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"You're so fucking cute," He exhaled and slipped off my jeans. "I prefer the term sexy if you would." "I can call you whatever I want," he growled and fuck did it turn me on. Alabaster is an Incubus with a few issues. First of all, he hates having to feed off sex, it makes him feel like a whore. Secondly, he's having a problem with a certain one night stand. While begrudgingly searching for a snack Alabaster gets caught up with a handsome stranger who takes him home. When he tries to leave he finds himself barred by the stranger who will do everything in his power to bend the little Incubus to his will. When Alabaster has a startling discovery he begins to doubt his blossoming feelings for the handsome stranger. With no one to turn to, where will he go?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: [m] chapter one and shit's fucked

I strode through the gay club feigning confidence and looking for someone to fulfill my needs. Just a tiny bit of your soul, that’s all. I scanned the crowd, it seemed to be mostly women, which was weird because it’s usually mostly gay guys. But I’m not complaining, lesbians are cool. Even if I don’t swing that way.

I noticed a few attractive men around the bar and dance floor, but no one really seemed you know, right, I guess. Being an incubus, I had to choose the right person to feed from, otherwise, it could get ugly. Not everyone was nice to my kind.

There was someone else here though. I could see him weaving through the crowd and lingering just at the edge of the mass of people. His face was blurred from my vision. The lights must’ve been too dim. Or he might’ve been too far away, but I didn’t recognize him in the slightest.

My fingers tingled with excitement. Yes, he is the one I would prey on tonight.

I watched intently as he walked up to another man and my hopes deflated for a moment. But they seemed to greet each other like friends rather than lovers. I bit my lip imagining the things I could do to him. Other demons usually scorned incubi and succubi, but they had never fucked one of us either. Not to brag or anything, but it was a life-changing experience.

I skirted closer to them discreetly, his body became more definite in my line of vision. He was taller than me, by a lot, and his shoulders were broader. I figured he was quite handsome beneath his clothes, and in more place than one. If you catch my meaning.

I was nearly drooling over the stranger by now. He seemed like a perfect subject and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him.

A devilish grin was plastered on my face as I continued to inch my way towards him. It would be too obvious if I just walked over, I liked to play hard to get on occasion. And tonight I was feeling frisky.

My eyes trained on his relaxed figure, his shoulders rolled forward and his hands shoved in his pockets. This man had terrible posture. Oh well, all that really mattered was that he could feed me. I could just imagine sliding my fingers down his bare chest and kissing down his neck. My body tingled at the very thought and I could feel myself becoming more aroused by the second.

As I was ogling his most perfect ass my bad fucking luck kicked in and he turned his head. In my direction. He looked directly at me.

I let out a guttural noise that sounded like a wheeze and a cough. Our eyes connected and his gaze froze my entire body from head to toe.

No way.

It was a demon thing, our eyes. A million shades, a million colors and a million times more captivating than any other supernatural. It was our strongest power and our greatest weakness. Demons battled silently for power, kind of like a staring contest. The more powerful you were the easier it was to make your opponent fall to their knees.

And this man. He was on a whole other level. There was no way I could even think I fighting back.

My eyes fluttered for a moment as shocks of fear and excitement tingled down my arms and legs. I couldn’t move or look away from him. He finally turned back to his friend and they laughed like a joke had just been told.

It was probably about how I had just made a fool of myself. “Haha, that stupid guy over there looked like a deer in fucking headlights.”

I groaned and covered my red cheeks in embarrassment. This was a new kind of low for me. I couldn’t even look him in the eye without buckling under the pressure. And he was so damn fine too. Man, what a waste.

I sighed and turned my back on him, I guess I’d just have to settle. There was some other guy dancing on the outskirts and he seemed okay. At least for what I needed.

My feet carried me into the crowd almost mechanically as I wove my way through the grinding bodies. I twisted my hips here and waved my hands there, essentially dancing my way through so I could “bump into him,” on “accident”.

I smiled and laughed to myself, closer. Closer.

And then the panic set in.

I stopped abruptly and ceased breathing. All the air in my lungs had been knocked out of me. I panted and swayed slightly, the force of the invisible impact made my head spin. Cold sweat formed on down my back and I couldn’t help but quiver at how overwhelmed I felt. My eyes rolled back as my eyebrows knitted together in discomfort. Who was doing this to me?

And finally, I sighed in relief. I felt hands slide up my hips, warm and rough. It had to be the hot guy. There was no doubt. He felt exactly like he looked. I gulped down a moan as his chest pushed against my back.

My hands shook ever so slightly as I raised them above my head and began twisting and rocking my body against his, letting the music flood my senses.

