Eternal Mystery

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Chapter 2: Mysterious Strang-Wolves?

I ran. How long? I don’t know, but all I did was run. I had left my phone at the house so I had no clue at what time it was, but my best guess it’s around 9:45 or so. As the leaves crunched under my feet and the wind blowing through my hair as I ran, I heard noises. I wasn’t sure what they were, but I wasn’t about to find out now.

“Why did this have to happen to me?” I thought aloud. “What did I do to deserve this fate?”

Soon enough I found myself flat on my face into the cold, hard ground. As I lifted my head I looked behind me to see that I had fallen over a tree root sticking up out of the ground. I slowly got up and knocked the leaves and dirt the best I could off my clothes.

I felt pain all over, but that was expected when I had fallen and cut myself in the process. I waited and listened for a moment, to see if I could hear anyone or anything. The more I listened the more I heard.

Someone was running, behind me and I had a good clue that it is my aunt. I had to get away, and before I started running again I heard her voice. “Leah, please come back, you don’t know where you’re going!” She shouted.

I took off, but I knew she was right behind me. “Leah, please!” she said, but I ignored her. Soon enough I found myself in a wide open clearing. The stars shimmered up above and the moon at the center of it all.

Everything froze for a moment, just a single moment. Right in front of me was 3 wolves. All three of them looking straight at me, one of them walked forward, and I stepped back but ended up tripping and falling on my back. “Leah!” I heard Aunt Charlotte’s voice again, but it seemed to disappear when she caught up with me.

I watched the whole thing. Soon enough the three beasts in front of me were human, just like Aunt Charlotte. The one of the far left had dark hair and brown eyes, tall I’d say about 6′. The one of the far right had long blonde hair with dark blue eyes and his height I’d say around 6′1 or 6′2.

Finally, I looked at the one in the middle. Brown hair with dark brown eyes, but you couldn’t read an expression on his face if you tried. Stone hard cold, impossible to read.

“Who are you and why are you on my packs land, rogue?” a voice said crisp and cold, but I could still feel the power in it. Rogue? Then I realized that the one speaking to me was the one closest to me, the one in the middle. I closed my eyes, scared out of my mind.

“A-Alayah-yah and I d-didn’t know this was y-your land,” I said scared out of my mind. Who are these people, or wolves, whatever they are and could they please put some clothes on!

“Open your eyes, girl!” the voice said again. I complied, opening my light blue and found them staring deeply into dark brown ones and found myself not looking away. I heard a voice in my mind, but it wasn’t mine.


I was so confused at what just happened I just kind of stared off into space. “Leah!” I heard Aunt Charlotte once again, knocking me out of my staring. I looked behind me to see her standing there, she was angry and frightened at the same time.

“She didn’t mean to pass onto your land, Alpha.” She said to the guy in front of me. Alpha?

“Well, we have a little problem here don’t we?” the guy Aunt Char. just called Alpha said.

I was tired and fed up and I just wanted to sleep. “What the hell is going on here? Okay, I’m tired, I’m confused, and you three.” I said looking at the three men, who all seemed to be looking at me. “Would you please put some clothes or something, like seriously! All I want to know is the truth and I get dragged into this mess?”

All three of them looked at me, the one known as Alpha looked at me, and I thought I saw amusement in his eyes, but as quickly as it came, it vanished. “Alayah get over here now.” I heard Aunt Charlotte say.

I saw get up, wincing as I put pressure on my wrist, but I ignored it and turned to face her. “Why? Why was the meant to be kept a secret? You’re a freakin’ wolf! So are those guys behind me, who apparently don’t have any human decency.” I said shouting a bit.

“I’m sorry Alayah, but your parents told me to keep this secret from you, you’re special.” She said on the verge of breaking down and crying.

“My parents are dead, okay! After some stupid war that happened when I was 3 or whatever you told me! If they were still alive, I’d be with them 13 years later, not stuck here and being lied to!”

With all of the shouting, and running, I felt a little dizzy, but I did my best to ignore it. “Alpha,” Aun Char. said and I turned around to look at him. “Please let her go, she doesn’t know anything!” She begged.

The guy looked straight at me. “She crossed onto my land, that means she comes at my prisoner until further notice. You’re just lucky she wasn’t killed right on the spot.” His voice said filling the silence.

“I love his voice!” A voice said in my head. I held my head trying to focus.

“What?” I said aloud, confused.

“Look, rogue,” He began to talk.

“My name is Alayah and I wasn’t talking to you.” I snapped at him. He let out a growl.

"Leah, it’s okay. He likes us. Well, his wolf does anyway." I heard the voice in my head again.

I looked at everyone who was standing here. “Which one of you are in my head right now?” I said staring at all of them. “Why am I hearing voices in my freakin’ head and why am I being taken, prisoner?”

