We'll Be The Stars

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Chapter 10

Once again I was video chatting with Charlston, a new thing was that he was on his phone all the time, typing someone. “When will you come here? I mean to the United States of America? Homecoming is only three weeks away” I said and he looked up from his phone. “I really don’t know, somewhere next week maybe” He said and I then heard my mother yell. “I gotta go” I said and he nod understanding. “See you then AJ” He said and ended the call.

Rick and I talked, but I think it made everything even worse.

“What’s wrong mom?” I asked and she grabbed my wrist and pulled me with her. “Mom?” I asked again. “I wanna spend some time with my little girl, this time without her best friend” She said and I was confused. “Mom?” I asked and she pulled me outside to the limousine. “Oh no, the last time we did something you liked, now it is my turn!! We will do something that I like and we will do it my way” I said. “Fine” She answered. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her to my car. “We’ll take my car, not Addy’s. One step at the time” I said and opened the passenger door for her and she got in.

I closed the door and got onto the driver’s seat. “Are you ready mom?” I asked. “Not really sweetheart” She said and I laughed. “Where are we going??” She asked me. “Not telling you!!” I said and started the car and drove of the property. “I’m scared” My mom said and I smiled. “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you!!” I said, but added a “Maybe”

I drove for a while until I pulled into a parking lot. “Where are we?” She asked and I smiled and parked, “This is an bowling alley” I said and got out. “A what?” My mother asked and got out. “Just follow me” I said, closed the car and locked it. “Are we going inside of that building?” She asked, pointing at it. “Yes” I said and walked ahead. I heard her heels walk after me.

We arrived at the entrance and walked in. “Hey Gin, one usual size 6” I said and turned to my mom “What’s your shoe size?” I asked. “I should know that?” She asked. Of course... All her shoes are made for her. “What’s her shoe size?” Gin asked and I took a look at her feet. “Try 11” I said and she got them and handed them to me. “Try them on” I said and handed them to her. “What am I supposed to do with them?” She asked.

“Put them on” I said and made her sit down. “I’m going to get us a lane” I said and did what I told her I’d do. I went back to her once I got one and put on my shoes. “How many people wore them before me?!” She asked and I rolled my eyes. “You promised mom” I said and she sighed. “I know! I’ll be quiet now” She said and closed the shoes. We got up and went to our lane.

“So, how to play this?” She asked. “Okay, you choose one of those bowling ball, but be careful they have different weight” I said she walked over to them. “Can you show me first?” She asked and I nod. “Of course” I answered and took a green one. I showed her how to take it and went to the lane. I swung and let the ball go and it rolled along the lane and hit the pines. I knocked all down. “STRIKE!!!” I yelled and jumped up and down. “What’s a strike?” My mom asked. “It’s when you knock down all pins at once” I explained.

“Is it my turn now?” She asked and I nod. “When the name Angelina is lit up in green, it is your turn” I said. “A yes would have been enough” She said and took a bowling ball and went to the lane. “If you let it go, please to the front” I said and took a step aside, so she won’t hit me.

She threw it, but it rolled into the gutter. “You will get it next time” I said. “Probably not” She said and sat down. “It’s still your turn” I said and she got up again. “Seriously?” She asked and I nod.

We played for another hour, before we made a break and ate some pizza. “I never ate one of those” She said and my eyes widen. “You seriously never tried it?!” I asked and she nod to tell me that it was true. “I can’t believe that, you need to try it” I said and took a slice. “With my hands?” She asked and I nod. “How else?” I asked and took a bite.

She looked at me and then did the same. “This is delicious” She said and took another bite. We ate the entire pizza and played another round of bowling. My mom became better every time she touches the bowling ball. “You are awesome mom, you’re a natural!!” I said and hugged her, which was funny because she was so much taller than me, I’m like 5′5" and she’s like 6 feet tall. That would explain where Chelsea has a her height from. I’m the shortest in my family, which is sometimes hard, because it was another thing that made me different from them.

“Have I told you lately how much I love you AJ?” My mom asked and I became nervous. She never told me that before. I shook my head no. “Well I do” She said and kissed my forehead.“I love you too mom” I said. This was the first time my mom and I where that close since I was a little baby.

We ended our game and I won. “So, what are you wanna do know?” She asked. “I don’t know, but how about Starbucks?” I asked. “I heard about that thing, but never went there” She said and I actually could believe that. I started to go there because of Addy. She always loved it and she made me love it too. Well, with a best friend like her, you have to like the things she likes.

We gave the shoes back and went back to my car and inside. “Starbucks here we come” I said and started the motor and pulled out of the parking lot. I then turned on the radio and was surprised by the music that was playing. “Who’s that? I never heard that artist before” My mother said. “I don’t know...” I said, but I knew the voice. I have heard that voice before.

"I’m out of touch, I’m out of love
I’ll pick you up when you’re getting down
And out of all these things I’ve done
I think I love you better now
I’m out of sight, I’m out of mind
I’ll do it all for you in time
And out of all these things I’ve done
I think I love you better now"

Came out of the radio and I coulsn’t believe the words I was hearing. It was Rick’s voice. “How don’t you know who that is?” My mom asked. “That must be Addy’s CD. I borrowed her my car yesterday” I lied and pulled into the parking lot of Starbucks.

I turned off the music and the motor. “Let’s get inside” I said and got out. She followed me and closed the car door. I locked the car and we entered the shop. We went to the counter and ordered, then sat down on a couch in a corner.

“So, how are you and Charlston getting along?” She asked and I knew I had to lie. I couldn’t tell her the truth. I couldn’t tell her that I was falling for Rick. I couldn’t tell her that, she would be so disappointed. “Great. We’ve been video chatting and texting a lot, but I think we have to see each other in person to know more” I said and drank a sip of my coffee. “I am happy to hear that” She said with a smile.

“Why now?” I suddenly asked. “What are you talking about?” My mom asked. “That you decided to spend time with me, that you want to get to know me?” I asked. “I think that was because I found out that Chelsea wasn’t the girl I thought she was. I just didn’t wanted another kid that I didn’t know” She said and lied her hand on my leg. “I’ll try to accept you the way you are, but that will take time” She said and I nod.

“I understand that” I answered.

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