Eternal Mystery

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Chapter 27: Officially Luna Part 1

I woke up the next morning bright and early. My head was still hurting a little, but it was manageable. I quickly got dressed in a pair of leggings and a blue shirt with a hoodie thrown over top of it. Okay so it may have been Kaden’s hoodie, but it was so comfortable and I couldn’t resist taking it!

I went down the stairs and into the kitchen to make me some breakfast. As I pushed opened the door I smelt bacon and pancakes. Eggs as well. I looked at the single plate on the island. There was a note attached to a metal fork.

Who is sending me notes?

I picked up the fork and pulled the note off. I flipped it open and read:

Dear Alayah,

Since today is your official first day as Luna of the pack, I’ve organized a little scavenger hunt for you. Now each note you will find will lead you to a new place where one or more of the pack members will be waiting for you to receive the next note.

Once all of this is done the ceremony will be held at the last place you are taken to. Good luck baby and please remember to actually try!

Forever Yours,

I rolled my eyes at the note. I set it aside and ate the food off the plate, which lead to another message that was on the plate:

I knew you wouldn’t believe the first note, so head to the place where we first met.


I didn’t know if the message would come off or not, but I tried to rinse it off, it didn’t work. So I just placed the plate in the sink. “Go for it, Leah! You know you want to rule with Kaden.” Cassie encouraged me.

“Fine, but this better leads to something good,” I said to her before walking out the door and towards the woods, towards Aunt Charlotte’s house.

It took about a good 15 to 20 minutes to walk to where we had first met. There stood Kayleigh. She had a yellow sundress on and was smiling. “I see you finally accepted the position.” She said handing me the next note.

“Yeah. What time did he get up to do all of this?” I asked her.

“Around 4 am. He wanted to surprise you.” She said.

“Well, I’m definitely surprised,” I commented.

We both laughed. “Well, open it!” Kayleigh said encouragingly. I did as I was told. This note was longer than the last:

I see you managed to follow directions if you are reading this. Now that you are here you need to head to the place where you first met Jake. If you try anything funny, I’ll know within seconds, so don’t try anything Alayah.


“Wow, he must really know you well or something,” Kayleigh said as she read the note I handed her. “I suggest you go. I don’t think you’ll like what he has in store for you if you don’t.”

I eyed her for a moment. “What’s he going to do?” I said crossing my arms.

“You’ll just have to find out Leah. Now go!” She said rushing me off.

I sighed and began to walk back towards the pack’s main area. To the doctor’s office. A nice place to start, not really.

Many of the pack members smiled as I passed by. I smiled back, wanting them so like me because well, I’m going to be their Luna, so might as well get their vote.

Wait, do they vote?

I continued and soon enough reached Jake’s doctor’s office. “Leah,” Jake said as I entered the office. “What can I help you with today?” He asked.

“I believe Kaden has left a note for me here to find?” I asked. A quick smirk appeared on Jake’s face.

“Ah yes. I’ll be back in a moment.” Jake said and walked out of the waiting room and into his office.

I sat down and waited. “This better be worth it.” I mind-linked Kaden.

“Oh, it will be. Now, where are you at now?” He asked me.

“Jake’s office. I’m waiting for your note.” I said to him. “How many notes are there?”

“You’ll find out. Have fun sweetheart.” Kaden said before closing our mind-link. Jake just walked into the room too.

He handed me a white envelope. I quickly opened it, this message only said two words:

Rock Climbing

“Great, now I have to walk 15 more minutes to get to the gym!” I said annoyed.

“Well, if you run you could make it there in 4 minutes.” Jake suggested.

“Thanks, Jake!” I said hugging him and running out the door and towards the direction of the gym.

I pulled open the doors. Luckily no one is in here. I walked over to where the Rock Climbing wall is and began to climb the wall, without a helmet because I had no clue as to where they were at.

Once I reached the top, in about 5 minutes, I found a note attached to the zip line.

I see you are having fun spider monkey. Let me guess, 6 minutes it took you to get up here? Anyway, the next place to go is where the children love to play.


The playground where Eden took me that time.

I grabbed the zip line and went down towards the floor. I let go and rolled before popping up onto my legs. “I officially hate walking!” I shouted to no one.

I busted out of the gym and ran towards the playground. It took me about 6 minutes to get there. I wasn’t sure who to expect here.

I paused at what I saw. There was Eden and all of her classmates waiting for me. Eden ran up and gave me a hug. “I knew you’d be the one!” She giggled.

I swung her up into my arms and laughed. “Yeah, I think I knew that too, I just didn’t believe it at the time,” I told her.

“So do you love my brother?” She asked me.

I didn’t know how to answer her. “You do love him, Leah. Every time your heart beats a little faster when he is around. You only see him in the room if surrounded by other people. He brings out the good in you and vice versa.” Cassie said to me.

I knew Cassie was right, I did love him. Maybe I just never wanted to admit it because I thought this was a fantasy.

I looked down into Eden’s brown eyes. “Yes, I do love your brother,” I told her. She and her classmates cheered.

“Oh and Kaden told me to give you this.” She said handing me another note.

I see you finally made it to Eden. Hopefully, she didn’t say anything embarrassing about me. I know you want this to be the end, but only two more notes to go.

Head to the place where you first shifted.


I sighed.

“Kaden, I’m going to kill you! You are making me run too much!” I sent to him.

“You are almost there baby. Then you can take a break I promise.” Kaden sent to me.

“You better keep that promise too.” I sent back to him.

“I always keep my promises.”

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