Eternal Mystery

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Chapter 4: Choices

I ran towards Aunt Charlotte. Well, I tried to anyway. I was pulled back by strong arms, holding me in place, not letting me move, but I did put up a fight. “Let me go!” I shouted to the person holding me.

“Like hell, I’m going to let you go.” Kaden’s voice filled my ears at a whisper. This caused my wolf to hoot and it felt as if something was running around in my brain giving me a headache.

I did my best to turn around and glare at him and when I turned around I saw Aunt Charlotte coming towards me, fully clothed, thank God. “Alayah, are you okay?” She asked concerned.

I laughed for a moment, which got some heads to turn and look at us. “Yeah, sure I’m okay, you know, it’s not every day you get kidnapped by a bunch of werewolves, oh and you know the best part,” I begin to speak. “you find out you’re actually a werewolf too. Huh, how funny things end up, don’t you think Aunt Char.” My sarcasm showed through on that statement.

I heard a small chuckle from Dean and possibly one from Kaden, but that was quickly covered up with a growl towards the other wolves to turn around I suppose because they all looked away after that. “I never meant to keep this from you, Leah. I meant to tell you.” Aunt Charlotte said. I rolled my eyes at her.

“Yeah right, okay so when were you going to tell me huh? When I’m 20, 30, 50, pick a date Aunt Charlotte, time has already been quicker than you think.”

“Alayah Grace Kennedy watch your attitude with me.” She said to me. “I’m still your legal guardian so you better watch what you say.”

I tried once more to get out of Kaden’s grasp but to my luck, it was no use. “Just let me go, Kaden!” I said to him.

“Like I said before, I’m not letting you go until it’s safe.” He said a little louder than he did before. I looked at Aunt Charlotte, she looked right back at me a little confused.

Everything was quiet for a moment, no one said a word. I felt the pain in my ankle start to return for as long as I was standing. I tried moving it, but when I tried I winced in pain a little bit. “Leah are you okay?” Aunt Charlotte said noticing I was in a little bit of pain.

“Yeah, I’m fine, I tripped earlier and so my ankle still hurts a little,” I told her. Actual the pain was a lot worse than I put on, it felt as if my ankle was on fire. I turned to look at Kaden the best I could before I spoke.

“Kaden, please let go so I can sit down, my ankle is killing me from all of this standing.” Kaden looked at me for a moment, his eyes softening for one split second before he let me go and gently helped me to the ground before going back to his original form of a stone cold expression.

He looked at Aunt Charlotte before speaking. “Why have you come here?” He asked demandingly. I had been sat down beside him just to stay in his sights in case I try to run.

Aunt Charlotte responded pretty quickly. “I want Leah back. She belongs to my pack, even if she didn’t know anything about it.” I rolled my eyes but kept quiet.

“Technically she passed onto our lands, therefore she is our prisoner,” Kaden told her. I was about to pipe up and say something but I got a look from Kaden that shut me up. I got the hint that I can’t tell them, Aunt Charlotte’s pack, anything.

“Leah, you have to do something.” Cassie’s voice rang in my head.

“Like what?” I said aloud without realizing it. Aunt Charlotte and Kaden looked back at me, both confused. “Sorry, having a stupid conversation with my little annoying wolf inside my freaking brain! So just don’t mind me, continue your little argument or whatever you call this.”

Aunt Charlotte then looked at Kaden before speaking. “Technically she is back on our land, therefore we can take her back.”

I let out a small breath of air I hadn’t realized I was holding. “Don’t I get a choice?” I asked frustrated. “Don’t I get a choice as to what I do or do I have to follow you two idiots rules no matter where I go. Why can’t I just leave both of your stupid packs or how about this, just kill me for all I care, I’m not normal, well as normal as I should be.” I took a break for a moment before continuing my rant.

“For all, I know my parents are out there looking for me, you,” I said pointing to Aunt Charlotte, “have kept me from them this whole time. Now if you need me, I’ll be taking a walk.” I stood up at that point and began to walk away when a hand grabbed my wrist, not painfully but enough to stop me. I knew who it was before I turned around.

“Kaden, let me go. While you two sort out whatever the hell is going on, I’m going to take a walk, alone.” I made clear before ripping my arm out of his grasp, jerking my stitches causing them to loosen before I took off running to who knows where.

Kaden’s P.O.V

I watched as she looks off through the woods. “Dean,” I called my beta over. He came over before I spoke again. “Make sure she doesn’t get into any more trouble.”

“But Alpha, she said she wanted to talk a walk alone,” Dean responded. Why can’t he just listen!

