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By 👩🏽‍💻Islandkari🇹🇹 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama



My feet were killing me and my eyes burned. All the aches and pains of my body were welcomed, it felt good to actually do work, not sit at a desk and wait for a call. It was near seven and the car was outside waiting patiently for me. The dinner service was about to begin so I gave my last walk through, looking over the work the staff and I did earlier today. My next stop was the kitchen.

“All good and ready?” I asked the crew with a smile.

“Yes ma’am,” they answered enthusiastically. The chef, a middle-aged Britain came up to me with four large to go boxes. “Thank you for today. It feels good to be back. Here is dinner. Send my greetings to his grace. ” he said handing me the packages.

“Thank you, Anson. I know he will love it as much as I did.”

My first day was great, I didn’t expect to be welcomed so warmly. I was able to identify the problems immediately and fixed the ones that were in dire need. The owner was a young woman by the name of Marina Benedict, the restaurant was her inheritance from her late father. Though her passion wasn’t in the restaurant business she still decided to keep it open due to loyal patrons and the history of the place. It was closed for nearly two years because of her father’s illness. To me, it was an honor to help bring it back to its former glory.

Waving goodbye to them all I hurried out, dialing Sebastien’s number at the same time. I missed him all day, pleased that he gave me space I longed to just have idle conversations with him. “Good evening Miss Callum. Allow me to take your bags.” the driver said greeting me with a tremulous smile.

“Thank you, Sammy,” I answered distractedly. My call to Sebastien wasn’t connecting. I tried three more times with each call going unanswered I worried more. Throughout the whole ride back to the hotel I kept on calling him. When the car stopped at the entrance I quickly made my way out of the car, my main objective was getting to Sebastien. We agreed to have dinner in my room this morning, hope he remembered.

“C’mon.” The elevator chose the perfect time not to co-operate. While waiting I tried his number again. “Baby answer. Please.” I begged.

“Trouble in paradise already. Take it from me. His type doesn’t really settle for ....your type.” The unmistakable voice of Casey behind my back got me annoyed instantly. “Thanks for the tip.”

“What did you do to get him? Fuck him the first night he sent you out for dinner. Made you his bitch.“ she continued with a sneer. “I don’t have the time for this jealous chick bit you’re spieling.” I said brushing her off.

“The whole hotel is talking how much of a gold-digger slut you are. That was your plan when you applied here huh.” She was now directly in front of me, invading my personal space. “If it’s your own nature you’re trying to pass off on me you need to back the fuck off. You saw dollar signs while I saw the real him. He chose me not the way you probably will go about getting a rich dude. Now if you have no more insults to share I suggest you step the fuck off.” I ranted, completely pissed off by her thinking and anxiety of not knowing where Sebastien was.

Casey scoffed and turned her back to leave, flipping her bottle blonde hair over her shoulder. Just in the nick of time, the elevator reached, “No time for high school cliches” I muttered to myself as I entered the elevator.

It felt like forever when I reached my floor, I ran as fast as my aching feet will let me. I unlocked the door expecting to see lights in the apartment but it was dark minus the light from the hallway. Dropping my bag in defeat, I redialed Sebastien’s number walking slowly into the den it was there I heard his phone ringtone blaring simultaneously to my call. “Baby?” I rushed towards the sound, I stumbled over what felt like a bottle, falling to my hands and knees. With my eyes now accustomed to the dark and the faint moonlight from the windows, I was able to see the beer bottles on the floor. Looking further up I saw a figure in the armchair facing the window. “Sebastien?” I called out once again.

“Present.” was the response with a chuckle.

I rushed over to him on my hands and knees, kneeling before him. “There’s my beautiful girl,” he muttered grinning down at me. The grin disappeared to a frown, “I made you sad. Shit.” he cursed harshly throwing the bottle in his hand to the floor to pull me up onto his lap. His breath stunk of beer as he kissed my head, I can tell he was still in his work suit feeling the stiffness of his jacket.

“Not really sad but worried. You weren’t answering your phone.” I corrected. Having him this close to me I realized how much he meant to me. He was now part of me, my world my new life. I know I will do whatever it takes to protect and keep him happy. He was mine.

His arms around me tighten and again he kissed my head now threading his fingers in my hair. We stayed in silence for a few minutes before he spoke. “I learned the truth of my relationship today. I was so fucking clueless, she made a fool out of me. Hearing it all still hurt you know. I spent the rest of the day here, trying to erase it all with a few beers but it’s still there.” he said softly.

“Tell me,” I whispered against his neck, my body relaxed drastically by his soft kisses and his distracted hands.

“Short version. They have a kid together. Dante left with him so she won’t use him.” he said. His grip on me became tighter then loosen when I kissed his neck. “You’re right it will still hurt and with time it will stop but now... we have to put an end to this.” I returned.

“You’re right. I already made the decision to go see him before Ronnie finds him.”

