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By 👩🏽‍💻Islandkari🇹🇹 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


Dante and Veronica

“Well hello to you too.”

She walked passed him without any acknowledgment, making her way into the den. He followed her slowly, eyeing her from the distance as she looked at every item in the room with a critical eye. “He’s back and due to take his place as Chairman tomorrow.”

“I know. The whole world knows this. Why are you here?” he responded dully eyeing her attire for the day.

“He mustn’t know about the kid.”

The way she said the word kid rankled him but he didn’t let it show. He simply nodded keeping his eyes on her slim body in the fitted white dress, the stilettos she wore gave her tanned legs a great length. Her lips were red as blood a great contrast to her long dark hair. “He won’t give a fuck anyway. As I heard, he didn’t give a fuck about you last night.” he joked. His teasing fired up her temper. Just like he wanted. She was so predictable since their college days, it was so easy to get her. “He will. He’s just being brainless as usual. Seb will come around soon. Mama and I have a plan. I deserve to be the next Duchess.” she spat.

It was always her dream to be Mrs. Sebastien McRoy even if she had to fake her love for him. He saw through her facade and called her out on it. Sebastien was too busy with being the Prince of New York, young chairman to notice what she was after. He thought he had the perfect girlfriend. The sweet and loyal kind. He thought wrong.

“Right,” he said unbelieving, going towards her.

“You’ll see.” she stuttered. Dante smiled noticing the telltale sign of how turned on she was. He trailed his hands up her sides, hearing the hitch in her breathing. “Planning on telling him you gave birth to his child? Seb is too smart for you nor will I allow you to use MY son like that,” he said huskily. Ronnie scoffed at his too-close-to -the truth statement, distracted by the way he licked his lips, undressing her with his eyes.

“He’s my kid too. I was the one who carried him for nine whole months. Stuck in Greece like a fucking prisoner.” she sneered. His hand reached the hem of her dress, making its way up her inner thigh to her throbbing heat. “Told you to marry me,” Dante said smirking when his fingers touched her bare pussy, it was already drenched with her juices waiting for his thick fingers.

“Fuck!!” she gasped out loudly as he plunged a finger into her, moving in and out at a slow pace. “The offer still stands babe. We’ll be a family. Don’t you want that?” he asked of her taking the pace faster. Her moans were loud in the room as she clutched onto him. Using his other hand to rid him of his sweatpants. “You know what I want.” she groaned.

That was her answer every time he brought up the idea, it angered him. She was still hooked on Mr. Perfect. Roughly he pushed her down to her knees and filled her mouth with his cock. “I won’t wait for you Ronnie.” he grounded out. She allowed his dick to touch the back of her throat before taking him in and out, just the way he like it. The anger that was bubbling inside of him began to burn. He held her head with his hands and began to fuck her mouth ruthlessly, her gags turned him on, making him go wilder. Wanting to be inside her, he pushed her backward causing her to fall to the ground her wet pussy on display for him to see. “I didn’t ask you to wait,” she said with malice. Dante didn’t answer, he thrust into her roughly causing her to cry out both in pain and pleasure. Spreading her legs apart he watched on in pure amazement as he drilled into her relentlessly. Each stroke into her soaking pussy made him rock harder, her moans and screams gave him the boost to go further with her. He gave her a mocking grin while he gripped the top of her dress. “I wonder if you’re truly bare underneath. You do this all the time. Mixed signals baby” he said.

Ronnie loved this side of him, possessive and dominant but he wasn’t enough. He couldn’t help her afford her lifestyle but for now, he will be her best. His thick arms ripped her dress in half, he beamed with the view he found. “Shit.“ he cursed out dropping her legs going for her breasts. He clings onto them like his only meal. Each nipple was taken care of accordingly, with each stroke of his dick he pulled at them. She held onto him, urging him to lie back, he did so obediently still pleasing the one woman he can never have. The one woman he loved.

Being on top of Dante was something Ronnie always loved. His thick cock fitted perfectly in her as he drove into her mercilessly, his perfectly chiseled chest was all hers to touch, his dark hair was longer giving him the look of an Italian god. It was one of the things that attracted her to him, his Italian look. Holding onto her tightly by her waist, he plunged into her upwards, her nails dug into his flesh as she screamed his name. Looking at her, he admitted to himself this was how they were to live, even if they had a child together. She will always want more of the high life, not what he offered.

Switching positions he felt her pussy tighten around him, gripping his dick, he was close but he fought it. He wanted to go longer. Touching her body, taking note of the lust in her eyes he gave in. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, roughly he came out of her hold to taste her one last time while gripping his cock. The combining taste of them both coated his tongue, he took one last lick of her pussy before releasing on her body covering her face. Dante stood above her, she was between his legs looking up at him with a grin. His dick was still partially hard ready to go again but not this time.

“Get the fuck out of my house and don’t come back.” he growled leaving the room with her still on the ground in his mess.

He had to give up on her fully now.

“Did you tell him?”

“Yes mama.”

Ronnie sat in the tea room with her mother as they listened to the news. Coincidentally, they were talking about Sebastien and what he was about to gain. A smile came across her face when they spoke about him being the number one eligible bachelor in the world. The McRoy riches was greater than any other , thanks to old family riches and major investments. The woman who was lucky to have him under her thumb will be treated like a queen. “Good. Everything is ready to go. You deserve to be the one beside him, he proposed to you first. We wouldn’t be doing this if you kept your boy toy on a leash.”

“Enough mama! We didn’t expect him to get out of class so soon. He was so predictable then as he is now. Don’t worry. I will get that ring on my finger again.” Her eyes was transfixed on the television as they brought up the latest photo of her future husband. His body gained more muscle and his brown curls have grown out, she always hated that hairstyle but that will change soon enough.

“His parents are still hovering pest treating him like a precious piece of rock.” Victoria seethed taking a sip of her tea.

“Of course they will. After all his mother can’t produce another.” Ronnie sneered listening intently to the candidates for CEO at Mactech.

“...... Marlin Brighton as CEO.” the reporter said.

“Seem like Dante was replaceable after all and by the stupid geek Seb always had around." Ronnie laughed. “Idiot. Lost everything.” her mother contributed.

“He has enough I suppose, to feed him and the brat.”

“Did he see you when you visited?”

“No. I made sure of it. Left after a little playtime with his father. Dante said he’ll take him away from here if we use the kid for any of our schemes. He proposed again.”

Victoria scoffed, “He should be lucky that he’s still connected to this society. Thanks to his inheritance he’s surviving. His father is still struggling to bring the company back up after McRoy severed all ties with them.”

“Now we have to get them back onto our sides.”

“Oh we will sweetheart.”

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