“I meant follow her, but don’t let her spot you genius!” I said whacking him on the back of the head.

“Oh yeah right, duh,” Dean said before scurrying off after Alayah.

I turned to look at her Aunt Charlotte who just stood there. “Why did she know nothing about herself or any of this business before she ran off?” I questioned her.

She shifted a little on her feet before responding. “Because I didn’t want to tell her because I didn’t notice any changes when she turned 13 so I didn’t bother with it, but I did ask around to try to find out why she isn’t changing. That’s why I was gone all the time on those ‘business trips’. I was trying to help her.”

“Did you ever find out that reason?” I asked her. Charlotte shook her head no.

“I couldn’t find anything from everyone else I’ve talked to.” I let out a chuckle which caused her to snap at me. “Why are you laughing?”

I shook my head before I respond. “Did you do a simple blood test on her or any kind of test at all?” When Charlotte shook her head no in response. “She is a hybrid, Charlotte. Half-human, half-werewolf. That’s why she never showed signs because they didn’t come until later, more like yesterday.”

Charlotte put a hand over her mouth. “She can’t be a hybrid, she just can’t be. Both of her parents were werewolves.” She said.

“Now, get your little wolves out of here before something bad happens,” I told her.

“I will not leave without Leah,” She commanded. I rolled my eyes at her response.

“Yes, you will, now go,” I commanded her in my Alpha tone, she had to obey. No matter what pack you’re from, you always obey an alpha when you’re commanded to. Charlotte turned around before walking back towards her wolves.

One of the wolves didn’t seem to like that and started charging. I immediately shifted into my wolf and ran to stop him. He was down within minutes. I growled at the rest of the Winter Moon Pack before they all turned around and ran off in the direction they came.

“Alpha,” I heard Dean’s voice in my head through our pack-link.

“Yes, Beta?”

“Leah has gone crazy out here! You need to get over here now. She is like punching freaking trees and then climbing them and jumping from limb to limb like she is a freaking monkey or something!”

“On my way.” I quickly told the rest of the wolves to go back home, which they did thankfully without asking questions.

I took off through the woods to find Dean and Alayah. I saw where Dean was standing and I went up to him. “Where is she?” I asked.

“Look up,” Dean said and I looked up.

There standing above us was Alayah. “Go, Dean, I’ve got this,” I told him.

"Are you sure?” Dean asked. I shifted back to my human self before responding to Dean.

“Yes, go,” I commanded and he quickly ran off back to the rest of the pack. “Alayah, what the hell are you doing?” I asked, looking up at her.

Alayah’s P.O.V

I looked down when I heard my name. There below me stood Kaden, still naked as ever I see. “Go to hell,” I said as I changed branches.

“Already there sweetheart, now what the hell are you doing?” Kaden shouted back at me with a smirk.

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m climbing a freaking tree!” I shouted back at him. I heard him chuckle at my response. “Don’t laugh at me Mr. Alpha,” I shouted once more before jumping down from to tree. I wasn’t that high up, maybe a story or so high.

My ankle throbbed when I landed on it, but I tried to not let it bother me. “Why are you here, and what’s up with you stupid wolves and not putting on clothes! LIke seriously who does that?” I said to him as I walked up to another tree. This tree was laying on the ground so I could walk on it.

As I got up onto the tree Kaden responded. “I’m here because you’re acting crazy! Dean told me you were freaking punching trees Alayah and seriously, that’s your biggest concern right now, whether we have clothes on or not.”

I winced as I walked across the tree. “Yeah, because you didn’t trust me to go off on my own so you sent a bodyguard after me.” I almost slipped and fell off, but Kaden’s strong arms caught me in time.

“Because in the like 10 hours I’ve known you, you seem to attract danger wherever you are and always seem to get hurt in the process.” I laughed at his comment.

“Whatever wolfy.” I snapped at him. “Now put me down!”

Kaden looked down at me with a smirk on his face. “Now, why would I do that? Hmm?”

“Ugh! Just put me the freak down already! I’m tired and I just want to go to sleep and get this day over with so everything can go back to normal tomorrow!”

Kaden chuckled at my response, but he didn’t put me down, instead, he carried me. “Kaden, I told you to put me down,” I said.

“Yes, I heard you sweetheart, but that’s not going to happen. Now sleep.” He told me. I was about to speak but Kaden beat me to it. “If you say you can walk then you’re wrong, Your ankle is either broken or sprained and by the looks of it you ripped your stitches out if you hadn’t noticed your arm is bleeding, so you are just going to go to sleep and rest.”

I sighed in defeat. “This is not over,” I told him before snuggling up into his chest and falling asleep.

This is not over.

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