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By 👩🏽‍💻Islandkari🇹🇹 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


Veronica (Ronnie)

“That bastard. Where is he?”

“Veronica dear please stop growling it’s bad for your teeth.”

“Yes, mama.” I grounded out dialing that Italian scum’s number for the millionth time. My calls to his cell weren’t going through nor to the house. We’ve played this game before, he begs for me to be with him, I shoot him down, he gets mad, we have great makeup sex. Now, what was his problem now? Maybe the kid is crying again for his mommy.

It was ten in the morning he's supposed to be awake. He’s such a pussy. I can’t believe I got knocked up by that prick. Listening to the ringing on my phone I waved off the morning server who was trying to get my attention. As usual, my mother sat like a queen at the head of the table while my father sat engrossed in the morning paper without a care in the world. “Enough of this. WINSTON!!!!” I bellowed steeping closer to the sun room’s entryway. “WINSTON!! GET IN HERE!!” I called out again. Why do I have to call twice? I can’t wait till I get a new place and better help. Stalking to the table I finally sat before my planned meal, the tea was cold and the fruit didn’t look fresh. “Re-do this. Now.” I snapped.

“Yes Miss Veronica.” the maid said.

“What is the matter dear?” my mother asked taking a sip of her tea.

“Dante Tavolini. That’s the problem. The piece of shit isn’t answering his phone. These mood swings of his are getting old.” I complained pinching the bridge of my nose.

“Yes, Miss Veronica. How can I help you?” Winston finally showed up standing steps away from the table. “Go to Tavolini’s house and bring him and the kid here,” I ordered.

“Right away ma’am,” he responded crisply leaving immediately.

“He should be happy that the kid will be taken care of soon. He doesn’t have a job, they both are living on our support. He has too much pride.” mother commented. My father sighed deeply in his little corner which we both ignored. Over the years I watched him be the spineless coward in our family, whatever mother said goes and I learned from the best. He gave me anything I wanted when I was younger but now he failed to secure one wish. To get me, Sebastien McRoy. “I heard from Sandra that his stepmother wants him back home but his father is still holding a grudge. They are trying to get back on Donovan’s good side but no luck.” mother continued.

I scoffed taking a sip of my freshly brewed tea, ” Seb’s father will never give in. The man is all about principles that’s why I’m sure he will push his son with this engagement. After all their name is having a lot of backlashes.”

“You two underestimate the McRoys greatly. Especially that boy.” my father said throwing his morning paper on the table before leaving with a smirk on his face. A coughing fit erupted seeing the large colored picture on the front page with the most unbelieving headline. “What is it?” mother asked slightly interested. She pulled the paper towards her, a startled and disbelieving scream left her mouth. “Prince has his real princess.” she read out loud.

I grabbed the paper wanting to verify what I saw briefly. There he was with a woman sharing a moment before all those media personnel. “A redhead? He bypassed me for a fat redhead,” I screamed, my hands shaking in anger as I read the article.

“It was a surprise to see media named Hometown Prince, the new Duke of Montrose to be out and about so casually amidst the present controversy. The young heir proudly stepped out with his girlfriend Rebecca Callum and both only had eyes for each other. Every reporter and bystander witnessed how attentive Sebastien was of his red-headed beauty. Patrons of the popular Italian restaurant commented on a steamy kiss shared indoors and how happy the two were. Quoting the words of Mike Callaghan who was lucky enough to land a brief interview with the man of the hour. ‘He only wanted a nice dinner with his girl.’ In very few and sincere words, Sebastien McRoy confirmed with Callaghan that his earlier engagement with Veronica Hurst was called off due to infidelity by the other party. If that didn’t settle the debates if Miss Hurst’s claim is true or not we don’t know what will. The McRoys reputation has been built on honesty and humility, that’s why we think this claim of him being a ‘deadbeat father’ is a hoax. We wish the young McRoy a happy future. Maybe wedding bells?!”

“Who is she?” I grounded out tears of anger flowing down my cheek. Ripping the paper to shreds I began to pace the floor, my heels clicking loudly against the Venetian tiles. “Probably a model he hired. Publicity stunt. It surely convinced these idiots.”

“Mother!! How can you be so calm about this?” I asked looking at her still sitting prim and proper. I was close to storming over to his penthouse and deal with it all my way. I know he still loves me and doing all this shit to piss me off. I will break the whole family down. No one takes away what is mine. Glancing at the engagement ring from him, I promised myself our wedding will become a reality.

“Because unlike you I stay calm in times like these. Sebastien isn’t the only one who has tricks.”

“I am fucking calm. Just deal with this.” I grounded out leaving the room. Crossing the foyer, I spotted my father walking to the front door. “Veronica dear might I have a word with you?” he asked calmly as ever. Looking at him, I knew he didn’t approve of what mother and I have been doing and I didn’t care. His tall lean frame in his expensive suit, he was still a looker, for the past few months he seemed calmer and kept himself busy. Mother truly didn’t care but I suspected that he was up to something. Again I didn’t care, I was too busy securing my future. His money was no longer enough to support mother and me.

“What is it?” I asked impatiently.

“I have stayed quiet for too long about this.. this thing your mother and yourself are doing. It’s a waste of time. I’ve known Donovan for years, he’s smarter than you two. He has dealt with this already. Why don’t you just find a husband the normal way? Sebastien ended the engagement for....”

“Who’s side are you on? I’m your daughter. You're supposed to secure the best for me.” I interrupted hurt that he brought up my stupid mistake.

“And I did. What I didn’t expect was for you to betray Sebastien. He’s a great kid, he doesn’t deserve all this spite. ” he shouted. I raised my head higher not agreeing with him one bit, “Well he shouldn’t have ended our engagement.”

He stayed quiet then a humorless chuckle escaped him, “You are truly your mother’s daughter. I wish you two luck.” he finally said leaving me in the foyer. “That was enlightening,” I mumbled to myself still furious of that picture I saw of Seb. They were practically hanging off each other, I had to get rid of that so called girl friend.

It has been two hours and Winston haven’t returned with those two. Begrudgingly I was watching the news of Sebastien and his new girlfriend’s night out. They all were back on his side. We had to do something. “Is Winston back?” my mother asked strolling into the den.

As I was about to answer, when the man of the hour finally made his entrance. “Well?” I pressed.

“Mr. Tavolini and his son are no where to be found. Upon my arrival a realtor was showing the house. It’s up for sale and he left no forwarding address.”

He did it. The little pussy actually did it but where can he be. He’s broke and has no job. “He’s even dumber than I thought. I hope he knows who he’s tangling with.” mother said going to her phone. Dismissing Winston, I began to think of places he can run off too, his family were all in New York. Without the kid, planning is at a halt, which in media world, wasn’t good.

“This can work in our favor, my dear.”

What in the world was my mother planning now?

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