Eternal Mystery

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Chapter 26: Home Sweet Home

The dance had just ended a few minutes ago. We were all heading to our rooms to pack up and go home. Everyone had to clear out by 8.

I quickly threw off my dress and put on a long sleeved shirt and leggings with some combat boots. I ran a brush through my hair and started throwing things into my suitcase.

“Leah, you do realize we have like 45 minutes left to pack and stuff right?” Maggie said coming through the door.

“Yes, I do realize that, but I don’t want to leave anything behind.” I snapped and continued working to make sure I had everything. Who knows when we’d be back here again.

I glanced up and looked at Maggie again. Her hair was out of place and her eyes look liked they want to pop out of their sockets. Her dress was also messed up a bit as if she just threw it on. “Maggie, what in the world were you and Dean doing? I hardly saw you guys all night?” I questioned her.

Maggie blushed. “We may or may not have been in a janitor’s closet most of the time.” She squeaked out.

I rolled my eyes. “Of course you were. Do all you think about is sex?” I said to her. Her face scrunched up when I said that word.

“Don’t say that!” Maggie said.

“Say what? Sex?” I said it again.

Maggie threw her hands up in the air. “Yes, that word!” She said.

“Why not?” I said with a sly smile on my face. This could get interesting real quick.

“I just don’t like the word. So please, shut up!” Maggie said covering her ears.

I laughed at how childish she was acting. She then came over and whacked me on the arm. “Ow!” I yelped and backed away from her.

“I warned you,” Maggie said. I rolled my eyes. I then started packing once more. “I saw you and Kaden out there dancing.”

A small blush formed on my cheeks. “When did you see us? I didn’t think you came up to breath long enough to get out of that janitor’s closet.” I smirked.

She turned and looked at me. “For your information, I did come up for air!” She snapped.

I laughed even harder. “Okay, now answer my other question,” I asked.

“Well, it was a slow song and you two were pressed against one another, kissing each other.” She said. “You guys looked really cute together. I was wondering how long it would take for you to admit it.”

I blushed as red as a tomato. “I guess,” I said.

We both laughed and continued to pack our bags. Once we were finished we went downstairs, with our suitcases, and played a few games in the game room.

I was just about to make the winning shot in pool when someone came up behind me and grabbed my sides.

“Guess who?” The voice said to me. I tried not to pay attention to Kaden’s voice and I jabbed the pool stick backward, hitting him in the gut, and sent the ball flying towards its intended target, only it didn’t make it to its intended target. It bounced off the wall and soon was in the middle of the table. Fair game.

I turned around and glared at him. “Seriously! I was about to win if I lose this game you are paying for it.” I stated and turned back around to see Maggie lining up her pool to the ball.

“Paying for what?” He asked.

“You’ll just have to find out,” I said to him and continued to watch Maggie. Maggie hit the ball fast and it went sailing into the hole. She had won.

“Yes, yes yes!” She shouted and laughed. “I won, and now you have to do what I dared you to do.” She said smirking at me.

Kaden wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him. “What did you dare her to do?” He asked with a little warning in his voice.

“She has to drink until she is full blown drunk. Lucky there is a bar here.” Maggie said.

“But I’m not 21, so they won’t even give me a drink.” I corrected her, thinking I had won.

Maggie walked over to me and pulled Kaden from my arms. “Girl, you think I don’t have you covered?” She flashed a fake ID in her hand. “Now, go.”

I sighed. “No way are you going to do that Alayah,” Kaden said strictly. I rolled my eyes.

“Too bad furry ass. You cause it to happen, you deal with the consequences.” I said back and began to walk towards the bar. The others soon followed me.

“ID please.” The bouncer said. I showed it to him, he eyed me suspiciously before letting me in. The others got in no problem, mainly because they were all over 21!

“Told you that was easy,” Maggie said. We took four seats at the bar. Maggie turned to the bartender. “Gives us your best and strongest stuff.” She said.

Kaden looked like he wanted to punch her lights out when she said that. “Calm down Kaden, nothing is going to happen.” I mind-linked him.

“Yeah, because a 16 who had never drank before is totally going to have a good reaction to this.” He said.

“How do you know I haven’t drank before?” I said hoping he would believe me. He didn’t.

He gave me a look they said everything. Of course, he’d know if I had gotten drunk before. “Well, you get to enjoy the show because I don’t think anyone isn’t capable of doing something while they are drunk,” I said to him.

He rolled his eyes and then the bartender passed out our drinks before going to the next person. As I picked up the drink Kaden said one more thing to me. “Oh, and it takes us wolves a lot to get drunk, but a half human half werewolf like yourself, well let’s just say things will get very interesting.”


I should have listened when they said don’t drink anymore. I felt it the whole way home. I was lucky that it went out of my system fast, not as fast as a regular werewolf, but it was faster than a human’s. Within 30 minutes of our drive home, I was feeling the effects.

“Why on earth did I do that?” I said clutching my head as the headache got worse.

“Well, if you had listened you wouldn’t be in this situation right now would you?” Kaden said back to me. Kaden and I were in the front seats while Dean and Maggie were in the back.

“Shut up. If you want to blame someone blame, Maggie.” I said. I looked back at her through the rearview mirror. “She is the one who suggested it.”

Maggie stuck her tongue out at me. “But like Kaden said, if you had listened you wouldn’t feel this right now.”

I sighed. “Whatever guys. Home much longer until we are home?” I asked.

“About 30 minutes,” Kaden said.

I leaned my head back against the leather seat. “Remind me to never get drunk again,” I said.

“Yeah, okay. When you actually get the chance again, you will get drunk once more.” Maggie said. “It happens to everyone.”

“Well, it’s not going to happen to me,” I stated.

“If you say so,” Maggie said.

For the rest of the trip, I tried to get some sleep. I didn’t like that I was awoken by the sound of someone yelling. I opened my eyes and found Maggie over my body. “What?” I said tiredly.

“Welcome home Leah!” She said laughing me and pulling me out of the car. Bright lights were everywhere making my vision get a little worse and my head hurt even more.

“Cut the lights off and someone take me to my room. I’m tired!” I stated, well more like shouted.

“Come on Leah, it’s a party.” Maggie urged me.

“I don’t care, I’m tired.” I protested. “Please take me to my room now,” I said.

Maggie sighed. “Okay,” She helped me up to my room. I was still a bit drunk, well I still felt the effects of it anyway.

“Night Leah!” Maggie said as I laid down under the warm covers.

“Night Mags!”

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