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8| Carpool Karaoke

8| Carpool Karaoke

Striding through the halls with Bree, my eyes search for Molly. I’m hoping she’ll agree to coffee with us, I could do with some friendly bonding. Seeing as I only started at this school today, I’d like to say I’m doing a pretty well friends wise. So far, I’ve met two nice girls who want to be friends with me.

And it only took me one day! One day for me to have made friends who appear true friends.

“Where do you think she’ll be?” Bree asks me, also searching for Molly. Bree hasn’t officially met Molly yet so she has no idea what she looks like so she’s only going on what I told her. Which was a brief description of how pretty she looks.

Eventually, I spot Molly’s long and silky black hair in the crowd, talking to Dan. Grabbing Bree’s hand, I drag her over.

“Molly!” I call and she turns her head to look at me.

“Hey.” She smiles, her eyes looking at me then to Bree. She looks confused, as her eyes scan me, then Bree and then back to me. I hope she doesn’t overthink something crazy.

“Phew, I thought I’d lost you for a second,” I exclaim, stopping in front of her and Harry. I don’t fail to notice how Harry’s eyes linger on Bree, his brown eyes assessing her up and down.

I let go of Bree’s arm and step forward to hug Molly.

Stepping back from Molly, I grab Bree’s shoulders and bring her forwards. “I want you to meet Bree, my new friend. She kind of saved me in P.E. earlier.”

Giving the siblings a small smile, she waves. “Hi.”

“Hi, Bree.” Molly nicely says, beaming at Bree. “It's nice to meet you, I’m Molly.” Molly then hugs Bree, momentarily surprising her. Bree freezes for a second until she realizes Molly’s a nice person, making her relax.

Molly, still grinning ear-to-ear, moves away from Bree and lets Harry introduce himself. Giving a charming smile, he holds out his hand. “Josh.”

“Cool,” Bree mutters, her eyes moving to the ground. Harry’s smile falters but he keeps it nonetheless. He gives me a questioning look and I just shrug. How would I know what’s going on? I met Bree a few hours ago.

The way Harry’s gazing her right now though, tells me that Bree might be uncomfortable around Harry. I feel some sort of sexual tension around them. Could there possibly be an...attraction?

Could Harry, possibly like Bree? But how, don’t they like barely know each other? Unless...

I glance at Bree to see her eyes briefly flicker up to Harry and an unrecognizable emotion flashes in her green eyes. She then drops her head down again, kicking her shoe on the ground like its the most interesting thing ever.

“Right then.” I clear my throat, trying to ease the weird piece of tension between Bree and Harry. “Do you ladies want to get a hot chocolate or Coffee? Whatever it is at that place you said, Bree.”

“Mama Coco’s.” She informs me and I nod.

“Yeah, sure.” Molly smiles brightly and hugs Harry, whispering a goodbye to him. Harry stares at Bree one last time before trotting off to god knows where. Molly then grabs onto my arm and Bree’s and leads us out of the school.

“Right so, do any of you have a car?” I ask them and they both shake their heads.

“I normally get a ride from Josh,” Molly tells me.

“I normally walk.” Bree answers.

“Okay, good.” I chirp. “Luckily, I have a car.”

I unlock my car and get into the driver's seat whilst Molly hops into the other front seat and Bree gets into the back middle seat. “Now, I have some ground rules when you’re in this car,” I announce.

Unsurely, Molly nods.

“Right so, EATING is strictly forbidden in this car. If my dad thinks I’m not looking after it, he’ll literally ban me from it for a month.” I tell them, sighing as I remember that one time my dad made me listen to a thirty-minute lecture on how I have to take care of the car. He spent a lot of his ‘hard-working’ money on it so he doesn’t want it ruined. “Also, I choose the music. I don’t want any rubbish music, got it?”

They both nod their heads again, almost robotically.

Sighing, I rub my forehead. “Sorry, dad’s orders. He can be really strict when it comes to his ‘precious’ cars.”

Molly shrugs. “Its okay, Josh can be the same for his car. He once had this rule that if anyone went close to his precious Caroline that they would have their heads chopped off.”

Chuckling, I shake my head in amusement. What is it with boys and their cars?

Turning on the ignition, I flick through the radio station to find something good. Eventually, one station has an old Miley Cyrus song.

Behind me, Bree squeals. “Oh my gosh, I love this song. I remember dancing to it all of the time in front of the mirror.”

“Yes, same!” Molly smiles. “Honestly though, I still do that.”

“To be fair, don’t we all do that from time to time?” I add and we all laugh, knowing its true.

So I put my hands up, I’m playing my song and I’m doing my own good thing.” We all sing as I start to reverse out. When I look forward, I see Max standing in front of a Porshe, his eyes set on my car. On me. His intense gaze is sending shivers down my spine; all it makes me want to do is continue to get lost in his beautiful eyes.


Gulping, I try and ignore his gaze as I quickly get out of the school car park. I need to forget about him. Max is a man-whore who broke your heart. He doesn’t deserve your attention.

Listening to my subconscious, I tune back into the song, humming whilst the girl's full-on sing. Unfortunately, they can’t sing. They sound worse then my Nan and she’s ninety.

“Guys, guys!” I shout over the music, getting their attention. “Please, maybe not sing as loud? You two sound like foghorns.”

Bree and Molly share a look before bursting out in laughter. My cheeks slightly turn pink and I have to shake my head so my light brown hair will cover it up.

“Foghorns?” Bree asks through her fits of laughter. “Oh my gosh, where did you get that from?”

I roll my eyes. My mom used to tell me I sound like a fog horn when I would sing in the car or in the Kitchen with her.

“My mom.”

“Wow.” Molly giggles. “Your mom must really love you.”

Deciding to have my own fun, I answer back in a really bad southern accent. “She sure does.”

This time, we all burst out in laughter. These two girls give me loads of happiness; they make this place feel like home again. Sure, I’m going to miss my old friends but these two make me feel like I can be happy here too. Minus Max.

Max can go and screw himself. He broke my heart and abandoned me, I don’t need him. Like my dad says, if a guy could even think about another woman whilst in love with you, he isn’t worth your time. A true man who loves you will always be devoted to you.

“Okay, so I have no idea where we’re going. Can someone give directions?” I ask once I’ve sobered up.

“ just turned the passing for it,” Bree tells me and I groan. Great.

“Is there another turning?” I ask her, hoping she says the next one is coming up soon.

“The next one is in like ten minutes,” Molly says, causing me to groan again.

I really want a hot chocolate. I haven’t had one in what feels like forever - saying that, I actually had one last week at Starbucks. Man, I love Starbucks.

“At least we get to chat more and listen to music.” Molly shrugs just as Ignition comes on.

Smiling, I turn the volume up and let the windows drop as we all sing like maniacs. With the wind blowing our hair and the girls laughing whilst singing, I feel great. I wish everything could be just like this.

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