Eternal Mystery

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Chapter 31: Problems?

I followed Eden down the path to get to the schoolhouse. Kaden, Maggie, and Kayleigh were just a little ways behind me. “Eden, what’s going on?” I asked her as we approached the school.

“I can’t explain it I just have to show you.” She said but I could tell there was a hint of happiness in her voice. Happiness?

Suddenly she just stopped almost causing me to tumble to the ground with her. It took me a minute to realize what was in front of me. “W-What?” I said putting my hand to my mouth in surprise.

I glanced down at Eden and she was giggling like a mad person. “Surprise!” She said and ran over to her friends or more specifically, Alex. I smiled at the two of them together.

Instead of focusing my attention on them I flicked my gaze up to the sign and the balloons that were tied and hung up blowing in the breeze. “A party?” I asked them.

All of the kids giggled and nodded their heads. Just before I could get another word out I was tackled by a bunch of kids and fell on the ground. I started to laugh along with them. I turned my gaze behind me to see Maggie, Kaden, and Kayleigh standing a few feet away with smiles on their faces.

Soon enough I got the kids off of me because it was cake time according to Eden. I rose up from the ground and walked over to Kaden and them. “Did you guys have something to do with this?” I asked.

“Don’t ask me. I had nothing to do with it. But I’d take it was Maggie and Kayleigh’s idea.” Kaden said.

I rolled my eyes at his statement. “Yeah right, okay. Since it was your sister who came and got me I’ll just assume you had nothing to do with it.” I smirked and turned around before heading in the direction of the table with cake on it.

“Alayah where are you going?” Kaden asked.

“Where do you think fuzzy ass? There is free food over here and do you really think I’m going to waste food?” I replied to him while I was walking.

I heard him chuckle behind me. I continued walking and headed to where Eden and her friends were. “When did you guys have time to plan all of this hm?” I asked Eden.

“Well Leah, we’ve been working on it all morning! Since maybe 5 this morning.” She replied.

My jaw dropped. “5 in the morning! What on Earth are you guys up that early for?” I asked shocked.

“We always get up that early. Don’t you know the saying the early bird gets the worm?” Alex said. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him speak before even when I’ve met him maybe like twice.

I rolled my eyes and laughed. “Well, maybe I can change that rule. You guys need your sleep. Even if you are wolves.” I told them.

I got their heads to turn in my direction then. “No!” Eden said slapping my arm. “If you change it then when we’ll see the sunrise in the mornings? It’s the prettiest thing ever! You can’t miss it!” She complained.

The others looked pretty sad too. Man, was a sunrise really worth getting up at 5 in the morning for? I’m not even up that early. I like my sleep and you can’t function good without it. I might as well throw them the bone. I mean they are kids too.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry. I won’t change the rule then. I didn’t know about the beautiful sunrise.” I said.

Eden broke out into a smile. “It’s okay Leah. You are new to this whole Luna thing. You’ll get the hang of it.” She said.

“Thanks, Eden.”

She smiled and soon every one of the kids digs into the cake they had made for me. “So I don’t get the first piece?”

I heard Kaden laugh from behind me. “Do you really expect kids not to go after the cake?” He asked.

I signed. “That’s fair,” I replied.

Just as Maggie was going to open her mouth two men came running in our direction. “Alpha, Luna, there are two wolves who wish to speak to you.” One of the two guys said.

“Where are they at?” Kaden asked them.

“They are waiting at the pack house with Dean right now.” The same guy said.

Kaden looked in my direction. “Ready to start your day Alayah?” He said.

I walked over to him. “Let’s go see who they are. Hopefully, they aren’t here to cause any trouble.” I said.

Kaden grabbed my hand and we headed to the pack house as quickly as possible to greet our new visitors. Whoever they are.

Maggie and Kayleigh followed us to the pack house as well. “Who do you think it is?” Maggie asked.

I shrugged my shoulders. “No clue.”

“Whoever they are, they better have a good reason for being here,” Kaden growled out.

“Calm down. We don’t know what they are here for yet.” I sent to him through our mind link.

Kaden squeezed my hand before we enter the pack house. Kyle and Dean are standing there in front of whoever they were blocking them from our view. “Did you find out any information?” Kaden asked Kyle.

“No, we didn’t Alpha. They refused to talk to us and only want to talk with you.” Kyle said.

Kaden sighed. “Okay, then let’s talk.” He said in a stoic tone. It’s been a while since I’ve heard him talk like that.

Dean and Kyle stepped away for us to see who the two people are. I studied them for a moment. There were a girl and a boy. They looked like brother and sister to me and maybe around the age of 13 at least if they were wolves when they were found on our territory.

They both had dark brown hair similar to mine but their eyes were a medium green color. Hazelnut colored skin and the girl had freckles on her face unlike the boy had.

“Who are you two?” Kaden asked curiously and a bit angry as to why two young wolves were on his—our, territory.

The boy glanced between Kaden and I but he kept his focus back on me. It was like he was studying me for some reason. “I am Henry and this is my sister Padua. (A/N: Pa-jew-uh) ” He answered the question.

“Where are you from? What pack?” Kaden asked.

The boy, Henry, looked at me. His green eyes didn’t leave my own light blue ones. I heard Kaden growl a bit at the boy as he looked at me. “You should know,” Henry said to me.

Kaden whipped his gaze to me. “W-what are you talking about? I have no clue who you guys are!” I said a bit angry at his accusation.

“You really have no clue who we are?” Henry said.

I looked at the girl, Padua, who hadn’t said a word and who had tears in her eyes at my statement. “No. I suggest you tell me who you are and stop making accusations.” I stated.

“You should know who we are, sister," Henry said. Kaden looked at me shocked and I looked at him with the same expression.


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