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By 👩🏽‍💻Islandkari🇹🇹 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


Four years later


“Oh. My. God.”

“What is it now Casey?” I asked as I checked the computer for the day’s reservations. Shouts and distant flashes of cameras at the lobby door answered my question to her excited squeal. I looked up in shock by the crowd shouting questions and pushing their camera towards a man-made circle.

“Who’s that?” I asked checking the computer for any familiar celebrity names. None stood out to me, I double-checked once more, my curiosity was peaking high. In my peripheral vision, I saw Casey bouncing on her toes with a wide excited smile on her face. Hotel security ran pass the desk with the hotel manager in tow. The security was able to make a pathway for a slim woman to make her way out. She was dressed in a black power suit, her glossy brown hair in a tight bun and no trace of a smile on her face as she approached the Hotel Manager. This was the first time I ever saw him nervous. The crowd around the man-made circle was pushed back for them to come in further into the lobby; they didn’t stop at my desk but went straight to the elevator banks. The woman and the manager were talking intently, he was watching over her shoulder to a list she held whilst explaining whatever it was. Her posture spoke of years of discipline and had an air of elegance about her. What celebrity had this efficient assistant?

“I can’t believe it. He’s back home.” Casey quietly said with much enthusiasm.

“WHO?” I snapped at her. She stood looking at me in utter shock at the question I asked. Her overly glossed pink lips in a perfect O as the lights of the lobby reflect off them.

“The prince of New York.”

“Casey, what are you on?” I asked immediately annoyed. New York has a mayor and titled rich people who run the city behind the scenes, not princes.

She rolled her brown eyes at me while pushing me away from the computer, looking over her shoulder I watched on as she went to the penthouse suites. I went to that section twice and it was all due to the manager’s request. “These two suites are owned by his family. Whenever they are in town they occupy it.” Casey explained pointing out the status of one suite. “This is his. The other is his parents’. The whole top floor has been designed to their liking.” She continued.

I’ve been working at this five-star hotel for a year and I have never ventured past the thirtieth floor. I was still learning about the regulars and how to deal with the top priority guests. “They can do that? Even if they don’t stay here for long periods?” I asked in disbelief.

Casey looked at me once more with utter shock and exasperation. Her expression turned into a haughty look while crossing her arms across her ample chest.

“Becca do you know whom you are working for? Who gives the okay with everything here?”

“Uhh...Umm...” To be honest, I have no clue, I wasn’t planning on staying to make ties with anyone, not even the boss. I got the job because of my mother’s friend, it was more of a favor at twenty-four I still haven’t landed my dream job. That may only happen when I decide what I want to do for a living. There are many paths to take with the degree I acquired I just haven’t made a choice. Quoting everyone who’s close to me, I live in my own world and carry my own tune.

“Sweetie you’re working for Donovan McRoy. The billionaire? He owns this hotel plus others in major cities. He’s also a whiz at technology. That was his only son and heir to it all, Sebastien McRoy. Where do you live girl?”

“In a reality where normal people live,” I answered in a dull tone.

“Well, you should check this one out. He’s the most eligible bachelor right now. The thing that puts him in such high demand is his background. It is said his father’s side was royalty in Scotland. A duke or a Lord. I can’t remember. He’s so hot. I wish he will just see me and we will fall in love” By her last word Casey had stars, in her eyes and just maybe thinking of her all-white wedding with the billion dollar prince.

“I think he will have to notice you first for that to happen,” I said drily.

“Hmm. Yeah. The word on the street is that he has been single for over four years. No one even saw him during those years.”

“Please don’t tell me you have a shrine dedicated to him. He’s probably one of those hoity-toity rich kids.” I scoffed going back to my work.

“Believe it or not, he isn’t. My sister went to the same college as him. He was a sweetheart. Everyone loved him then he just disappeared after his last exam.” She replied with her eyes still focused on the elevator banks.

“If you say so.” From what I’ve witnessed with guests of his caliber I begged to differ.

We worked in silence for the next two hours until Mr. Raymond approached us. “Miss Callum. Miss Jones. Please follow me.” He stated. As the only two concierge service employees, we were surprised that he was leaving the post unattended. “Yes, sir.” We answered looking at each other skeptically. As a manager, he led the staff with an iron fist and always strive for perfection. All three of us entered the elevator in silence, immediately he inserted the key for the penthouse floor. Our eyes widen in shock, beside me Casey was bouncing on her toes in excitement. I had lots of questions in my mind to ask but bit my tongue to stop them from spilling out. My co-worker probably had a fantasy forming in her head while I tried to figure out just who Sebastien McRoy was. Trying to formulate a face from the magazines I glimpse by but I failed terribly.

