Eternal Mystery

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Chapter 36: Exploration

Soon we were standing in front of the cave. “Now I’ve got a question for you two,” I asked. We were now right in front of the cave and I was curious about how these two came upon it. “Why did you two come in search for a cave in the middle of the woods?”

“Well,” Henry started. “We were chasing one another when Padua fell and rolled down this hill.” Henry then pointed with his free hand towards the steep hill not too far from us. “I ran after her and soon enough we saw this cave.”

“I was scared,” Padua said. “It just felt wrong and mysterious. Then I heard something.”

I looked at her with a confused expression on my face. “Heard something? Heard what?” I asked.

She shook her head. “I don’t know what it was. I didn’t care to find out and I took off running back to the pack house with Henry.”

“I didn’t hear anything,” Henry said. “I have no clue what she is talking about but I did think it felt wrong. We came to you because we were scared that Kaden, sorry Alpha, would be angry at us for being off by ourselves. Plus you are our family we knew we could trust you.”

I laughed at a little at the accusations of Kaden. “Well, Kaden is your family now too. All of the pack is. I would ha—” I was interrupted by a strange noise. “What the hell?” I whispered.

I whipped my head to look at Padua. “You hear that?” I asked her. She nodded her head confirming the noise.

“Hear what?” Henry asked looking at the two of us as if we were crazy. “I don’t hear anything?”

“Maybe only girls can hear it,” I said to Cassie. “Did you hear it too?”

“Yes, I did Leah. It’s weird. I’ve never heard anything like it before. I think we should tell Kaden.”

“No. We aren’t in any danger so there is no point in calling him. Plus I can take care of myself!” I told her sharply.

Cassie growled softly at my protest. “Yeah, we aren’t in danger yet. Leah, I have you back but this could be too dangerous.”

I didn’t respond to her and instead focused my eyes on the dark cave in front of me. “It’s like a whisper,” Padua said interjecting on my focus.


“I said it’s like a whisper. Like it is calling something or someone. The voice we can’t understand because I think we are too far away. We need to go in there and see what it is.” Padua told us.

Henry let go of my hand and stood in front of us his back to the cave. “No way are you going in there, Padua. Neither are you, Leah.” He protested. “You may be the Luna of this pack but there is no way we are going to risk your life with whatever on Earth you two are mysteriously hearing.”

“Henry—” I started but Henry held his hand up to stop me from talking.

“No. I’m serious Leah! You don’t know what’s in there! For all, you know it could be a bunch of people trying to ambush us and take you!” Henry shouted a bit.

I glared at him and the hand that once held his was now balled up into a fist. “Henry. You guys brought me here for me to see what is in this cave did you not?” I snapped at him. He didn’t say anything so I continued. “So you are going to let me go into this cave and discover what it is that is in there creating this whisper Padua and I keep hearing.”

“Alayah? Are you okay? Where are you at?” Kaden’s voice filled my head.

“Kaden. Not now.” I sent back to him.

“Yes now. I have no idea where Henry and Padua took you because they didn’t tell us so I need you to tell me.” He snapped back at me just as angry as I felt.

“Kaden. They are my family, they wouldn’t put me in danger.”

“You don’t know that!” He said angry and worried at the same time. “They could have just been sent by your parents to get information on you.”

“I’m staying and that’s final.” I snapped at him before I closed off our link completely. Maybe that’ll teach him not to mess with my family.

“Fine. Since we did bring you here for that reason then I’ll let you go but I don’t think Padua should go in there.” Henry finally stated in defeat. “I don’t want anything to happen to my little sister.”

“By 3 minutes!” Padua said. “And you don’t get to tell me what to do Henry. We are all going into that cave whether you like it or not.”

Henry sighed and moved out of the way so that we could enter the mysterious cave. He returned to my side and he grabbed my hand so that we wouldn’t get separated.


The cave was dark and wet farther in we explored. The whisper Padua and I keep hearing is getting stronger the closer we walk to the source, whatever that is.

“Are you guys okay?” I asked them.

“Yes, we are still fine Leah after the 1,000 times you’ve asked us,” Henry said.

Henry is putting on a brave face because I can fill his hand trembling in mine. “Stop,” Padua said and we all halt where we are standing.

“What is it, Padua?” I asked.

“There is a light.” She said.

A light? Where on Earth does she see a light at? I thought. I felt her let go of my hand and soon disappeared from my grasps. “Padua! Where did you go!” I shouted worried out of my mind of her safety. “Padua!” I heard her footsteps echoing off the cave walls as she ran to who knows where.

“Over here!” She shouted far away from us.

I looked at Henry. “Let’s go and fast. We don’t know what’s up there and your sister is running in there blindly!” I shouted and so Henry and I took off after Padua.

As we ran deeper and deeper into the dark cave I began to notice the light Padua was talking about. How come I hadn’t seen it before? Soon enough we had caught up to her and she had stopped in front of a door. Great now mysterious doors too!

“Padua! Don’t you dare talk off without of again! Do you hear me?” I yelled at her.

“Yes Leah, but don’t you hear it?” She asked looking up at me. I could see her face now because the light shining from under the door was brighter and gave enough light for us to see.

I listened to see if I heard the whisper and I did hear it. It was much louder than before and much clearer that I could tell it was is in a different language. Latin maybe. “Yes, I hear it. I think it may be in Latin.” I told her.

“I still don’t hear the whisper you two keep talking about,” Henry complained. I rolled my eyes and turned my focus to the mysterious door in the middle of the woods, in the middle of a freaking cave.

Padua reached to push the door open but I yanked her backward. “Are you crazy!” I said to her. “You don’t know what’s behind that door and you were going to go into it blind!”

“Sorry, Leah. But like I said before, it’s like the voice is calling something or someone.”

“Look, I’ll go first. You two please stay behind me.” I said and pushed the twins behind me for their safety. “Ready?” I asked them.

“Yes,” They said simultaneously.

I took a deep breath and pushed open the door only to be hit with a blinding ray of light. I squeezed my eyes shut before opening them again to let my eyes adjust to the bright light in the center of the room.

Slowly I entered the room and looked around the heavy decorated room. There was a couch on the left side of the room and in the middle was a tall pedestal with a ball of light on top. This light was the one lighting up the entire room and part of the cave. There was also a rug and a few other objects placed around the small room. The voice was all around us now.

I approached the light and as I did the voice got louder as if it was coming from the light. That is crazy though because voices don’t come from lights. Right?

“Leah, what is this place?” Henry asked.

“I have no clue, Henry,” I said in a questionable voice.

“No clue.”

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