Eternal Mystery

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Chapter 34: Surprises

I opened my mouth to respond to Marisa but nothing came out. Padua hopped out of my reach and walked up to Marisa. “Yes, she does. We are still fairly new to her as we just meet her a today.” Padua explained in words that I never could.

I then heard the pack house door open again and my gaze moved to the door to see who was coming out next. Henry and Kaden stood there. “I see you took your sweet precious time,” Henry said as he and Kaden walked over to the rest of us.

“I was only gone for 45 minutes! Can’t you guys survive once without me for a bit?” I stated crossing my arms over my chest.

“No, because your siblings kept on pestering us wanting to know when you’d come back,” Kaden said. “Plus you are the Luna and the pack kind of expects you to be here to handle situations.”

“But you are the Alpha and they depend on you more.” I fired back at him.

He stopped right in front of me. His arms were crossed over his chest and he stared at me. It was like he was observing me. “They’ve been depending on me a lot longer than they have you, yes, but they still need you Alayah.”

A smile slowly formed on my face. “So what happened while I was gone?” I asked. “Besides my siblings torturing you guys.”

“Nothing I couldn’t handle,” Kaden said. I rolled my eyes and shook my head while smiling.

“You missed me.”

“No—why is Marisa here?” He said trying to change the subject. He was trying to avoid answering that question because we both know he missed me he just doesn’t want to admit it aloud.

I spun on my heel to see Marisa still standing there, Padua and Henry were standing next to her engaging in a conversation. “Marisa,” I said. She lifted her head up and looked at me.

“Yeah, Leah?” She asked and walked closer to me and so did the twins.

“You two,” I said pointing to the twins. “Please go inside, I need to talk to Kaden and Marisa along. Kyle, you can watch them.” I said giving demands.

The twins looked at me. “Why can’t we listen? We are old enough!” Padua complained.

I bent down so I was eye level with her, which wasn’t that much considering she is about 5.2 inches and I’m like 5.8. “Yes, you may be old enough to turn into your wolf form but you are still not old enough to be in adult conversations,” I explained.

She put a hand on her hip and cocked it to the side. “You aren’t an adult. You’re 16, still a teenager.” She snapped back at me. Ah teenage attitudes, got to love them. I cracked a small smile.

“Yes, I am 16, but I’ve had to grow up pretty fast without my parents around. Therefore I consider myself an adult.”

“Alayah, you are aware you are arguing with a 13-year-old right?” Kaden’s voice rang in my head.

I spun around and faced him. “Yes, I’m fully aware mister!”

I let out a huff of air. “Look, Padua, Henry, I know you want to be part of this conversation, but I just don’t think you’re ready for all of this. Please go inside for me. I’ll talk to you guys later okay?”

I heard Padua sigh. “I guess you are right. We’ll go inside.” She said.

“We can annoy Kyle!” Henry said. I heard both of the twins giggle a scary laugh.

“Leah! You are paying for any damage done to me!” Kyle shouted as him and the twins headed inside the pack house.

I tried to suppress a laugh but it didn’t work. “What do you need to talk about with me Alayah? About Marisa?” Kaden asked.

Marisa and I shared a quick glance. “Marisa was kicked out of her pack,” I said.

He gave up both a confused look. “How?”

I wrapped an arm around her as tears trickled down her face in shame. “She didn’t wait for her mate and so they kicked her out.” Marisa cried even harder now and buried her face in the crock of my neck. “She needs a place to stay, can she please stay here Kaden? Please?” I was practically begging him to let her stay.

She is my best friend and I don’t want anything to happen to her. “I know she doesn’t deserve it Kaden, but she has nowhere to go now and I know what she did was wrong but please Kaden.”

I glanced at Marisa before glance back up to Kaden. I watched him blow out a breath of air. “So?” I asked aloud this time.

“She can stay for now.”

Marisa looked up from my side and looked at Kaden. She blinked a few times to make sure this was actually happening. “W-What?” She questioned to see if it was true.

“Marisa, you may stay for now. At least until other arrangements can be made.” He clarified for her.

She let out a scream of joy and I laughed at her reaction. She left my side and ran over to Kaden and flung her arms around him. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” She said.

“You’re welcome Marisa, but you will do as you do in any other pack and share your part of the work.”

“Yes, Alpha Bates,” Marisa said getting off of him.

She looked at me and I gave her a look of question. “What?” I asked.

“Aren’t you going to show me to my room?” She asked. We stared at one another for a moment before laughing.

“Just go search for one and if you can’t find one ask Kyle, he’ll be able to help you,” I told her.

Marisa smiled and gave me a hug. “Thank Leah.” She said.

“You’re welcome, Marisa,” I responded. She let go of me and ran inside the pack house. Now it was just me and Kaden left outside.

I walked closer to him and I stopped about 2 feet away. “So did you really not miss me?” I asked him.

I expected him to respond with no and act all cool like but that’s not what he did. He walked those 2 feet to me and captured my lips onto his. It was full of passion and longing like he was missing something, missing me. I didn’t hesitate a second before I was kissing him with as much passion and longing as well.

His hands caressed my cheek and kept his hands there as he broke this kiss. His dark brown eyes gazed into my light blue ones.

“I’ll always miss you when you are gone.” He whispered between us.

It didn’t take me long after that to start kissing him once more as the breeze around us blew.His arms were wrapped around me and he lifted me in the air and my feet were up behind me.

I would miss him too if he were gone.


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