Mr. Raymond still said nothing as we went up in the elevator, nor did he say anything when the doors open to a long hallway. Hesitantly we stepped out looking at everything in awe. The wooden floors shone brightly, a beautiful contrast to the red and gold runner, the wall held beautiful portraits of exotic scenery to equally exotic objects. Walking further down the hallway, there were two large double doors on our left, on our right was something I never expect to be in a hotel. It was an indoor garden equipped with a small waterfall and pond. Casey and I stood in amazement forgetting about our boss as we gazed upon the butterflies fluttering about as the sunlight shone through the sunroof. I gasped as I saw the most beautiful cat taking a stroll across the lush greens. It stopped and sat patiently waiting for something or someone, that’s when another came out pouncing playfully on the first. “I’ve never seen cats like those,” Casey whispered beside me. They were truly exotic. Their breeding was close to a leopard’s but they were awfully small.

“They’re the close companions of His Grace.” A female voice said behind us, startling us greatly.

“Oh, my word. ” I exclaimed holding my chest. Turning around I found the same well kept woman, from earlier watching us intently.She was even prettier up close. Her fine bone structure and hazel eyes will surely have men banging down her door, if she will smile more.

“My apologies. If you follow me, we will like to get things started.” She said sternly before walking away. Not wanting to get on anyone’s bad side we followed quickly. We were led to the first door which was held open by our manager, quietly we apologized only to get a glare of warning. Stepping into the room we had to bite our tongues not to exclaim in sheer awe. We were all now in the kitchen/dining room/den, all three in an open space, beautifully designed with only the best in mind. The main theme was brown, different tones to set the correct mood of comfort. My eyes touched everything. I was greatly impressed.

“Good morning ladies. I am Annalisa Mason. The assistant to His Grace, the Duke of Montrose. It was brought to my attention that you two are quite exceptional at your jobs. During his stay in New York, privacy is our top priority. His presence back in the United States has caused quite a stir among the media, they may try to get information from the staff that’s why you are here.” She walked over to the dining table where two documents were placed.

“These are contracts stating that you are to keep everything quiet. Whatever happens in this hotel is to stay here. Wherever he goes, the public must not know. You two are the concierge service, a service where I will be in contact during our stay. It may not be a big deal to you two but privacy is very important for the duke.” She said picking up the contracts.

As she handed us the contracts, the sound of a door opening caught our attention.

“My apologies.” The deep velvet voice with a hint of an English accent washed over me, sending a shiver through my body. My senses were heightened by then new comer in the room, it was truly strange. This person was imposing having me alert, never have I experienced this.

“It is quite alright sir.” Annalisa said slightly bowing to the new comer.

Casey gasped and stood dumbstruck while I took in the man who was now strolling across the den in a dark three-piece suit. His shoulders were broad but his body wasn’t quite muscular, his brown hair tinged with blonde was kept low with a tuft of curls neatly styled. His grey eyes stood out against his lightly tanned skin, lips that will give you a beautiful smile was now formed in a thin line as he looked at us. Was this Sebastien McRoy? My eyes caught the way he held himself confident, strong but distant. He stood away from us with his sharp grey eyes assessing us. He was handsome but something was off.

“Names.” He simply stated. Quick. Precise. No nonsense.

“I’m Casey sir.” My colleague quickly answered with a wide smile. He nodded stiffly then turned to me waiting on his answer.Keeping my eye on him I saw the quick intake of breath and the slight movement in his hand. His eyes were definitely on mine, the impulse to go to him was there and I didn’t know why.

“B-Becca. I mean Rebecca.” I stuttered sounding like a fool. Heat flamed my cheeks, feeling immediately self conscious before this man.

“Which is it?” he countered without missing a bit.

“It’s Rebecca sir.” I answered nervously. Talking to him was playing with my emotions and nerves. He made me feel like a kid before the principal and at the same time like a girl willing to give him her all.

This was Sebastien McRoy, Duke of Montrose. Casey didn’t lie, he was hot. No. Hot was an understatement he was fucking gorgeous. Giving me an unabashed once over then Casey he then cleared his throat standing with his arms clasped behind his back. On cue Annalisa continued explaining the details of the contract, through out it all I couldn’t take my eyes off this man. Something about his eyes caught me in a trance, no sense of emotion flared, they were cold and assessing. My brows furrowed wanting to know what really happened for him to leave home for four years. There must be something online about him. When it was time to sign, I did so not caring what was really there. Sebastien McRoy piqued my interest. He was like a mystery I want to solve. No one leaves home and disappears for years then come back.

“Thank you for your cooperation.” He said in a monotone voice after everything was done with. Leaving the room with Mr. Raymond, my curiosity lead me to glance over my shoulder and it was that moment I caught his gaze. I smiled at him but his response was a cold stare. It made my smile falter and my mind buzzing.

I’m not conceited but my smile was said to be dazzling, no one can resist smiling in return but someone did resist. He did. My pride wasn’t hurt but my curiosity level just spiked. I had to learn more about this man.

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