We'll Be The Stars

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Chapter 15

A lot has happened since the wedding months ago. Rick and I are still together, we didn’t fight ones, he wasn’t ones cold to me, which was impressive.

Rick moved into Bridgeway, well not into the mansion but the old flower house. It was fully renovated and now his home. He quit his job at the school library and is now working on his music career, because I didn’t stop pushing him to send in a demo and the people liked it and now he’s working on an album. When he’s not busy with that, he still our gardener.

My parents completely changed. They totally loosen up and accept it when I call them ‘mom’ and ‘dad’

There are even news about Addy. Well, she is now officially a Mason. My parents adopted her, even when she was almost 18, but it was her wish. Her full name is now Adalyn Bennett-Mason, fiancé of Charlston Channing, the son of the most successful hotel owner. Well, go Addy!

My 18th birthday also was a few days before prom. Well, same old game. I became Prom Queen, but Addy was also nominated, which made her totally freak out in a positive way, because she never thought that this would be possible. Charlston transferred to our High School and plans to stay in America.

Oh and Tara.. Yeah, her parents went totally broke and she had to sell every expensive thing she had and they moved to Montana to her grandparents, because they couldn’t pay for the house anymore.

My sister and Andrew, well they are still as happy as they were on the day of their wedding. Another happy news is that Chelsea is pregnant.

Another positive thing is that she stayed the nice girl. Andrew changed her to the better. I know, people say they are perfect for each other, when they accept each other for who they are, but Chelsea wanted to change and she did.

She also dumped her friends for real ones, which also made me happy, because none of them were rich in anyway.

“And? What are you thinking about?” Rick asked and sat down on the double bed I was lying on. “Everything.. I can’t believe I’ll soon be a college student and that I will graduate High School tomorrow” I said and sat up. Rick put his arms around me and kissed my temple. “I am so proud of you” He said and I put my head on his shoulder.

“I’m scared” I confessed. “I want you to know, that I will always be there for you!!” He said and I smiled. “I know” I said and he pushed me off, but I held onto his arm, so I was now lying on my back and he was on top of me. “Gotcha” He said and kissed me on the lips. I kissed him back.

“I gotta go inside.. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow...” I said, but he didn’t get up. “Rick” I said, but he still didn’t let me get up, instead he started kissing my neck. “Don’t make it harder for me to leave” I said and he kept kissing my neck.I took his head with my hands and lead him to my lips and kissed him.

“Rick” I said, but he didn’t let go of me. Then my phone started ringing. Rick took my phone and looked at the display. “Your mom” He said. I took the phone from him and answered. “Yes mom?” I asked. “I told you to get home at 7pm, it’s 7:17pm” She said and I rolled my eyes. “Well, technically I am home. Just not in the mansion” I said. “Rick’s place is not home AJ!!” She said and I groaned. “I’ll be there any second” I said and hung up. Rick finally got of off me and I got up.

“I’ll see you tomorrow” I said and kissed him good night. “I love you” I said and pulled apart. “See you tomorrow my High School graduate” He said and smiled. “I love you” He said, before I left the hut and went inside the mansion. “I’M HERE!!” I yelled and went inside.

I took a quick shower and went to bed. “I’m so nervous” Addy said and I cuddled myself next to her. “You will make it!!” I told her to give her some confidence. “You know, I never saw you that nervous. You always were so confident, what happened to that?” I asked her and she turned around. “I know, but speaking in front of so many people... It does scare me” She confessed.

We cuddled and soon were asleep.

The next morning was hard. Waking up this morning was the hardest thing I have ever done, but when I felt like throwing up, I jumped up and threw up into the toilet. This must be the excitment. “Are you okay?!” Addy asked in her morning sleepy voice.

I finished puking and cleaned my mouth and went back into my room. “Must be the excitment” I said and sat down on my bed. “You will get over that AJ” She said and hugged me. “But please don’t tell Rick, he would be worried for no reason” I said and she nod.

We sat there for a while, before we changed and did our hair and make up. “You know how much I love you?” I asked Addy and she nod. “I know that. I hope you know that I love you too” She said and I hugged her.

After I finished, I checked myself out in the mirror. “You know where to find me” I said and was gone before Addy could say anything. I hurried downstairs in my dress and heels and out the back door to Rick’s hut. “Are you here?” I yelled and only seconds later he was standing in front of me. “What do you think?” I asked and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. “You are so beautiful, like you always are” He said and pulled me closer and kissed me shortly. I closed the door and we went to the living room and cuddled on the couch.

After like 20 minutes, Rick’s phone rang. Of course it was my mom. “I wonder what she wants” I said and took his phone and declined. “You seriously ignored a call from your mother on my phone?!” He asked and I nod. Then my eye caught his background picture. It was the one, that he took when I fell asleep in the flower hut, back at the beginning of the year. “Nice pic, didn’t think you still have that” I said and he laughed.

“I found it funny and pretty of course” He said and I hit him on the shoulder. Again, my mother called Rick. I groaned and answered it. “Mom, hey...” I said, trying to fake enthusiasm. “AJ, somehow I thought that you where the one that declined the call” She said. “What do you want?” I asked. “Get in here and tell your boyfriend to get ready!! Your graduation ceremony is starting soon” She said. “I’ll be inside in 5" I said and hung up.

“You have to get ready and I have to go inside” I said and kissed him shortly, then I got up and walked to the door. “See you then babe and rememeber” He said and I smiled at that “We’ll be the stars” I said.

I went inside, where my mom started talking to me and I didn’t really listen. Then Rick appeared in the back door and I walked over to him. I kissed him on the cheek and we hooked arms. He lead me to the limousine and Charlie, who arrived a few minutes ago, lead Addy to the limousine. We got inside and so did my parents. “Will we meet Chelsea and Andrew there?” I asked and my mother nod. “Yes”

Soon we arrived and got out. Addy, Charlie and I went to got our robes and caps and put them on.

Not an hour later, we all were sitting there, waiting for our principal to call our names. “Adalyn Bennett-Mason, who is also our valedictorian of 2015” The principal said and Addy walked on stage to accpet her diploma. She left the stage and sat down. “Charlston Channing” He said and Charlie walked on stage. After 15 minutes he said “Annabel Jaline Mason” I got up and went on stage and got my diploma. I turned to the audience and my boyfriend was the one that cheered the loudest.

I smiled and walked down from the stage and sat down. Then Addy had to go on stage again to have her speech.

“Hello class of 2015, well.. It’s been such a long way, such a long way full of roadblocks and fighting. It were four years of ups and downs. It was hard, but we made it.” She started. Five minutes later she reached the end of her speech “We did it, guys” She said. All of us threw our caps in the air.

Everyone got went to their families. I hugged my parents, then my sister and Andrew, then Addy and Charlie, then I wrapped my arms around Rick’s neck. We kissed and were just happy.

Back home, I started to throw up a lot, which made my mom curious. “Are you okay?” My mom asked and held my hair back. “I don’t know,..” I said with tears in my eyes. “I don’t know, I’ve been throwing up since a few weeks now” I said and my mom looked at me a little scared, but I’m pretty sure she was thinking the same thing I was thinking.

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