We'll Be The Stars

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Chapter 11

“Wow...” Was all Addy could say. I told her everything. The kiss, the song, all of it. “This is just wow..” She repeated. “Do you see now why I am that confused??” I asked her and she nod. I sat down on the bed and she crawled over to me and hugged me. “Rick is such a dick! You should just forget about him!! He’s just hurting you!!” She said and I knew she was right, but my heart wouldn’t accept it.

“Do you still wanna find out everything about him?” She asked and I nod. “I still do” I said. “Okay, Chelsea.. Does she have a diary or something like that?” Addy asked. “Yeah, but it’s on her laptop. Which she always has with her. Impossible to get” I said and Addy smiled. “Maybe for you, but I know someone” Addy said and grabbed her phone.

Addy: “Greta, I have a job for you”

Greta: “Adalyn Bennett, nice to hear from you. What kind of job are we talking about?”

Addy: “Hacking into a laptop, without having the laptop”

Greta: “Sounds possible. When and where?”

Addy: “I’ll pick you up now”

Greta: “I’ll be waiting”
Then Addy hung up and looked at me. “She’s doing it. I gotta go pick her up, are you okay with it?” She asked and I nod. “Go!” I told her and she gave me a smile and almost ran off. “NO RUNNING IN THE HOUSE!!” I heard my mother yell. “AND NO YELLING” I heard Addy yell back, then I heard the door fall close.

I took the chance and went onto the balcony and for my luck, Rick was in sight, mowing the lawn. I sighed. In that moment he looked up and his eyes where on me. I looked at him for a moment, before turning around and walking back inside. I let myself fall on my bed and tried to stay calm. How come every other girl that is heart broken is safe from the guy that broke their heart at home, but my guy is working at my home? That is definitely not fair!!

30 minutes later Addy’s friend Greta was sitting on the computers, that she just set up and tried to hack into Chelsea’s laptop. “I need her password” Greta said and turned around to us. “Most people take the name of a pet, partner, crush, birthday, anniversaries.. Any idea what it could be?” She asked, fixing her glasses. “Ehm... She has a fiancé” I said. “Maybe their anniversary?” Addy asked, “Ehm... I don’t know the date, but I can look in my mom’s calendar or ask her” I said. “Go!!” Addy told me and I hurried downstairs into my mom’s office and looked for her planner.

“AJ, what are you doing here?” My mom asked and I turned around in shock and looked at her. “I was curious, I mean Andrew and Chelsea are engaged since forever, but I forgot the date... And I thought you wrote it down” I said and my mom smiled. “That is so cute that you are interested in your sisters life” She said and hugged me briefly. “But why don’t you asked her?” She of course asked.

“Then I had to answer the question why and I wanna surprise her” I lied. “Okay, it’s July 2, 2013" My mom said and I gave her a smile. “Thanks mom” I said and hurried back into my room. “July 2, 2013" I said. “Okay, try 070213” Addy said and Greta typed. “We’re in” Greta said and Addy and I high-fived each other. “Okay..” Greta said and typed something in. “Now we can see what she does on it right now” Greta said and backed up a little. We took chairs and sat down next to Greta. We watched what Chelsea did on her laptop. “What’s that for an folder?” Addy asked and pointed in an folder called Deijamrmy. “I don’t know” Greta said, while I thought about it and it hit me. “Every second character” I said out loud and Greta checked it. “Diary” She said and looked at me. “How did you know that?”

“When we were little and we were close, we always sent each other secret messages and they all were like that” I explained. Greta nod and clicked on it, then groaned. “Another password...”

“Wait, isn’t she in that folder right now? Isn’t there something like a typing history?” I asked and Greta thought for a second. “I could try to find something” She said and I got up. “I am gonna go get something to drink” I said and walked downstairs to the kitchen. “Hey Pam, can we get three glasses and two water bottles?” I asked and she smiled. “Of course AJ” She said and left and came back with them. I gave her a smile and took the things from her.

