Eternal Mystery

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Chapter 30: Talks & Bacon

I woke up with Kaden’s arms still around me. I didn’t dare say a word. I wanted to enjoy looking at him as he slept as long as I could. No, I’m not trying to be stalkerish, it’s just that he looks peaceful in his sleep.

“You know I’m awake right?” He said and a small smirk appeared on his face. I blushed with embarrassment.

“Sorry?” I said. It came out more like a question than anything.

Kaden looked me and laughed. “Don’t worry sweetheart you can stare at me as long as you’d like as long as I get to do this.” He said before kissing me right on the lips. It was gentle at first but soon turned more passionate and deeper than expected.

I was flipped over on the bed, my back was pressed against the cool sheets while Kaden was on top of me. He was holding himself up with his hands on either side of me.

“I see you didn’t seem to mind.” He said. I laughed and tried to cover up my reddening face but that didn’t happen. His kissed each side of my cheeks and then my forehead and then my nose.

“Nope, not one bit,” I said to him. Kaden kissed me once more on the lips before rolling off top of me.

I got up out of the bed as well. “What time is it?” I asked him.

He glanced at the clock. “About 8 am.” He replied.

“Ugh! I have to start my Luna thing early!” I complained.

Kaden laughed at my complaining. There was a knock at the door. I went over and opened it. There were Kayleigh and Maggie smiling like idiots. “What?” I asked them.

“You are coming with us, Ms. Luna.” They said before taking my hand and jerking me out of Kaden’s room. I was completely confused.

They took me outside the pack house and into the woods out of earshot. What did they have to tell me that the boys couldn’t hear what they were about to say?

Soon they stopped walking and dropped my hand. “So Leah. What were you doing with Kaden after the party?” Kayleigh asked me with a smirk on her face.

“Nothing. All we did was talk.” I replied. Which is true, we did talk.

Maggie looked at me and smiled like a kid in a candy store. “Is that all you did Leah?” She asked.

“Yeah, that’s it,” I said. Did they not trust me? I mean I am their Luna after all I could just demand they tell me what they are talking about, but I wasn’t a bad friend like that.

“So you two did have sex? Did he even mark you?” Kayleigh questioned. I saw Maggie cringe at the word Sex.

“Um, no Kayleigh we didn’t have sex and no he didn’t mark me. Hell, I just found out what that was yesterday, no way was I going to let him mark me for Pete sake!” I said to them.

“You do realize you’ll go into heat right, and let me tell you from experience, it isn’t fun,” Maggie said, jumping back into the conversation.

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest. “Yes, I’m fully aware that if I don’t get marked soon I’ll go into heat, which I was told was as almost pain as shifting,” I said.

“Yeah, okay. Try worse than that. It feels as if your whole body is on fire and you don’t want to move or anything during this time. Every time I moved it felt as if it got worse. Pain shot all throughout my body. It wasn’t fun. Only did it stop when Kyle marked me.” Kayleigh said.

“Trust me, girl, you do not want to go through that. I didn’t go through it, but I can already tell it’s going to be painful from Kayleigh’s story.” Maggie said.

I sighed. “I know I don’t want to go through it, but guys I don’t want to be bitten either,” I confessed to them.

“What do you mean? When he bites you it may sting at first but it only lasts a few seconds and afterward, you’ll be begging him to keep do it.” Maggie said.

“Really?” I squeaked out. My face heated up from a little embarrassment of talking about this specific topic.

Both of them nodded their heads. “Yes really. There is nothing to be scared of Leah. It’ll be like getting a shot at the doctor.” Kayleigh said. I winced at the thought. I hated needles. Ever since I was young and had one put in my arm so that the doctors could run tests on my blood.

“Thanks, Kayleigh, now when Kaden marks me I’ll feel as if I’m being stabbed by a needle. I totally needed that image in my head, thanks.” I said.

“Sorry, Leah.”

“It’s fine.”

“We better get back. You’re Luna now and therefore you’ve got duties to attend.” Maggie said.

I threw my hands up in the air in frustration. “Can’t I just have a day to relax?” I asked.

Maggie and Kayleigh chucked. “Sorry Luna, but a pack is nothing if it’s not busy,” Kayleigh said.

