Eternal Mystery

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Chapter 18: Seers & Escape

I sat in that cell for hours. Thinking of ways to escape this vampire. As I was thinking someone came into the dungeon. “Miss. Kennedy.” The vampire from earlier said to me.

“Yes, the vampire I still don’t know the name of.”

“It’s Reed.” He said. I nodded my head in response.

“Okay, well Reed, what do you want?” I asked him, glaring at him the whole time.

“My medical team is going to run a few test on you, I hope you won’t mind.” He said.

“Of course I’m going to mind! For all, I know your medical team will suck my blood.” I shouted a bit.

He waved his hand dismissing me. “No, my medical team is human, well for now at least. Soon they will become lunch.” He said.

“How are they human?” I asked him confused. “Wouldn’t you vampires suck them dry?”

Reed laughed at my assumption. “No, Alayah. I’ve compelled them to do as I say, so right now they aren’t in there right mind to say.”

“Oh,” I say. Reed unlocked my cell and untied me from the chair but quickly tied my hands behind my back. He led me out of the cell and into a bright white room. It reminded me of a hospital room, but much bigger.

“Lay down there,” Reed said pointing to the white bed in the center of the room. I did as I was told, even though I didn’t want to go through with this. I’d rather live then die like Aunt Charlotte did.

3 nurses came into the room and began getting started. They stuck an iv in my arm, did a vision test, checked my weight and height, etc.

Once I thought they were done, they weren’t. Those were only the basics and now they were going to dig a little deeper. “Look, can you guys just get this over with? I’d rather be in my cell than in here hooked up.” I complained.

Thankfully the test finally ended.The last thing they did was draw my blood to test it and I was free to go back to my cell. Reed took me back and tied me once more to the chair.

“No moving or trying to escape.” Reed clarified before leaving the prison area. I was about to go to sleep when Cassie’s voice jolts me awake.

“Alayah!” She cried in a cheerful voice.

“What?” I quickly responded wanting to know why she was so excited.

“Kaden is on his way to get you!” She exclaimed. How would she know?

“How do you know he is?” I asked her a little confused. Where did she get this information?

“They forgot one thing. I can communicate with Kaden’s wolf and vice versa. He said they are on their way here. Now!” Cassie said.

I let out a sigh of relief when I heard the news. They are coming to get me! “Do they know where I’m at?” I asked her.

“No, but they have a feeling you are with the king of vampires at the moment. They know exactly where that place is because they had to go there to do deals and things like that.” Cassie explained.

“Oh, okay,” I said. I finally let my head drop into a very uncomfortable state to get some sleep. Testing takes a lot out of you I’ll tell you that.


I woke up a few minutes later, or maybe it was a few hours, I’m not sure. I heard the door of the dungeon open and a figure came inside. It wasn’t Reed, I could see that much. “Hi Alayah,” the figure said. It had a cloak on so I couldn’t see the person’s face.

“Hi?” I said confused. “Who are you?” I asked.

The person laughed. “I’m Meria.”

“Okay? What are you doing here Meria?” I asked.

“Well Alayah, I’m here rescue you.” She said. I looked at Meria confused and a little worried.

“I thought Kaden was coming to rescue me?” I said and kept looking at her, well her cloak.

She shifted her balance a little and came a little closer to me, well as close as she could because the cell bars are separating us. “He sent me. He knew I would go undetected in a vampire’s lair, let alone the king vampire’s lair.”

More and more questions kept popping up in my head. “How are you here undetected and more importantly what are you? I can tell you aren’t a werewolf because you don’t smell like one and you aren’t a vampire because if you were my wolf would be going crazy warning me.”

Meria laughed once more. “I’m not a vampire nor a werewolf. I’m a seer.” She said.

“A what?” I asked.

“Seer. I’m a supernatural being just like you and Kaden. I can see what’s about to happen within the supernatural realm. Kaden keeps me handy when situations like this arise.” She explained.

I looked down to the floor, trying to comprehend everything. “So, you saw me here?” I asked.

“No, Alayah. Kaden told me where he thought you’d be at. I can hide my scent and make people forget they ever saw me. Kaden said he is on his way, but that I needed to get you out of the vampire’s territory. If Kaden steps on their land without having permission the vampires can do whatever they want to him. Kill him even.”

“Oh,” I whispered. “Well, can you get me out of here already? My arms hurt like hell and I’d like for it to stop.” I asked. Meria laughed again and swiftly and strongly pulled the cell door open. The door didn’t make a sound unlike when Reed had opened it earlier.

She came around behind the chair and untied the ropes. When I could feel my hands again I rubbed them trying to take the soreness away. “Any chance you can heal too?” I said to Meria.

“Nope sorry Alayah. Now come on let’s go.” She grabbed my hand and we ran out of the dungeon. “Whatever you do, don’t let go of my hand or else you will be seen.” I nodded my head and we kept running.

Soon enough we hit the forest. Trees flying past us, one by one. “We are out of their territory now Alayah. Try contacting Kaden.”

“I can’t contact him,” I replied. She looked at me shocked and a little confused.

“Well, why not?”

“Because these vampires drugged me with something where if I try to contact him something bad will happen to me,” I said. “I don’t know what it is, but I bet it’s very painful.”

“Try Alayah,” Meria commanded.

I did as I was told. “K-Kaden?” I sent through our mate link. I was hit with a lot of pain after I tried. I let go of Meria’s hand in the process.

“I told you I shouldn’t have done it!” I cried out in pain. Meria was at my side within a matter of seconds.

“It’s okay Alayah.” She said. “Let this happen, it will be over within a matter of minutes.”

I went calmly at her voice. “Why do I need to let this happen?” I asked.

“Because in order to break the drug they used on you, you will need to try to contact him over and over again.”

I looked at her as if she was crazy! “Meria! I’m not going through that pain again. It wasn’t as worse as when I first shifted, but still!” I shouted.

“Alayah, try it again.” She said taking my hand in hers.

I tried once more. “Kaden!” Pain shot through my body, but it wasn’t as bad as before, it was a little more than bearable though.

“Alayah!” I heard Kaden’s voice in my head. ”Where are you?” He asked worriedly.

I sent another message, the pain was going away as if it was getting easier to contact him. “I don’t know. I’m with a girl named Meria. She said you sent her to come and get me.”

“Alayah, I don’t know any Meria’s.” He said. “Whoever you are with, get away from them right now Alayah!”

“Kaden, she said she is a seer? Do you know what that is?” I asked him.

“Of course I know what they are, but whoever this Meria person is I don’t like them. They seem suspicious. Get away from her before something bad happens!” Kaden said.

I began to worry. I looked up at Meria in horror. “What?” She asked. I ripped my hand away from hers.

I stood up, a little wobbly, but I’ll be fine. “Stay away from me!” I said backing up getting ready to turn and run.

“I’m trying to help you Alayah!” She said. “Kaden sent me to help you!”

“Yeah right. How come when I told Kaden who you are he said he didn’t know you? Hmm?” I snapped at her, still backing away from her.

“I said I can make people forget me Alayah.” She said. Meria reached out to grab my hand but I didn’t let her. I pulled my hand away and began to run. I wasn’t going to let her catch me.

“Alayah I’m coming for you,” Kaden said.

“Hurry Kaden. Hurry.”

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