Eternal Mystery

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Chapter 28: Officially Luna Part 2

I finally hit the place I had first shifted. There was a note on the ground, so I picked it up and read it.

Only one more to go, baby. I know you are tired, but please finish this. Go forward until you reach the edge of the woods. Then close your eyes for your surprise.

Great, more walking. I continued walking, watching the scenery as I pass by. Birds flying from their nests. Deer running away from the sounds of gunshots. I know it’s almost winter time, I think it’s around December 16th but who knows. I haven’t looked at a calendar in weeks.

I soon approach the edge of the woods and I do as Kaden said. “I’ve closed my eyes, now what?” I mind-linked Kaden.

I heard the leaves crunched under the weight of someone. “Open your eyes now.” Kaden’s voice rang in my ear.

I opened my eyes to find Kaden standing there. He was dressed up a bit, in a button up shirt and some black jeans with black shoes.

“You’d say there would be two more notes,” I said to him.

“Yes, I know that. You’ll be getting that note later.” He said. “Now, Ms. Kennedy, I’m going to be escorting you to your ceremony.” He said formally and even added a bow.

I laughed. “Wait, but look what I’m wearing,” I said gesturing to my clothes. I felt his eye travel up and down my body more than once.

“And? You look beautiful.” He said holding out his hand for me to take.

I took it anyway. “Thanks, but I’m not as dressed up as you are,” I said.

“Well, the Luna gets to wear what she likes to her own ceremony, no matter what others think.” He said.

“Okay,” I said. He pulled me to follow him, which I accepted and followed him into the vast clearing. I’m kind of glad I didn’t walk any farther, what I see now is more than I expected.

There was a stage in the center of the clearing. Everyone and I mean everyone was there from the pack, even people I saw this morning were there. There were balloons on the wooden stage and a podium as well.

“Come on, let’s go,” Kaden said and dragged me closer and closer to the stage. I climbed up the steps and stood beside him on the stage.

“Today marks a day I know you’ve all been waiting for.” Kaden began to speak. “Since Alayah came into our pack she has tested our rules and fought for what she believes in. When I met her, I thought she was another rogue who was threatening our territory.”

He glanced at me with a smile. “Turns out she was much more than a rogue.” I felt my cheeks heat up and a few people in the crowd laughed at his statement.

“She is your Luna now and for as long as she lives you will obey her like you do me.” Kaden reached over and grabbed my hand.

“Now our Luna will speak.” He said. I looked at him shocked.

“You never said I was speaking!” I mind-linked him. He looked at me apologetically.

“You’ll be fine,” He said. I sent him an unimaginable glare before turning to the crowd before me.

“Hello everyone,” I said finding my voice.

“Hello, Luna,” The crowd of people replied in unison. I didn’t know what to say at all.

I thought for a moment before responding. “Okay, I have one request. Please don’t call me Luna, please call me either Leah or Alayah. I believe we are all on equal terms and therefore are on a first name basis.” I explained.

“I think that’s all I’m going to say. Thank you for accepting me. I plan to be here for all of you guys as long as I’m alive.” I said to them.

The crowd burst out with cheers and clapping. I saw happiness on all of their faces. Apparently, they had been waiting for their Luna. I smiled as I felt Kaden wrap his arms around my waist and pull me back so that my back was against his chest.

“Good job Alayah.” He whispered in my ear.

“What do we do now?” I asked him. A huge smile broke out on his face.

“Now we have a little party, okay a big party. Then we have something we need to discuss.” He said whispering the last part. Discuss what?

“Discuss what?” I asked as I stepped down the stage steps.

“That sweetheart is something we are going to be discussing alone.” He said.

I sighed. “Whatever, don’t tell me then.” I snapped at him before walking off to find Maggie and Kayleigh.

They both ran and gave me a hug. “I’m so happy for you Leah!” Maggie said. She hadn’t seen me earlier. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

“Wait, didn’t the rules say yesterday that I can’t become Luna because I’m too young?” I said questioning them.

“Well, yes they did say that, but we’ll just have to keep it a secret until you turn 18 of course,” Dean said.

“You better hope this works out. Otherwise, things won’t be pretty for anyone.” I said.


The party lasted for about 2 hours and let me tell you, after two hours of mingling and talking to people, I was tired.

I was glad I made it to the house before I collapsed. “That lasted forever,” I said as I fell down onto the couch. I heard Kaden chuckle from in front of me.

“Well, you could have ended the party whenever you wanted to.” He commented.

“Yeah, but I didn’t want to be rude. Plus I’m new to this whole Luna thing, give me some time to adjust before pushing me to speak in front of a crowd of people.” I said.

Kaden sat down beside me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. I automatically snuggled up to him. “You did it at the conference and seemed perfectly fine with it.”

“Yeah, but I knew I was going to do it then, this time I didn’t,” I said. “Or else I would have known what to say.”

“Well, next time I’ll warn you.” He remarked. I looked at him as if he was stupid.

“Who says there is going to be a next time Mr. Bates?” I said to him, trying to hide back a smile.

“Oh, don’t worry Ms. Kennedy there will be other times where you have to speak in public,” Kaden said with a smirk on his face.

I sighed. “Whatever,” I said.

We didn’t talk for a few moments until Kaden broke the silence. “You know we have to discuss something right?” He said.

“You said that earlier, what are we discussing?” I asked.

He pulled me off the couch and upstairs to a room I haven’t been in before. “Whose room is this?” I asked him confused as to why he brought me here.

“Welcome to La Casa De Kaden.” He said holding his arms out as if he just did some amazing trick.

“How long have I lived here and why I haven’t I been in here?” I asked him as I took a seat on his bed. He took a seat next to me.

He laughed and took my hand in his. “Because one, I never brought you in here and two, you never asked.”

I rolled my eyes and laid back on his comfy bed. “It’s so soft and warm,” I said cuddling the blanket.

When I looked up at him he had an amused expression on his face. “I’m glad you like it.” He said.

I looked right at him.

“Now what discussion?”

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