“See you then” I said and hurried back upstairs. “We found something!” Addy said as I put the stuff down on a table close to my desk. I sat back down and read out loud what it said.

"Richard freaked out again, I don’t know why. He always told me to call him Rick, but I can’t do that. Because then I would get used to that and my parents would freak out. They would never accept him, because he isn’t rich. Because he isn’t who my parents want me to date. Richard just won’t accept that I can’t introduce him to my parents. Okay, we’re dating since over 6 months, but what I can’t tell him... I am embarrassed for him. In school I still refuse to talk to him, we are meeting in secret.

Yes. I am embarrassed for him!! He’s.. Why I am dating him anyways?? He is totally not my type. Guess it was the bet" I read and I couldn’t believe it.

“The bet?! Chelsea was dating Rick because of a bet?” I asked and backed up. “I can’t believe it!!” I was feeling bad for for him. “Wait, can you find anything bout the bet?” I asked Greta. “Do you know who you are talking to?” She asked and soon she hacked into Chelsea’s MyChat account. “Okay, I’m going to search the name ‘Rick’ now” She said and typed it in. “There!” She said and I got closer again to read it out loud.

"Ariana: ‘I dare you to date Rick Henderson’ Chelsea: ‘Hell no! He’s ew!!’ Ariana: ‘MayDarcMonSario’ Chelsea: ‘You are so mean!!’ Ariana: ‘Ik!’" I said. “I can’t believe it! My sister is a monster” I said and sat down. “So Rick became the victim MayDarcMonSario?” I asked and they nod. “He must have found out about it” I said. “Go back to the diary” I said and she did as I told her.

"Oh well.. Richard found out about the bet and kinda hates me. But we made sure he will never tell anyone. Mason Darcy Monet Bellisario power. We took care of it" I read out loud. “That means, Rick found out and they ended the relationship. He must have really liked her, but why would Rick start working here?” I asked and sat down on the couch. “Revenge maybe?” Addy suggested. “Yeah... That must be it” I said and lied down on my back. “But what do I have to do with that?” I asked sad.

“I don’t think you were part of his plan little one” Greta said and turned around. “Yeah, I don’t think that either” Addy said.

“Okay... But it still doesn’t tell us what I have to do with it!! Why would he became close to me?? He hates my sister and he thought I was like her, so why? I don’t think it was because of revenge!! I really don’t!! Or at least I don’t wanna believe it!!” I said and had enough. “I’m going to talk to him!!” I said and ran out of my room. “AJ!! NO!!” Addy yelled, but I didn’t listen.

I ran downstairs and out the house and to the backyard. “WHY!?” I yelled and he turned around. “What are you talking about?” Rick asked confused. “WHAT POSITION DO I HAVE IN YOUR FUCKING REVENGE PLAN!?!?” I yelled. “AJ STOP!!” I heard Addy yell from my balcony, but I didn’t turn around. “IT WAS MY SISTER, THAT MADE THAT STUPID BET!!! I NEVER EVEN HEARD OF MAYDARCMONSARIO!!” I yelled and he looked at me shocked and pale. “How do you know about that??” He asked and put the things down that he was holding. “I DOESN’T MATTER!! THE ENTIRE TIME I WAS JUST PART OF YOUR STUPID FUCKING REVENGE!?!?” I yelled and he came closer to me. “No!! AJ!! You were never part of that!!” He said and put his hands on my shoulders. “Too bad that I don’t believe you!!” I said and pushed the hands off. “I really liked you and you just used that to hurt my family, to hurt Chelsea!!” I said and was already crying. “I never wanna see you again!!” I said and walked off. “AJ” He yelled after me, but I refused to turn around. I kept walking and went back inside.

I went back inside my room, where I couldn’t hold the tears back anymore and let myself fall to the ground. Greta and Addy hugged me and tried to calm me down.

This was the hardest thing I have ever done. I really liked Rick. I still do, but I can’t trust him anymore. He was playing with me like my sister played with him.

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