We'll Be The Stars

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Chapter 13

The morning after the Homecoming Dance I woke up and Addy was still not here. I changed and brushed my hair and teeth and got into some shoes and went downstairs and got some breakfast. I was happy somehow. Addy and Charlie somehow did it that I was ready to forgive Rick. I wanted to be as happy as they were.

I’m pretty sure that they were happy, because Addy hasn’t come back into the room last night.

I finished my breakfast and was about to leave, when my mom held me back. “Are you going into town?” She asked and I nod. “Can you pick up the clothes from the dry cleaner?” She asked. “Sure” I said and she handed me the bill and some money. “Thank you sweetheart” She said and gave me a kiss on the forehead. I grabbed my car keys and went outside and in my car.

I started the car and drove off. I turned on the radio and Rick’s voice was coming out of it again. I smiled at it and put it on repeat. Soon I arrived in town and my first stop was the dry cleaner. I got the suits that belonged to my dad and put them on my backseat.

I pulled out of the parking lot and drove to the park nearby and parked. I decided to think everything through with Rick before I do something I’ll regret. The best way for me to do this was to walk. I could always think doing that.

After a long while, I sat down on a bench next to a playground and started watching the kids play. It always made me smile, because I didn’t feel like I’m 18 soon and of to college. I still had to apply to some. That’s right, I didn’t even think about which ones I like.

I was ripped out of my thoughts when a ball hit me on the head. It fell down and I grabbed it. Then just a few moments later a little boy around 6 was standing in front of me. “I’m sorry ma’am” He said and I smiled. “No problem little boy, and by the way my name is AJ, what’s your name?” I asked. “Dexter” He said. “That’s a cool name” I said and then I remembered I had his ball. “You want that back, don’t you?” I asked and he nod. I handed it to him and he wanted to run off again, but then turned back around. “Do you wanna play with me and my dad?” He asked and I smiled.

“I’d love to” I said and got up. He grabbed my hand and pulled me with him to a tall man. “Hello” I greeted the man, Dexter was still holding my hand. “Hi” His father said back, he didn’t seem so happy about the fact that his son brought back someone. I thought for a second and I think this is a time where my name could be helpful.

“Before you freak out, I wanted to introduce myself. AJ Mason” I said and as soon as he heard my last name he seemed calmer. “Dexter here asked if I wanna play soccer with the both of you and I said yes, I mean if that’s okay with you” I said. “I’m Kol” He introduced himself. I smiled, because I understood that it was his way of telling me that it was okay with him.

Soon we kicked the ball from one to the other, but after 30 minutes my phone buzzed and I took a look on it. It was a message from my mom, telling me to come home. I put the phone back again and walked towards the two. “I gotta go, my mom wants me home” I said and Kol smiled at me. “Was nice meeting you AJ” He said and I smiled back, before getting on my knees in front of Dexter. He put one hand on my shoulder and said “You are good in soccer!” I smiled and giggled and did the same with him “So are you little guy” I said. “Well, I guess I will see you around” I said and before I could get up, Dexter hugged me shortly. I hugged him back and after I let go of him, I got up. “Someday you can be a soccer champion Dexter” I said, before I walked off and waved goodbye.

I got back into my car and stopped at Starbucks and got a coffee for my mom and one for me. She kinda became addicted to Starbucks coffee, which was funny because she said the first time that she didn’t like it that much, but the next time she was here, she bought the same coffee again and that’s how her addiction started.

I went inside and saw Addy and Charlie being all lovely dovely, meaning they were totally in love and happy. I smiled and got the coffee and hurried outside, so they won’t see me. I got back inside my car and drove back home. I got out and threw the suits over my shoulder and took the coffee with the one hand and closed the car door with the other one.

I entered the mansion. “MOM!!” I yelled and she appeared a few seconds later. “Here you go” I said and let her take the suits. “I put your coffee into your office, otherwise I have to drive back to the dry cleaner” I said and she looked at me, like she could kill me “Not funny” She said and walked off. I did as I promised her and then drank mine, before I got the courage to talk to Rick.

After I was done I threw the cup away and went outside and started looking for Rick. I found him after a while and took a deep breath and walked over to him.

“Hey” I said and he looked up. “Hey” He said a little colder than I expected him to be. “I thought about what you said yesterday” I started. “Yeah, so did I” He said still cold.

“Okay, before I say anything else, are you mad at me and if so, why?!” I asked and he let out a laugh. “I wasn’t the one kissing another guy after the guy that thought that she liked him told her that he has feelings for her” He said and I couldn’t believe what he was saying. “What the heck are you talking about?!” I asked him, but he let again a laugh out. “I saw you with that rich guy yesterday on your balcony!!” He said with emphasis on ‘saw’

I thought for a second, but then I thought to know what he was talking about. “Do you mean me and Charlston?” I asked and he nod. “I wasn’t kissing him!! I was hugging him, for showing me that I should talk to you!! Besides, he is now happily dating Addy!! He is my best friends boyfriend!! And I knew that she had feeling for him before yesterday!! I would never do anything to hurt her!!” I said and he looked at me.

I could feel he didn’t believe me. I know, he must see it with his own eyes that Addy and Charlie are totally in love. Then he’d probably believe me, but I had no chance right now. He kept staring at me, but I had enough and turned around and walked off. I once again walked away from him. I stopped counting how often I did that and I also stopped counting how many times I ran into my room and cried after talking to him.

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