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6| They're Like Vultures

6| They're Like Vultures

The gym is already busy when I got there. Some have already changed into their kit whilst others were just chilling on the benches.

I sigh. P.E. is not my favorite subject. I am not in the mood for this, especially after seeing that devil. He has completely shattered my mood. First day and I bump into him. Old memories have resurfaced that I’d rather leave buried.

Thanks, Max, thank you for taking me down memory lane.

I just need to get this over and done with, then its home time.

I walk over to the coach, to introduce myself and ask for my new kit. Unfortunately, they didn’t deliver it to my new house so I have to pick it up here. Meaning, if it doesn’t fit, I’m screwed.

The coach is busy setting some cones up when I get there. He seems pretty young, looking around 20-something. I must admit, he looks pretty hot. And I bet I’m not the only one who thinks that.

“Hi.” I greet with a smile. He lifts his blue eyes up to me and gives me a warm smile.

“Hello, you must be the new student. Ava right?” He asks and I nod in response. “Right, you must be looking for your kit.”

Once again, I nod and he leads me to his office.

“Do you like P.E. Ava?” He asks me, probably trying to make me feel more comfortable. You know what teachers are like, wanting to make new friends with you.

“Uh...” I drawl. “Not really sir, sorry?” I smile sheepishly.

He chuckles. “I like you. At least you were honest.”

I shrug. “Honesty is the best policy.”

“Wise words. Where did you get it from?”

“A film.” He laughs whilst I give a small smile. What can I say? Films are educational.

“ you are.” He says, handing me my uniform. I take it, mumbling a thank you. “Continue watching those films, one of those mottos may help somebody one day.”

I nod unsurely and head back off to the changing rooms. I’m not looking forward to this, at all. At least Lawrence is with me.

As soon as I walk into the girl’s room, everybody looks at me. Swallowing, my grip on my kit tightens as I force my legs to walk over to a bench. A girl with red hair is stood there, with a small smile on my face.

Feeling a bit better at her small, friendly gesture, I place everything down.

“Will you lot stop staring at her like vultures? She’s new, that’s all.” The redhead snaps and everyone quickly diverts their eyes.

“Thank you.” I gratefully say. I hate people who stare at you and gossip like they know you. Its rude. If they have something, they should say it to my face—not behind my back.

She shrugs like its nothing. “Anytime. I’m Bree by the way.”

She holds out her small pale hand and I gladly take it. She seems honest and nice. I could always do with more girl friends. Not that Molly isn’t enough, its just its always nice to have lots of different friends.


“Well, its nice to meet you. Are you ready for P.E.?” She asks and I immediately shake my head.

“Hell no.” She laughs at me.

“Me either. Can’t stand it. Half the time, the girls are oogling one of the guys, especially the coach. Its gross.” She scrunches her nose in disgust at the memories.

I can’t disagree with her, I hate it at my old school.

“I know. What do you think we’re doing?” I ask curiously. I’m praying its not dodgeball or running. Otherwise, I’ll die.

“No clue.”

The rest of the time spent in the changing rooms is spent with both of us playing 20 questions. Bree said she’s quite new here too, she came here around eight months ago. Since then, she’s steered away from most groups and has blended with the crowd. She wants some friends but she never could find people who could relate to her.

I tell her I would be friends with her and that she could join our group. I swear I see her eyes well up at that but I could have been imagining it. Bree looks like a tough chick who likes to keep things to herself so I wouldn’t expect her to cry. But then again, I shouldn’t stick to the stereotypes.

“Which season do you prefer?” I ask her as we walk out of the changing rooms.

She tilts her head up to look at me. Bree’s a bit shorter than me, standing around 5"3. But from what she loses in height, she makes up in feistiness. Or so, that’s what her parents said.

“Summer, duh. I can’t stand the cold, I literally die. At least in summer, I can try and tan. Keyword: try.” She huffs and I laugh. She’s right though, Bree is as pale as a ghost. She’s a pretty pale though, her skin almost looks like snow.

