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"It is a waste of hardness if I'm not going to push it inside you." Using his deft hands, he traced my waist, found the zipper of my jeans and unzipped it. I was delirious after that. They say mirrors are the door to another realm. For Nicollete, after bringing home an antique mirror from an expedition, now believes it to be true. But what's the harm in getting transported to another world? New sights, new people, and new food are something she could look forward to. However, what if then, if the definition of harm, means receiving the sharp end of a mysterious man's sword? How will Nicollete cope then?

Romance / Humor
J.M. Felic
4.8 954 reviews
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“Spread your legs,” I told her. She did so without question.

I parted her lips gently and lowered my mouth to her.

“Lucien...” I loved the sound of my name on her tongue.

~“Aske,”~ I whispered. ~“Mas aske tutte.”~

“What?” she said. I had almost forgotten she spoke English.

“You’re so wet,” I translated.

“Oh, fuck.” She liked my dirty talk.

I traced the line of her lips with my finger.

“Don’t you want to fuck me?” she asked, almost petulant.

“Of course,” I said. “Soon.”

Genre: Supernatural-Fantasy Romance, Mystery, Smut/Erotica

All Rights Reserved 2020

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