Super GrapeMan

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“Mommy! Who is that man?” the little girl asks. “That’s Mr. Rodgers, my new boyfriend,” Cheri says. “Ew,” the little boy says, wrinkling his nose up. Super GrapeMan finally sends one of his mightiest foes to jail and decides to relax and date. Not long after marrying, Super GrapeMan realizes that his new wife was once married to his enemy and he has to raise his two kids!

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Bang! Pow! Smash! Super GrapeMan grabs his archenemy using his grapevines and smashes him to the ground.

“I’ve got you now, Pressure!” Super GrapeMan yells.

“No! How could this be?! I’ve been evading you for ten years now!” Pressure cries out.

“Admit your defeat!” Super GrapeMan yells.

“Fine! I have been defeated!” Pressure admits.

This isn’t the first time the purple-clad hero has defeated a supervillain, so he knows the routine well. Of all his enemies, it was Pressure who caused him the most stress. Super GrapeMan removes Pressure’s mask, revealing him to be a young man with long brown hair.

“Police! He is yours now! We won’t have to worry about him causing chaos any longer!” Super GrapeMan says.

The police take Pressure away to jail and Super GrapeMan sighs in relief. Peace would soon return to the city, so Super GrapeMan decided to take a break from being a hero.

Under the grape suit is a 35-year-old named Dallas London Rodgers. Nobody knew that the two were the same person; most people who were saved by Super GrapeMan don’t even know who Dallas is. Super GrapeMan ducks into an alley and changed out of his grape suit and back into normal clothes. The suit shrinks down and he stores it in his pocket.

“There, I am Dallas again,” Dallas says, walking back into the public.

The streets are bustling with people as usual. Electri City always is like this.

“At most, I can spend three weeks without another occurrence,” Dallas whispers to himself.

When Dallas wasn’t looking, he accidentally crashed into a good friend of his.

“Oof!” Dallas cries out.

“Ouch!” the friend cries out.

“Oh, hey Stewart!” Dallas says.

“Dallas?! I haven’t seen you in ages, man! Where have you been?!” Stewart asks.

“Busy... Very busy...” Dallas says. He tucks his grape suit further into his pocket.

“I heard on the news that Super GrapeMan caught a villain who ended up being Layne. I went to school with Layne when I was a kid...” Stewart says, shaking his head, “What a shame...”

“I heard about that too,” Dallas says, trying not to smile.

“You’re still single aren’t you?” Stewart asks.

“Yeah... Work has kept me busy. I’m actually on break right now,” Dallas says.

“Here’s a bit of advice. Get a girlfriend. You’ve been single too long and, from experience, having a wife is a good thing,” Stewart says.

“You know, I’ll put that on my to-do list. As well as visiting Layne,” Dallas says.

“You will? That’s great! Come find me when you get married a few years from now,” Stewart says jokingly.

He crosses a crosswalk on a busy street and vanished from Dallas’ sight. Dallas pulls out a pad of paper and scrawls ‘Visit Layne’ and ‘Get a girlfriend’ He looks at what he has done and smiles.

First, Dallas returns home; then he puts away his super suit. After that, he goes to the jail Layne was taken to.

The guards lead Dallas to Layne’s cell and guard him as he visits so that he won’t get attacked.

“Hello, Layne...” Dallas says.

Layne looks up from his hands so he is looking at Dallas.

“What do you want?” Layne asks.

“I wanted to talk to you... I saw what happened on the news,” Dallas lies.

“I could have gotten away with it if that pesky Super GrapeMan didn’t get in my way!” Layne yells.

“But should you have?” Dallas asks.

“Of course! I have a family!” Layne says.

“So did those people you murdered...” Dallas says.

“How do you know?!” Layne asks.

“Pretty much everyone has a family,” Dallas says.

“And how about you?” Layne asks.

Dallas falls silent.

“Hah! I bet you don’t have a family!” Layne taunts.

“I could if I wanted to!” Dallas argues back.

