We'll Be The Stars

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Chapter 12

Homecoming... Tonight.. I can’t believe it. Well, Charlston arrived last week and he and I went out a couple times, but I still don’t feel it. Addy and I are getting our dresses out and try to find something with that we can make our looks perfect. It’s not so easy, when you try to keep it looking not so rich and when your closet is full of rich people stuff. Addy and I both decided that we want to curl our hair.

“Okay, who goes first?” I asked Addy and held the hot curling iron in my hand. “You go first, give me the iron!!” She said and took it from me. “How long did it take that your mom was okay with it, that we wanna make ourselves ready for tonight?” She asked as she started to curl my hair. “I don’t know, a few days” I said. “Do you think you’ll become Homecoming Queen this year?” Addy asked. “If you would have asked me that last year, I would’ve said yes, but this year.. I don’t know” I said.

I didn’t wanted to become Homecoming Queen again. I was the queen to every school dance I went to, thanks to Chelsea.

Like an hour later, Addy was done with my hair and we switched places. It took another hour until we were completely done with our hair. “You look so cute with curls” Addy said and I rolled my eyes. “Fuck you” I said and she stuck out her tongue. Then I stuck out mine. “We better get back to getting ready” Addy said.

We went into the bathroom and started on our make up. I used foundation, silver shadow infinity eye shadow, maybelline the colossal volum’ express mascara and a light pink lipstick sheer. Addy used foundation, mac show orchid dupe lipstick in pink, essence i love crazy volume mascara, goldish eye shadow and napoleon perdis faux lashes. Her nails where painted in a dark pink, while mine where a dark blue.

We stepped in front of our huge mirror and looked at us. “I know what fits with your dress!!” I said and hurried off into my walk in closet and took a six-sided diamond spike bracelet that I got for my birthday from my grandma two years ago. I walked back and put it on Addy’s wrist. “What? NO!! This probably more expensive than my life!!” She said and wanted to put it off again. “Keep it on!! It’s perfect for your dress!!” I said and she gave me a smile. She then pulled me closer and hugged me. I placed my hands on her back. “You have no idea how much I love you AJ” She said and I smiled. “I love you too Addy” I said and we hugged each other for a while, but then we were dragged apart my mom.

“AJ, I have something that I want to give to you” She said and I looked at her. “My mother gave this to me on the day of my first Senior Homecoming Dance and I wanted to give it to Chelsea, but it was too old for her. My mother had it from her mom and she from her mom” She said. “It usually is given to the oldest daughter, but now I wanna give it to you” She said and put my hair to the side. I helped her and she put a necklace around my neck.

“Mom..” I said and was close to tears. “Don’t cry.. Don’t cry!!” I told myself and hugged my mom. “It’s beautiful!!” I said “Thanks!” We then pulled apart. “I’ll leave you two alone to get ready” My mom said and left. We went to my dresser and put earrings on. I took kenneth jay lane round cz stud earrings - clear|silver and she kate spade new york small square stud earrings in pink. I took a bracelet and put it on. It was a blue nile blie nile studio diamond floral triple line bracelet. Addy added a effy ruby (5 ct.t.w.) and diamond (1/4 ct.t.w.) oval ring in 14k gold.

Last but not least were the shoes. I had to wear heels, otherwise my mother would have killed me. I went with Alice + Olivia Glitter platform pumps in silver, while Addy went with Penny Loves Kenny women’s hermosa - pink micro pumps in pink. We got inside them and took another look into the mirror, before walking downstairs. My mother and father were standing on the end of the stairs and took photo’s of us as we walked downstairs. Addy and I were both smiling bright. As we reached downstairs my dad hugged me briefly then my mom hugged me briefly, while my dad was hugging Addy.

After the entire hugging was done my dad placed himself between me and Addy. “I wanna have a photo with my two 17 year old daughters” He said and I knew that Addy was smiling bright. I didn’t even had to look at her. My mom took the picture, then Charlston stepped forwards. We took a picture together, then Addy and he took pictures together. We agreed on sharing him, but we didn’t tell my mom or dad about it. Charlston was okay with it.

