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nove // you'll have to go without me

Today was Tuesday and I had already finished my shift.

Yesterday. when I got home, I told Ava that Georgia had invited me to her dinner party and that I could bring a plus one. Obviously I told her that I would bring her. She was very excited and since she had a day off today we had agreed to go shopping after I finished my shift.

Ava and I were now getting some lunch before starting with the shopping activities.

I was craving a hamburger but since I had to dress up tomorrow and I was currently doing a modeling job I settled with some avocado toast with salmon.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t starve myself and I don’t go through strict diets but I do like to maintain healthy eating habits. While I’m working I’m a bit more careful with what I eat unless the situation calls for junk food. For example a break up or losing a job, but since I’m single and employed I think I can go through the day without eating junk food.

I don’t just eat healthy because I’m a model. It’s really important to take care of your health and in my family we’ve always tried to eat as healthy as possible.

After we finished eating we headed straight to the Barney’s in 5th Ave. We wanted to go for something very fashionable and classy since we were going to be surrounded by important people from the industry.

“Okay, so my budget ranges from five hundred to eight hundred dollars. Which for this kind of store is way too little but I think we can make it work.” Ava said as we entered the store.

She is a very optimistic person that’s why I love being friends with her. I’m a generally happy person and I don’t like to be surrounded by negativity. That’s why I don’t understand this pull that I have towards Valentino.

He always look as if he were mad at the world. I know every time he addresses me is to say something rude but I feel as if I have to help him find some positivity in his life. We argue a lot and every time I’m near him I want to rip his head off but still I want to know more about him and why is he like that.

I’m a masochist.

“Where should we start? Oh, that looks cute!” Ava said as she went towards a rack with beaded dresses. She took one of the dresses and put it against her body.

It looked good with her skin tone. Her sun-kissed skin and her dark blonde hair make the emerald green dress pop.

“Oh, God this is way out of my budget.”

After looking through all the dresses in the stores we were pretty frustrated because nothing suited us or it was too expensive.

I got thinking and remembered my vintage Chanel. I don’t really need to buy a new dress. I just can style that dress in a cool trendy way that won’t make me look like I just stepped out of a 20’s movie. I mean I would love to look like a flapper but it’s so not the occasion for that. I don’t want to look like a dressed up fool.

“Ava, why don’t we just go to Luxe & Chic and I bet we can find something there that we can work with.”

The thrift store that I worked at is a nice place to find designer clothing for a lower price since its second handed. The vintage gowns are a bit pricier well, because they're vintage.

“Oh, nice! That’s a great idea.”

“We don’t need to find this fancy, extra gown. We can make something out of a simple dress with just a bit of styling.”

“Ok, Em. I love your enthusiasm. Let’s go!”

“Ugh, why does some of these dresses look so outdated?” Ava was pretty close to losing her mind since she hasn’t found something that she likes.

“A, Stop. Right. There. Time out. Just go sit somewhere and I’ll find something for you.”

“Okay, but if you don’t find something you’ll have to go without me.” She said wile slumping on a couch.

“Stop being dramatic. You know that’s my department.”

I started looking for something that Ava could wear. She was right many dresses look a little bit costume-y but that’s because you have to think outside the box.

I finally found a dress that could work, a 1990’s Calvin Klein champagne slip. It’s simple and fun, perfect for Ava.

“A, here try this on.” I said as I threw her the dress.

It fits her perfectly, and since the dress reaches mid-calf she looks fashion week ready.

“Yeah, we’ll take it!” I said and she paid for the dress.

“My God, I’m so exhausted!” Ava said exasperated.

“C’mon shopping is fun. Plus you do cardio which is good for your health. Ava is lucky she was blessed with a fast metabolism because the girl hates exercising.

“You know what’s good for my health? Carbs! Let’s go to a pastry shop.”

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