“You’re just a pathetic Super GrapeMan supporter, I bet! Heroes make as much mess as villains do so why bother supporting the hero?!” Layne asks.

Dallas, not wanting to spill the beans about his secret identity, decides to leave. Layne continues insulting him the whole way out.

“Well, that’s one thing off the checklist... I kind of feel sorry for his family. Having to be related to a jerk must suck,” Dallas says to himself.

He checks the first item off his list and sighs.

“Who would want to date me?” Dallas asks.

Well, his question is answered a few weeks later when a woman named Cheri Eleanor Wilbur answers his request on a dating website. Their first date is on a Friday night at the Chunky Burrito.

Cheri shows up a little late, but is guided to where Dallas is.

“Hey, Dallas... So sorry I am late! I had to make sure the babysitter got to my house in time!” Cheri says.

“You have kids?” Dallas asks.

“Yeah... Twins... It has been hard lately since their father is gone,” Cheri says.

“I’m sorry to hear that...” Dallas says.

“Don’t worry about it... Let’s have a good night,” Cheri says, smiling.

A waitress comes to the table and gives them menus.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes to take your drink orders,” the waitress says and leaves.

“What drink do you want?” Dallas asks, grinning awkwardly.

“Is this your first date ever?” Cheri asks, chuckling.

Dallas blushes in embarrassment.

“Yeah... My job had me busy for awhile...” Dallas says.

“My Ex-husband had a busy job too, so I understand,” Cheri says.

Dallas looks at his menu, but keeps staring at Cheri, blushing.

“I like strawberry lemonade,” Cheri says, after awhile.

A loud noise begins from the bar area as the staff members start singing and chanting in Spanish.

“St-strawberry lemonade sounds great!” Dallas says quickly.

The waitress returns and the noise drops again.

“Two strawberry lemonades here, please,” Cheri says.

“Okay, are you two ready to order your meals or would you like more time?” the waitress asks.

“I think we need more time...” Cheri says for Dallas.

“Okay, I’ll be back with your drinks,” the waitress says and leaves again.

“I’m so sorry, Cheri...” Dallas apologizes.

“It’s fine, I’ve got you!” Cheri says.

“Thanks...” Dallas says, blushing heavily.

“You’re adorable...” Cheri says.

Cheri and Dallas get their drinks and order tacos. Everything is going on just fine, until a certain incident... Just as Dallas is about to bite into a taco, a group of staff members bursts out of the kitchen and dance past them singing.


They brush past the dating couple and Dallas loses his taco. It lands on Cheri’s dress.

“Oh my goodness!” Cheri squeaks.

“Sorry, Cheri!” Dallas says.

Cheri bursts out laughing.

“Cheri...?” Dallas asks.

Cheri keeps laughing and peels the taco off of her dress.

“Dallas, you are amazing!” Cheri says.

Dallas sighs in relief.

“We should go on another date sometime, just not here!” Cheri says, still giggling.

After the two finish eating and pay the bill, Cheri decides that next time they should go to Rat’s World with her kids.

“Good idea, I loved going there when I was a kid!” Dallas says.

A whole week goes by without anyone wreaking havoc in Electri City. Dallas is relaxed and ready for his date. Cheri enters the building with two little kids, one holding each hand. Dallas grins when he sees them.

“Mommy! Who is that man?” the little girl asks.

“That’s Mr. Rodgers, my new boyfriend,” Cheri says.

“Ew,” the little boy says, wrinkling his nose up.

Cheri leads the kids to Dallas and they study him as if he were some complicated painting.

“I guess he’s fine...” the little boy says eventually.

“Not as good as daddy, though!” the girl says.

“What are your names?” Dallas asks.

“I’m Samantha and this is my brother Harold,” the little girl says.

“Nice to meet you! Come, let’s sit down and order pizza!” Dallas says.

“I’ll pick a seat!” Harold says and runs off to find a table.

He’s fast, but not that fast because he has short little legs. Samantha calmly walks along with her mother and Dallas. Cheri puts in an order for a large pepperoni pizza and four drinks. The kids get apple juice because their mother doesn’t want them getting overly hyper.