“Why’d you run away baby?” The man’s voice whispered seductively in my ear, it was deep and husky and fucking hot. “I couldn’t have scared you that bad.” The demon added, bemused. He pressed his body into mine and dipped his head into the crook of my neck, taking a deep breath. I placed my hands atop his to quell my shivers. God, it felt good.

“Mm, I like to play with my food,” I flirted and rubbed my ass against his crotch.

“Didn’t your parents ever tell you that’s impolite?” He replied and bit down on my neck. This time I couldn’t hold back the moan and the shudders he sent to my dick.

“They did,” I laughed breathlessly, “I just don’t listen.”

“What a naughty little incubus,” he tsked seductively and kissed my ear, “we’ll have to teach you some manners.”

“I’d like to see you try,” I growled and rocked against him especially hard. It caught him by surprise and he pressed his forehead onto my shoulder. I could feel how big and hard his erection was now, rubbing against my body.

“You won’t be arguing when I have you begging me to fuck your ass,” he hissed and pulled my shirt to the side so he could kiss and lick my shoulder.

“Then what are you waiting for?” I whispered and squeezed my eyes shut, “fuck me hard.”

He let out a deep and sonorous laugh, “you’re mine now.”

My stomach churned as we traveled between planes. I clung to the demon’s shirt, my eyelids shut. He placed me gently on the ground and I was forced to finally open my eyes. Stumbling backward I gazed warily up at him.

With a gasp of recognition, my hands shot to cover my mouth. He was, was-

“Prince Cassius!” I squeaked, my voice was high and it didn’t sound familiar to my ears. An amused expression adorned his face.

Well, I must admit, the eldest demon prince was far more handsome in person. His blond tresses were cropped and messy giving him a rugged, but graceful appearance that I rather liked. He also sported a nice tan that brought out his enthralling, silvery grey eyes and a few days worth of stubble across his sharp jaw. The attraction I felt towards this man felt peculiar and foreign.

My body was stiff with fear and nervousness, I couldn’t possibly refuse the soon to be demon king. The prince took a step towards me and placed his left hand on my hip while the other gently caressed my bottom lip. Every touch left my body pleasantly tingling.

“Relax.” Prince Cassius whispered and I immediately sunk into his towering frame. His hot breath fanned my face as my eyelids slowly fluttered and closed in anticipation. Only our ragged breathing could be heard in the quiet room as the kiss I expected never came. My cheeks flushed bright red with embarrassment as I bit my bottom lip and opened my eyes. The prince’s lustful eyes locked with my own and a rush of heat soared through my limbs.

“Did you expect me to kiss you?” He teased and wrapped his arms around my waist. I pouted and looked down, balling his shirt tightly in my small hands. “Look at me,” he commanded.

Hesitantly I obeyed him and our eyes connected once more. The warmth spread throughout my body again. The prince caught my chin in his fingers and leaned closer.

“Tell me your name,” he commanded and dipped his head into the crook of my neck.

“My name?” I whispered in a daze, everything he did felt amazingly good.

“Yes.” Came his curt, muffled response. I flicked my tongue over my chapped lips.

“Ala-Alabaster,” I said, my voice catching. The prince pulled away with a lopsided grin on his handsome face.

He captured my lips which took me by surprise, I stumbled backward and we toppled onto the bed. Prince Cassius didn’t stop there and reconnected our lips in a passionate kiss while running his warm hands up my sides. I wriggled beneath feeling the urge to giggle. His fingers tickled my sensitive sides. He pulled us lips away from me and gazed at my disheveled appearance. My tussled black hair and swollen lips.

The shirt I’d been wearing had ridden up past my belly button, making me feel slightly self-conscious knowing I laid beneath the literal prince. What if he thought I was too chubby? I always knew that second helping in my childhood years was a bad choice. Damn.

I jolted from my thoughts and tried to pull it back down, but the prince pinned my hands above my head, kissing down my jaw. It quite frankly felt heavenly, especially when he kissed a certain place right below my ear, I shivered in pleasure. His smirking lips continued their work, going lower and lower.

When my shirt began to get in the way I whined and pulled it off. His reaction alone proved that he wanted a fuck and he wanted it now. So he wouldn’t really pay attention to a couple extra pounds. I mean, come on I was still mostly skinny and totally flexible as a bonus. Guys loved that shit. I couldn’t really complain either, because I too, was horny as fuck. He stared lustfully at my naked torso an admired the bites and hickeys he had placed on my neck.

“You’re so fucking cute,” The prince exhaled and slipped off my jeans. I shivered when the frigid air touched my skin. He switched positions quickly so that I was sitting on his lap. My arms tangled themselves in his soft blond hair and he wrapped his arms around my waist.

