Eternal Mystery

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"Who are you and why are you on my packs land, rogue?" - Kaden "A-Alayah-yah and I d-didn't know this was y-your land." - Leah "Open your eyes, girl!" - Kaden "Mate" - Cassie Alayah Kennedy was dropped off at the age of 3 to live with her Aunt Charlotte and hasn't seen her parents since. Alayah just assumed they abandoned her. She always wondered why her Aunt started to leave her for large periods of time starting at the age of 13. By the time Alayah was 16 years old, she had been fed up with her Aunt's lies about where she would go; so one day, Alayah followed her Aunt Charlotte, only to find out a secret she never wished to discover. One that changed her life forever. Upon finding out the truth of what she really is, Leah runs, unknowingly that she'll end up in another pack's territory, but that's exactly what happened. Leah ends up in the ruthless pack known as the Dark Hollow Pack. There she meets Kaden Bates, the Alpha of the Dark Hollow pack and her mate.

Romance / Drama
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It was October 26 of 1997, Alayah was barely 3 years old; she turned 3 on October 20th, when it happened. That day she remembered clearly.

Alayah had just gotten up around 7:30 in the morning because she was too excited to sleep! Her parents were supposed to spend the whole day with her! Before Alayah could get out of her bed, her mom, Miranda, came into the room.

“Mommy!” Alayah shouted and giggled happily.

“Hey, sugar. So you ready to spend the whole day with mommy and daddy?” Miranda said to her daughter.

Alayah clapped her hands together, happy as ever. “Yes, yes, yes!” Miranda laughed at her daughter’s excitement. She quickly picked out an outfit for Alayah before dressing her up. Alayah wore a simple dress, it had small feathers at the top as the design and down at the bottom it was an off-white color.

Miranda pulled Alayah’s hair into a bun, but not a tight one that would hurt your head. Once she was done, she brought her daughter to the mirror to show her the final outfit. Alayah smiled at her reflection.

“I love it!” Alayah said as she twirled around. Miranda looked at her daughter with amusement before taking her hand and leading her downstairs. By the time Alayah reached the kitchen, there were many unfamiliar men standing with her father. One of them came up to Miranda and started speaking in hushed whispers.

All Alayah managed to catch was, “...Go....protect....” before she was scooped up by her father, Scott and rushed out of the house and quickly put her in the car and drove her down to her Aunt Charlotte’s house.

“Daddy, why are we going to Auntie Char-Char’s?” She asked.

“Princess, you’re going to be staying there for a little bit, Mommy and I will come back to get you as soon as possible, and then we’ll spend the whole day together. Is that okay Princess?” Scott said.

Alayah nodded her head and the rest of the way was a silent, but quick, drive to Charlotte’s house.

Once arrived, Alayah quickly got out and ran to her Aunt who was standing in the doorway, waiting. “Keep her safe,” Scott said.

“With my life,” Charlotte said and then Scott drove off into the distance after the rest of the pack.

Charlotte ushered Alayah inside where she stayed. No one knew what happened that day on the battlefield, but one thing is for sure, Alayah’s parents never returned, and slowly but surely, Alayah gave up hope, that they were still out there until that thought vanished from her mind for a very long time.

Alayah doesn’t know the secret that the pack holds or the secret she bares. Alayah is a hybrid, half wolf and half human, and her story beings with the truth...
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