A few minutes into waiting for the pizza to show up, the curtains on the stage roll aside and reveal a cast of animatronics. They are well put together, but something about their largeness and their soulless single-expression faces startle the kids. When the main animatronic, a rat with a very long snout, begins to sing, Samantha and Harold burst out screaming and hide under the table.

“Oh dear...” Cheri says.

Dallas winces and sticks his head under the table to see the kids.

“Hey... What are you two afraid of...?” Dallas asks.

“Scary monsters!” Samantha wails.

“They won’t hurt you... They can’t even leave the stage...” Dallas says.

He offers them a hand getting up and they eventually do. The twins continue staring at the animatronic just to make sure they won’t get off the stage.

“Excuse me... Did you guys order a large pepperoni pizza?” a voice calls.

The kids’ heads swivel around so they can see who is speaking. Standing there holding a pizza is a person dressed as the rat animatronic. The kids scream again and hide. Cheri sighs.

“Yes, that’s our order...” Dallas says.

The costumed person sets the pizza gently on the table and places the drinks at each place.

“Well, sorry for scaring your kids! I hope you enjoy the pizza!” the person says and dances off to bring another family their order.

“Guys... The rat is gone...” Dallas says.

“You told us he wouldn’t come off the stage!” Samantha cries out.

“I forgot...” Dallas says.

“Kids, I’ll make it up to you. After pizza, we will spend as much time as you want playing games!” Cheri says.

Pop! Pop! Both kids pop up suddenly, grinning. Dallas smiles gently at them.

“Good, good...” Dallas says.

He takes some pizza and gives it to them. Then he serves Cheri and himself. The pizza is decent and the mascot makes sure not to get close to their table again. Dallas could have eaten more pizza, but the whole time, he keeps staring at Cheri. Cheri blushes when she notices.

“Let’s go get the game tokens now,” Cheri says and leads her two kids to the counter, followed by Dallas.

Soon, Dallas and Cheri are rushing around, trying to keep up with the two brown haired children. Dallas chases after Harold who is playing mini-bowling and Cheri chases after Samantha who keeps running between each simulator. At some point, however, Harold escapes from Dallas’ sight and gets on a helicopter-ride. Unfortunately for the kid, the ride breaks down while at the highest point it can go.

“AHHHH! SOMEONE SAVE ME!” Harold cries out.

Cheri, Samantha, and Dallas all run to where Harold is stuck. Dallas begins to panic. He could easily save the kid with his superpowers, but he isn’t ready for the world to know that he is Super GrapeMan! Just as Dallas is about to attempt to climb up to get Harold, another mascot shows up.

This mascot is a very tall goose. She reaches up with her feathered arm and gently scoops Harold out of the ride.

“I got you, don’t worry...” the goose says.

Harold is still trembling when the goose places him on the ground.

“You saved me!” Harold says, staring wide-eyed at the goose.

“It was my duty,” the goose says.

She walks away. Dallas and Cheri hug Harold.

“I’m so glad you weren’t hurt...” Cheri says.

Samantha stays silent.

“Dallas, thank you so much for another unforgettable date... If you are free next week, stop by my house. I’ll make you a sandwich,” Cheri says.

“Will your kids be there?” Dallas asks.

“Of course, silly-head!” Cheri says.

“See you then!” Dallas says.

The third week does not go over so well. Dallas ends up having to become Super GrapeMan again. A new villain has taken Pressure’s place and is killing innocent people!

“HEY, YOU! STOP RIGHT NOW!” Super GrapeMan yells at the new villain.

“NO WAY! I AM HAVING A GOOD TIME!” the villain yells.

Super GrapeMan groans in annoyance as the new villain continues causing trouble. He swoops in on a grapevine and kicks the guy in the face. While fighting, Super GrapeMan notices Cheri nearby. Cheri has no idea that a fight is taking place.

“LADY! GET AWAY FROM HERE!” Super GrapeMan yells to Cheri.