“I prefer the term sexy, if you would,” I pouted and kissed his neck and jaw. My fingers wove into his soft blond hair and tugged gently.

“I can call you whatever I want,” he growled and fuck did it turn me on. I whimpered quietly at how hard I was, my precum had already drenched the front. “Show me what you really look like,” Prince Cassius murmured in my ear. I gasped in shock. That was a... very intimate act of affection.


“Don’t make me repeat myself.”

“But, but-”

“Do it. Alabaster.”

“Fine you big meanie,” I pouted and stood up. My fingers curled around the hem of my boxers and I slowly pulled them off. There was no way I was letting my tail rip my underwear. Nuh-uh. I threw them across the room and descended upon him again. With a whimper, my wiry tail emerged, along with a pair of small leathery wings that jutted from my shoulder blades.

Prince Cassius ran a hand down my spine and the moment he touched the base of my tail, it coiled itself protectively around his hand. I jolted in surprise as he began to stroke the velvety whip. My eyes fluttered closed as a quiet moan fled my lips.

His cock began to poke me in the ass and I rocked my hips on his lap. The prince groaned in pleasure, which made me jump a little bit since it was so deep and sensual. My tail retreated from his hand and slipped inside his boxers. It wrapped around his hardened cock and I gasped at how large he was holy fuck. A faint moan escaped my mouth as my tail squeezed his cock. I bounced harder and he began to rut into me, making me moan louder.

In a spur of confidence, I leaned down and placed my lips on Prince Cassius’ taking his sexual energy. I had to stop for a moment because it was so potent. My tail released his leaking cock as I regained my composure. He released an animalistic growl and pinned me to the mattress.

I could hear clothes ripping and watched as he too transformed before me, a smooth scaly tail wrapped itself around my thigh and large horns curled out of his head. My heart beat faster as he crashed his lips on mine. I took a bit more of his energy, and as soon as I was done he slid his tongue in and out of my mouth. It felt amazing as his warm tongue slithered down my throat and back out again. He was basically tongue fucking my mouth.

“Full yet?” Cassius growled playfully and I moaned, nodding my head in affirmation.

“Now I can really start.” The prince grinned and slipped his tongue into my mouth once more. I moaned at the wonderful sensation as he ripped his own clothes from his body. I let my gaze fall on his impressive cock, he was long and thick. I couldn’t wait to bounce on it.

Prince Cassius gazed hungrily at my naked body. He pulled a bottle of lube from god knows where and smeared some all over his fingers. They lingered at my entrance and thrust deeply into my heat.

I screamed in ecstasy as he thrust his fingers inside of me, careful not to hurt me. I must admit I liked the slippery sounds his fingers made every time he thrust. They were arousing. Which forced loud moans and whimpers from my mouth.

“The lewd noises you’re making are so cute, I want to fuck you so badly,” Prince Cassius panted, I rocked my hips against his fingers. He slowed down, making me needy. I pushed him back, forcing him to remove his fingers and straddled the Prince. His hard cock rubbed against my leaking hole. I moaned as a wave of pleasure washed over me, he placed his warm hands on my hips and smirked.

I aligned his pulsing cock with my entrance. I came down on it hard and fast, he threw his head back in pleasure. I rode Prince Cassius hard as he thrust his hips deeper into my ass. My cock bounced up and down slapping against our bodies.

“You feel so good.” The prince whispered and thrust harder, making moan. He pressed gentle open-mouthed kisses down my chest. “What a good little incubus, you take me so well.” He whispered and I whimpered and moaned in pleasure burying my head in his shoulder to muffle the sounds.

Prince Cassius went impossibly deeper and began to pump my cock. I could hear his balls slapping against my ass. And as he pumped I felt my climax build up.

“Cassius!” I screamed and released my essence, all over our chests. He slowed down a little bit.

“Can you hold on a little bit longer?” The prince asked gently and rubbed soothing patterns on my hip.

“Yes,” I replied quietly, and he continued, harder, it was uncomfortable for a moment until his shift began to run against my prostate. I moaned and my cock came to life again.

“Say my name Alabaster.” The prince whispered to me, his cock expanding inside, I moaned rather loudly.

“C-Cassius!” I screamed in pleasure as he came inside my tight hole, long and hard. “C-Cassius,” I panted, exhausted, his cum was so thick. My entire body shuddered from my second orgasm of the night. I was left panting and whimpering uncontrollably.

Prince Cassius pulled his cock out an gently laid me on the bed. I covered my eyes with the back of my hand and tried to catch my breath.

“Shh, I’ll clean you up,” he whispered sincerely and kissed my nipple, “go to sleep.”

There’s no arguing with that.

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