I sighed before we all began to head back to the pack house. ”Where I hope there will be food waiting for me.” I sent to Kaden through our mind-link.

“Why do you expect there to be food?” He sent back to me.

I crossed my arms let out a puff of air. “Why is the big bad Luna mad?” I heard Kayleigh say beside me with a smile afterwards.

“Who do you think made me mad?” I spat out.

Maggie and Kayleigh shared a look before they both began to laugh. “Of course,” Maggie said.

I ignored them and returned to my conversation with Kaden. “If there isn’t any food then someone little furry ass is going to get kicked out of the pack house and considering I was taken out of bed before I could actually eat something. So your choice Alpha.”

I did not get a reply from him. “So what were you arguing about this time?” Maggie asked.

“Food. I told him there better be food ready for me or else I’m going to kick his furry little ass out of pack house.”

“You were arguing over food?” Maggie said trying to hold back a laugh.

“Yes? Is there a problem with that?”

“No, nothing at all. It’s just, that’s something you guys would totally do.” Maggie said then busted out laughing as she couldn’t contain her laughter anymore.

I rolled my eyes and soon enough we approached the pack house. I sniffed the air to see if I could smell anything from inside the house and sure enough, I did. All three of us looked at each other. “Bacon!” We all shouted at each other before we started giggling.

“I’ll beat you guys there!” I shouted towards them but as soon as the words left my mouth they had already taken off. I stomped my foot. “Not fair!”

I took off after them and as soon as I entered the pack house I followed the smell of bacon which led me to the kitchen. “Finally you made it. You took forever” I heard Maggie’s voice in my head.

Wait. I heard Maggie’s voice in my head.

My eyes widened and turned to look at her standing at the island holding a piece of bacon in her hand. “What?” She said with a smile of innocents on her face.

I pointed at her. “Y-You just...what...huh?” I said trying to form complete sentences but it came out as staggered words.

“What did I do, Luna?” She said.

I glared at her. “Did I already tell you guys yesterday not to call me Luna?”


“Whatever. I wanna know why the hell are you speaking inside my head!” I raised my voice a bit.

Just as Maggie was about to open her mouth Kaden came from around the corner. “Why are you shouting?” He asked.

I looked at him directly. I completely blocked the others out of my focus. “Why is Maggie inside my head? Wait sorry let me clarify. Why is she speaking inside my head?” I said a little frustrated and confused. “I thought we could only communicate that way because we are mates?”

“Well, I say that is a good sign then.” He said right up.

I looked at him stupidly. “What the hell does that mean?” I snapped a bit.

“Alayah, if you can communicate with others in the pack in your mind then it’s easy to tell that the moon goddess has accepted you as the Luna. Therefore you are able to communicate with all other pack members in their heads as well.” Kaden explained.

I still looked at her sternly. “And why wasn’t I informed of this when we had our discussion yesterday?”

“Because I didn’t think it was important?” He said but it came out more as a question.

“You people are unbelievable! I haven’t even started my day properly and I’m already failing at it.” I walked over to the island and pulled a chair out before sitting down and picking up a piece of bacon and eating it.

I felt Kaden slip his arms around my shoulders and wrap around my chest before pulling me back so I was leaning on his chest. “No, you’re not failing at it Alayah. You just haven’t got used to it yet. It’ll take some time.” He said.

“Yeah, well it better be quick.” I fired back at him.

I felt him chuckle by the vibrations in his chest. He planted a kiss on the top of my head. “If life was easier then what would the point be in working?”

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah well, whatever,” I said before shoving another piece of bacon in my mouth. “By the way, good bacon. I see you took my threat pretty well.” I said.

Kaden unwrapped his arms from around me. “Yeah well, I’d rather not be sleeping on the cold hard ground during January.” He commented.

I was just about to reply when Eden came running into the room. “Leah! You need to come to the school right now!” She said in a worried tone.

I quickly jumped up out of my seat and rushed over to her much like a parent would do to their child. “What’s wrong Eden?” I asked.

Her sad face never faltered. “I can’t explain just come with me!” She said. I nodded my head and grabbed her hand before we left the pack house to go to the school.

What’s wrong?

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