glare.

“Ava?” He finally says, in disbelief.

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