“I agree. I hate having to wear tonnes of layers. Oh, and freezing to death. My poor fingers.” I shiver, just thinking about the freezing cold.

“Favourite word beginning with s.” She says.

“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” I instantly reply. I’ve always loved that word, especially when I like to annoy my mom.

“Huh?” She asks, knitting her brows together.

I stop and turn to stare at her. Please tell me she knows where that word came from. But, all I see in her green orbs in confusion.

“Its from a film.” I slowly say, hoping she’ll catch onto it.

Mary Poppins was one of my favorite films as a child. I wished as a child that she would come to my door and take me away on her umbrella. I so wished I could go fly away somewhere.

“Ava, I have no idea what you’re on about.” I nearly facepalm at her. Somebody needs to movie educated. Mary Poppins is a classic and one of my favorites. We can’t know each other unless she’s seen it.

Don’t judge—its a rule of mine.

“Mary Poppins. Its from freaking Mary Poppins!” I shout.

“What’s from Mary Poppins?” Lawrence appears, asking. I jump like ten feet in fear. I can’t deal with things like that, honestly. I’m awful when watching horror films.

“Lawrence.” I hiss. “What the hell?”

Lawrence shrugs. His eyes move towards Bree, glancing at her with curiosity.

“Who’s this?” He asks and I bit my lip. He better accept Bree otherwise I’ll punch him in the face.

“Bree, my new friend,” I tell him, coming to stand with her, looping my arm into hers.

“Cool, I’m Lawrence. Nice to meet you.” Lawrence introduces himself, giving a charming smile.


“You too.” She replies, giving him a small smile. She doesn’t look affected by his smile which shocks Lawrence. Guess he wasn’t expecting another girl to turn down his charm.

Men these days need to learn that not everything revolves around them.

I start to drag Bree along when I see the coach shout for us to come in. Lawrence follows behind us, a cute frown still on his face.

“Right, so as a lot of you seem knackered, I’m going to make this lesson easy.” A few people cheer at what he says, including me. “But I still expect you to put some effort into this lesson. All you have to do is complete the small workouts on this sheet. Work in groups or whatever, just get it done.”

And with that, he makes us disperse. The coach seemed so chill about all of this, hardly caring about this lesson. He does realize nobody is going to do the work, right?

“Group?” I ask and the other two nod their heads. I force Lawrence to get the sheet whilst me and Bree go to sit on the benches. There is no way I’m going to willingly do the work.

A few seconds Lawrence brings back the sheet and I fill everything, making up the times and scores.

“Favourite song?” Bree asks me, her eyes also glancing at Lawrence to include him.

“No idea.” Lawrence answers.

“Seriously?” Bree asks and he nods.

“What about you Ava?” She turns to ask me.

“Sign Of The Times,” I tell her truthfully. I’m not a One Direction fan but I do like their separate songs. Sign Of The Times is so emotional, truthful it just pulls me in. I can’t help but love it.

“Huh, I didn’t see that coming,” Lawrence smirks at me. Narrowing my eyes, I skillfully kick him.

“Don’t judge, its a great song.”

Lawrence holds his arms up in mock surrender. “Sure, sure.”

I purse my lips but ignore him.

Bree and Lawrence begin to chat about something else whilst my mind goes off somewhere else. I still can’t believe I saw Max, here.

Its still hard to fathom.

“Hey, is that Max? Why’s he here? This isn’t his class.” Lawrence questions and my eyes dart to the doors, where Max is walking in.

Oh no. No. No. This can’t be happening.

My eyes widen as I see him coming straight over here, his eyes set on me. His posture looks tense and rigid. His hair is swept to the side, looking messy but hot nonetheless.

Is he following me? I swear I’ll kill him if he is.

Max eventually stops right in front of us, his eyes still set on me.

“Ava, we need to talk.” He demands.

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