The Alpha guy looked at me. “You passed onto my land, rogue, therefore you’re my prisoner until I said so, or you get killed somehow, whichever comes first.”

“You have to go with them Alayah.” Aunt Charlotte said. She hasn’t moved across the treeline yet, I bet that marks their land area.

“No, I don’t,” I said. “I’m not going anywhere with some strange wolf people until I get some answers!” I said.

“Alpha sir, we have to go back now, it’s getting closer to midnight, and the pack can’t be long without its Alpha.” the guy on the left said.

“Dean, shut up.” the guys on the right side.

“Well I’m sorry Kyle, but we do need to get back!”

“Both of you shut up,” Alpha said to them.

“Kyle, take our prisoner back to the pack house.” He said to the one known as Kyle.

“Yes, Alpha.” With that, I was grabbed by the arm and practically dragged away from the only family I really ever knew.

“Be careful Alayah, don’t do anything stupid, and I love you.” I heard Aunt Charlotte shout. I didn’t get to respond before I passed out from exhaustion.

When I wake up I find myself in a bedroom. I was in new clothes than what I had on earlier. “What happened?” I said quietly. Soon all of the memories came rushing back to me. Wolves, Aunt Charlotte, those three guys, mate, scared, prisoner.

I heard the door open and in came a little girl, I’d say around the age of 10. “Hello.” She said and came and sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Uh, hi?” I said a little confused. Who was this girl?

“I’m Eden.” the little girl said holding out her hand.

“Alayah,” I said to her.

“I know.” She said with a smile.

“You do?” I asked her a little confused.

“Yeah, Kaden talked about you.” She said like it was nothing.

“Kaden?” I said confused. I felt a headache start with all of this information going on in my head.

“My older brother and the Alpha of the pack? Doesn’t this ring a bell?” Eden asked as if I was stupid. Smartass ten-year-old here.

“Alpha, what? I don’t understand, okay! I just want to go home! Back to my Aunt Charlotte, back to the normal life I had before this all happened!” I said shouting a little and throwing my hands up in frustration.

Eden got off the bed and headed for the door. Before she left she turned and looked at me, I could see the tears in her eyes, but none ever fell. “You’ll understand soon enough, Alayah.” She was gone.

I fall back onto the mountain of pillows behind me, hoping this was all just a dream. ”It’s not a dream Alayah." The voice in my head spoke again.

“Why, why, why must this happen to me?” I said aloud. I got up out of the bed and began to pace in front of it. Back and forth, back and forth.

I didn’t even know the door had opened and someone was watching me. “Why? I just want to go home to what I know. Dead parents and a crazy Aunt who goes on business trips, when really she is out being a freaking wolf and for all, I know my parents are actually alive!”

I heard a creaking sound and jumped and turned to face the door and there stood the Alpha, or is it, Kaden? I don’t even know! “You scared the hell out of me!” I shouted at him.

“Well, with all of your shouting, you’re scaring the hell out of everyone else!” He said to me, stepping into the room.

I took a step back. ”He is so handsome." My mind said again.

I held my head and started pacing back and forth once more. “Why won’t this stupid voice get out of my head!” I said.

“That’s your wolf.” Alpha/Kaden said.

“My what?” I said.

“Your wolf.” He said once more.

“This is all a dream, yeah, that’s it,” I said trying to convince myself. “I’ll wake up, back at Aunt Char’s house, in my room.”

Alpha/Kaden crossed his arms over his chest. “Sorry to burst your bubble there sweetheart, but no, you’re not dreaming. You’re my pack’s prisoner until I say otherwise.”

I then snapped. “If I’m a prisoner then why am I in this bedroom instead of a cell in a basement or something like that? Hm?” I said testing him.

He rolled his eyes. I heard a familiar voice from behind him. Little Eden. “Kaden, let me through.” I heard her say. “I want to explain it to her!” She said excitedly.

“Explain what to me?” I said.

“Everything!” She said giddily as can be.

“Huh?” I said.

“No Eden,” I heard Kaden/Alpha say.

“Come on, please!” Eden said.

Soon enough I was tackled by a blonde haired little girl named Eden. “Hi.” She said when she looked up at me. “You’re pretty.” She said.

“Hello, and no, I’m not, but thanks anyway,” I said to her. Eden’s face fell.I heard a growl from Kaden/Alpha but I was focused on Eden.

She slapped me on the arm. “Don’t say you’re not because you are! That’s what mama always told me to say to girls who think they aren’t pretty.”

I laughed. “Thanks, Eden, I’ll remember that,” I said to her.

Alpha/Kaden cleared his throat, trying to get our attention. “Ready to start explaining things, Eden?” He asked her. Eden clapped with joy, but before she got a chance to explain I began to feel light-headed, and soon I crashed to the floor, well what I thought was the floor anyway. Blackness filled my vision and before I knew it I was out like a light.

Like a light.

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