We walked outside, both of us had arms hooked with Charlston. We arrived at the limousine and it was opened by a man in a tux. It was Rick. He looked at me while Addy and Charlston got in. “You are so beautiful AJ” He said. I tried to ignore it, but I gave me a good feeling in my heart. I got in and Rick closed the door. “What is he doing?! Is he the driver??” I asked. “I think so...” Addy answered. Soon Rick was on the driver’s seat and started the limousine.

20 minutes later the car stopped in front of the school’s gym and the door was opened. Rick stood there and I took his hand to get help to get out. Then Charlston got out and he helped Addy out. I hooked arms with Charlston and we walked towards the entrance. Addy walked next to us. I did feel bad that she was all alone, but I had to walk with Charlston like this, because Rick was still watching. For once, I wanted to make him jealous and second, to please my mother.

We entered and everyone was staring at us. We just kept walking. I got told how beautiful I looked like a thousand times and that many times I said it back.

Charlston and I danced for three song, then he and Addy danced, while I made a break and sat down on a table. “If this isn’t Annabel Mason” A blonde blue eyed girl I knew too good said. “Tara” I said cold and got up. “What do you want?” I asked her and she laughed. “You look so ridiculous in that poor people dress” She laughed and I rolled my eyes. “Who cares about the prize! Only thing that matters, if you feel comfortable in it” I said. “Yeah right” Tara laughed. “By the way, where is your super fancy date. I think I just saw him dancing with your supposed to be newbie best friend, your fake replacement for me” She said and I had enough.

“You have no idea!! By the way, I know that my BEST friend and he are dancing!! I told them to dance!! And she is better at being my best friend than you have ever been!!” I said and walked off in victory.

At about 10pm, the music stopped and our student body president went on stage and grabbed the microphone. “So, the moment you all have been waiting for” She said and her VP gave her an envelope. “So, Homecoming King is.... Kyle Masterson” She said and he went on stage and got the crown on his head. Of course he got it. He’s the school’s most popular guy. A football player, soccer player and an straight A student.

“And Homecoming Queen is......Annabel Mason!” She said. I smiled and got on stage. The VP put the crown on my head and I went to the microphone. “Wow..” I started. “I would have never thought that I would be your Homecoming Queen, mostly because I changed so much since the last dance. I am so happy that you all accepted to new me and that you stopped judging me because my last name is Mason. Thank you guys, I am so honored honestly. Thank you” I said and stepped away from the mic.

Kyle and I danced the King and Queen dance, before we went separate ways again. Charlston and I went to get some pictures, so my mother would be happy. Then Addy and I took photos together, than Addy and Charlston took pictures together. I had to confess, somehow they look cute together. I don’t like like Charlston, so I am not jealous. The complete opposite!! I ship Adston or Adlie.

Soon, finally was everything over and Rick picked us up again. Back in Bridgeway, Addy and Charlston walked ahead, while I stayed back and looked at Rick. “I am so sorry AJ, but you have to believe me!! You never were part of some revenge plan!!” He said and I took this moment as a chance to ask him something. “So, you were the one that let the yearbooks disappear from the library?” I asked and he sighed. “Yes. That was me, but only because I didn’t want you to find out that Chelsea and I used to date, that I once had feeling for her. I didn’t tell you, because I started to have feelings for you and I didn’t want to lose you” He said and I could feel myself getting weak, but I refused to become weak.

“I gotta a go inside” I said and turned around and went up in my room, where Charlston was standing on the balcony. I smiled and joined him. “Hey” I said, trying not to cry. “Hey” He said and I hugged him. “For what is that?” He asked and hugged me back. “For being okay with me not wanting to spend the rest of my life with you” I said and he laughed. “You are awesome AJ, but not my type” He said and hugged me closer. “Because I am not brunette?” I asked and he shook up. “What? Why would you think that!?” He asked and I laughed.

“Did you really think I didn’t saw how you look at Addy?! I know you like her and I know she likes you too!!” I said and he looked at me. “I know her better than anyone else!! She is my best friend and we almost spend 24/7 together” I explained. I then let go of him and fixed his tie. “Go get her tiger” I said and he laughed, but walked off. I look onto the backyard, to see everything being lit up. It looked so beautiful. I took a deep breath, before going back inside and closing the door. I took of my accessory and shoes off and went to take a shower.

I then went to bed. Addy and Charlston still not in any sight, but I hoped for the best.

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