“You okay doing this?” I asked sitting up. “I am. I have to,” he said softly lowering my head to his. Our lips were lightly pressed against each other and by that light brush, my body became heated. I crave his body, his touches, his kisses. Everything about him intoxicates me. From the way, he looks at me to the way he cares about me. He treated me like his prized treasure, always making sure I had everything I need. Most of all, he chased all my bad days away. Sebastien was the man I dreamed to come to save me from the life I lived. He came and it turned out we both saved each other.

I took the initiative and kissed him. Each turn of our lips was electrifying, what meant to be innocent turned out to be explosive. I heard the sharp intake of breath he took as I straddled his legs, his hands helped my dress to go farther up my thigh. He knew my body just as I knew his. We both took that time to revisit each plane of his hard chest, the curve of my hips, the taste of each other. Wanting us to be in comfort I removed myself from him then lead us both to my room. Sebastien wrapped his arms around my waist, placing his head on my shoulder, we said nothing but looked at our reflections in the large mirror.

His eyes were red rimmed, his hair a mess, clothes wrinkled but he still looked handsome as ever. Reaching behind me I cupped his cheek, smiling at the way he closed his eyes leaning into my hand. “You mean the world to me Becca. I’m thankful that you came into my life. I now know the true meaning of love. I meant what I said last night. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Those three words rewarded me his beautiful grey eyes filled with shock and happiness. Seeing how my confession changed him drastically I was truly pleased. His eyes no longer hold shadows and coldness, all I saw now was love. He spun me around in one quick move claiming my lips in one of the most fiery kisses we ever had. I gasped against his lips giving his tongue access to tease my own. With his hands on my neck, caressing the delicate area below my ears made my knees weak. Thankfully he held me close, branding my lips with promises of forever. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he gently spun me around, chuckling against my lips. “My baby.” he whispered.

“Only yours.” I returned kissing him fiercely. Each touch of our lips got hotter, his hands were on the zipper of my dress, easily it detached. Sebastien slowed our kiss, inch by inch the zip came down, step by step he distant himself from me. Standing before me, he watched the dress fall to my ankles as he too discarded some clothes. “I love how curvy your body is.” he said coming closer. His large hands cupped my breasts, my nipples puckered as he passed his thumb over the thin blue lace. Slowly he outlined my body placing a kiss every part he touched with his hands, “So beautiful.” Reaching my hips, his route turned to my ass, he cupped them as he placed open mouth kisses in my inner thigh. My body shuddered in pleasure, my thighs began to tremble as he made his way to my heated sex. One single long kiss was placed before he picked me up bridal style, walking us to the bathroom. He undressed me slowly, eyeing every inch of my skin. Taking off my heels, Sebastien massaged my aching feet kissing each toe. When he was content in kissing my whole body I had the honors of taking off his last remaining clothes. As always my breath was taken away by seeing his toned body, each dip of his muscles, the planes of his chest had my craving for him become an insatiable hunger. I allowed him to take control of my body in which he took his time in doing.

His eyes promised so much and I know my eyes showed the same. My legs were placed on the sink’s counter top, spread widely, my sex completely on show for him. He stepped back holding his already harden cock, I licked my lips seeing his rose-colored mushroom tipped cock glistening with pre-cum. My breathing became harsh watching his hand move up and down on his thick corded cock.

I needed to feel him.

I needed him in me.

“Touch yourself” he commanded.

Without hesitation I did. I pinched my bud then coated my index finger with my leaking juices, I heard him curse loudly and it motivated me more to please him. Observing his moving hand I became synced and followed him, my eyes moved from his velvet member to his darken grey eyes to find him already focused on me. He came closer, not breaking his gaze , roughly he held me from behind my neck and kissed me with so much passion tears fell from my eyes as I returned his kiss with full fervor. The more intense our kiss became, the more he brought our bodies closer till I felt him. Sebastien knew what he was doing by hovering over my entrance, I was begging him to be in me but he ignored me by simply coating his tip with my juices. “Open your eyes my love.” he whispered against my lips.

I struggled to do so and when I did my heart began to beat faster and louder. Tears flowed freely from my eyes, I cupped his face with trembling hands just as a tear left his own eyes. He swallowed deeply before thrusting into me deeply. I cried out in unbridled pleasure given to me by the man I loved so much. He stilled any movement, his breathing harsher than before, both of our faces wet with tears. It all sank in. This was it for us. No one else can compare.

Sebastien held onto my waist as he pulled out to thrust deeper into me once more. He groaned in contentment, he did it over and over making me breathless. No matter how deep and fast he plunged into me not once did we break our gaze. I wrapped my legs around his waist when that familiar tingle in my stomach surfaced. Feeling his grip tighten on me I knew he was close too. He went faster, my cries and his groans bounced off the tiled walls of the bathroom. It was becoming more intense, I felt him pulsing in me with one more thrust we both went spiraling down the rabbit hole calling out each other’s name, holding onto each other as an anchor. He spilled in me as I milked him for more, this is what it means to make love.

“I love you Becca.”

“And I love you Sebastien.”

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