Cheri glances up and sees him on the roof fighting a villain.

“Heh heh heh heh! Another victim for me!” the villain says.

He uses a tentacle to grab Cheri, causing her to scream.

“NO! PUT HER DOWN, SQUID-SQUEEZE!” Super GrapeMan yells.

“Put her down? At this height? Okay!” Squid-Squeeze says, laughing evilly.

He drops Cheri and she screams. Quickly, Super GrapeMan uses a grapevine to grab Cheri right before she hits the ground. He places her safely down and turns to fight Squid-Squeeze again. Unfortunately, the villain is gone. He fled while Super GrapeMan was saving Cheri.

“Run home, lady...” Super GrapeMan tells Cheri.

“But... I...” Cheri says.

“NOW!” Super GrapeMan yells.

Cheri turns and flees. Super GrapeMan scans the area, making sure Squid-Squeeze is nowhere to be seen. The police start showing up, so Super GrapeMan leaves the area. He goes to an alleyway and changes back into his regular clothes.

“That was close... Oh! I just remembered! Today is the day I go to Cheri’s house...” Dallas says.

He promptly heads towards Cheri’s house a different direction than she went so she would not see him follow her. By the time he reaches her house, he sees her peering through the window, anticipating his arrival. She opens the door before he gets to the porch.

“Dallas! So good to see you! You’ll never believe the story I have to tell you!” Cheri says, beckoning him to follow her inside.

“Wow, your house is gorgeous! But not as gorgeous as you!” Dallas says.

Cheri blushes.

“Should I... Um...” Dallas says, blushing.

“Yeah, you can take off your shoes. Then come to my couch,” Cheri says.

Dallas does as he is asked and Cheri sits beside him.

“Tell your story,” Dallas prompts.

“Right... So I was just heading to the store to get some milk and fruit when suddenly, a guy dressed like grapes yelled for me to get away! Well, I didn’t get away so this stinky man with tentacles grabbed me! And then he dropped me from high up! I was so scared! But the guy who looked like grapes saved my life!” Cheri says.

“Sounds like quite an adventure!” Dallas says.

“I assume that it was the same man who sent my ex-husband to jail...” Cheri says.

Dallas stares at Cheri a moment.

“Your Ex is in jail? You never did tell me what happened to him,” Dallas says.

“Oh dear, it was dreadful... I still don’t know everything...” Cheri says.

Dallas falls silent, thinking about this.

“Anyways... Um... What kind of sandwich would you like?” Cheri asks.

“Well, I really like grape PB&J’s...” Dallas says.

“...grape...” Cheri repeats, “I’ll see if I have grape jelly.”

In just a few minutes, Cheri has a plate full of little grape PB&J sandwiches. She carries them gently and sits with Dallas on the couch. Before Dallas can do anything, Cheri grabs a sandwich piece from the tray and feeds it to him. He is careful not to bite her dainty little lady fingers as she gives him the sandwiches. Samantha and Harold appear on the stairs and watch their mother bonding with Dallas.

“Ew... She’s treating him like a baby!” Harold says.

“Why in the heck...? Can’t he feed himself?” Samantha asks.

“Tee hee hee... You sure are hungry, aren’t you?” Cheri asks, still feeding Dallas.

Dallas doesn’t respond because he is too busy enjoying the sandwiches and being with her. The two disgusted kids sneak closer to their mother and her boyfriend.

“Mommy! What are you doing?!” the twins cry out at once.

Cheri glances at them, but quickly goes back to what she is doing. Frustrated, the kids hop onto the couch, nearly making Dallas choke.

“Guys! Be patient! I have three sandwiches left to feed!” Cheri scolds.

“How many sandwiches did you make?” Samantha asks.

“Fifty. Why?” Cheri asks.

Harold and Samantha gag. Dallas is happy, but the kids aren’t. His shirt is rising up a little on his belly and Cheri attempts to pull it back down. However, this doesn’t work and they both end up laughing.

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