Letters to the Lost Lover

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March 30

I missed a day. Yeah. I didn’t get to write the letter yesterday. Something came up. Well why hide from you, it’s not like it must have you bothered, me not writing to you. I was at the hospital. Nothing happened to me, I took my friend there. Nothing happened to her either obviously. It was her dad. He was supposed to have a surgery.

Rest assured, all went well with him.

And now am writing again.

Well it wasn’t easy being in the hospital. I was so tempted to call you. There was this feeling of sadness there. Every hospital has it anyways. But it was overwhelming. Ugh. And after grandma’s death, it’s bound to happen I guess. I did not like being there. It was, really draining. Her family was there, but looking at the man, he looked so different. Like he himself was scared for his life. Then I realised. People lose too much in this life. Even their lives. And we are always so afraid of everything.

But, the highlight of today, was definitely your call. God, I missed your voice. We talked on like nothing was wrong. We laughed. We were happy. And then I had to ask, if we could stay friends at least. And you agreed! Made me so happy. Obviously, something is better than nothing right?

I think these letters are going to stop sooner than later. I mean we are definitely going to talk now on the phone. I can communicate then also. I am just so excited about all this though. I can’t stop smiling!

I hope this goes well now. I don’t think I would not want us to talk anymore. That thought itself is frightening. 2 years, I have been talking to you regularly and then suddenly we stop seems all very bad.

I am going to keep this short. I don’t know what else to say other than am so happy. Ecstatic actually. It’s like hope has come back all over again.

I really missed your voice. It tends to make everything better.

Thank you for trying this.


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