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We'll Be The Stars

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Chapter 2

I woke up once again through my alarm clock. I tried to reach it because my phone was lying on the desk. I groaned loud, yet the alarm didn’t stop. Nothing helped, so I got up and turned off the alarm. I would have loved to cuddle back into my warm comfortable bed, but no chance.

I went into my closet and got an outfit out and changed. I then went into the bathroom and brushed my blond hair that went just below my chest. I started with my make up routine and checked myself out in the mirror. I was happy with my work, so I went back to my closet and chose necklaces and rings and bracelets and shoes. Tara always made sure I had the newest of the newest shoes in my closet, so she could borrow them when ever she wanted to.

Tara’s family wasn’t as rich as mine, actually not rich at all. Her family spend almost all the money they earn on their sweet little princess. Instead of saying no, she bought the red convertible.

I went downstairs, where my family was already eating their breakfast. “Why didn’t you wait for me?” I asked, sitting down on my chair. “I tried to wake you up, but it didn’t work. I had to do my morning routine” Chelsea said and I just ignored her statement. I ate my fancy breakfast, even if a bowl with cereal and milk would have been just fine.

I might wear expensive clothes and live that fancy life, but I don’t need that. To be honest, I had mixed clothes from Forever21 into my expensive once, most of my clothes that I was wearing today are from Forever21. I love this shop.

I ran back up and grabbed my bag and ran back downstairs and grabbed my car keys, once again I didn’t even bother saying goodbye. I threw my bag onto the backseat of my black convertible and got onto the driver’s seat and was about to start the car when Nicole parked her car right in front of me. I groaned and hit the horn. “Chill little Mason” She said and got out of the car. “I have to go to school Nicole!! Get that car out of my way!!” I yelled and she just laughed. “If you want the car somewhere else, do it yourself!!” She said and threw the keys at me. I grabbed it from my passenger seat and got out of my car. I went to hers and drove it somewhere, she definitely won’t find it and parked it. I then hurried back to my car and started it.

I drove as fast as I could to school to not be late. I parked the car and closed the roof. I grabbed my bag from the back and got out of my car and locked it. I almost ran to my locker, making being me harder, because people greeted me and of course I had to greet them back, otherwise I would’ve been the mean popular girl.

I finally reached my locker, when the first bell rang. I quickly grabbed my books and almost ran to homeroom, where the teacher was just introducing himself to the class. “You’re late” He said. “I am so sorry, my sister’s friends parked me in and I had no chance to get out” I explained myself. “You know, I really don’t care! Your name please” He said and I inhaled and exhaled. “Annabel Mason” I said and he looked up. “Mason? Like in Chelsea Mason?” He asked and I nod. “Sit down” He said and so I did. “Who’s that?” I asked the brunette girl next to me.

“That’s Mr. Charles” She said. “He just finished college and this is his first teaching job, he’s 25 years old and engaged” She filled me in on everything to know about him, “Thanks” I said and gave her a small smile, before looking at my homeroom teacher, who I can’t stop thinking that I have seen him before.

I have never heard the name Charles, never seen the guy. Or did I? I don’t know. “Okay, anymore questions?” He asked and the brunette raised her hand. “Yes, Miss..” He said and then realized that he didn’t knew her name, “Bennett” She filled him in. He nod thankful “Miss Bennett” He said and he took a breath before asking. “How did your fiancé’s family react when they found out that you are a teacher?” She asked.

“I haven’t met her parents yet, just her father that’s it. All I know is that she has a little sister, but I haven’t met her yet” He said and then it hit me. Because of my own stupidity I spoke my thoughts out loud. “Andrew...” “It’s Mr. Charles, Miss Mason” He said and I knew that this man standing in front of my class, the guy that almost every female being gazed at, was my sister’s fiancé.

It took forever until the bell finally rang and I gathered my stuff and threw it in my bag. “Miss Mason, a word please” Mr. Charles said and I walked towards him. “I know that you are my sister’s fiancé” I said and pressed the books that didn’t fit into the bag against my chest. “Yes, but try not to let the school know. It might be hard, if your future sister-in-law is your student” He said. Self-centered I thought. He and Chelsea are perfect for each other.

“I won’t let anyone know, might not be so good if your future brother-in-law is your teacher” I said maybe a little to mean for me and walked off. I didn’t want to waste my time any longer with my sister’s life.

“Tara!” I shouted as I spotted her blonde head in the crowd. She said goodbye to the people she talked to and came towards me. “Hey, where were you this morning??” She asked and hugged me briefly. “One of my sister’s friends parked me in and I had no chance to get out, I had to park her car somewhere else to get out. Well, it’s gonna be funny later when she wants to go home” I said and laughed. Tara joined me.

“Are we going shopping this afternoon?” Tara asked and I shook my head no. “Why not?” She asked disappointed. “I have to study, so do I now. See you then” I said and walked off. I have a free period, so I went to the school’s library and looked for a book about the second world war. After a while I found one and sat down on a couch and started reading,

History couldn’t be anymore boring, “Hey honey” A familiar female voice said loudly and sat down beside me, “You’re skipping chemistry again?” I asked her and she laughed. “I” She said and got something “Have a hall pass”

“Those are for the way to the toilet, not the library, besides who skips chemistry to be around books??” I asked her, keeping my voice down, but of course my best friend can not take a hint. “Only to see you honey Swift” She said loudly. “I haven’t seen you all day and I won’t let you ditch me so you can study!! I am way more important than books!!” Tara said and I looked up from the book. “Tell that to my parents!! If I fail this test I am dead!! Because then I’ll fail History and my car will be gone, meaning you have to pick me up and bring me home daily, meaning I’ll be dead in at least three weeks” I said and she groaned. “I would not kill you in three weeks!! I would never kill you at all!!”

“Do I have to remind you of the bills from the car repair shop you still have to pay?” I asked and she rolled her eyes. “Not my fault that this grandma decided to walk over a green traffic lights and I had to dodge her” She said and I put the book down. “It was green FOR HER!!” I said, the last part maybe a bit too loud. “Could you now be quiet, still studying!!” I said and picked the book back up and continued reading. “Oh no!! You are not ditching me for a book about 1864!!” Tara said and I looked at her. “The second world war started in 1939" I corrected her and she groaned again. “Nobody likes a know-it-all!” She said cold. “Nobody likes someone that screams in a library!!” I tried to make her understand she had to be more quiet.

“Excuse me, you are being too loud, so I have to ask you to leave” A ginger haired guy said, who looked really familiar. “Told you, you were too loud” I said to Tara, you gave me a death-stare. “Fine” She said loudly, throwing her hands in the air. But then she got up and walked off. “CALL YOU LATER!!” She yelled back and I only nod. “I am so sorry for her behavior, I told her like a thousand times to shut up” I tried to make her punishment easier, but I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t work. “I’ll need your friend’s name” He said and took a form and a pencil.

I wasn’t sure.. Should I tell on her? I mean she’s my best friend, but on the other hand I told her to be quiet, but she didn’t listen so it’s not my fault right? And if I don’t tell on her, then I’ll get in trouble too and Tara will never learn what’s wrong and what’s right..

“If you don’t tell me her name, I am forced to punish you too” He said and I swallowed. “It’s Tara Ricardo, she’s a junior” I said a little disappointed in myself. I mean, I just told on my best friend. “Thank you” He said and wrote her name down. “What will be her punishment?” I asked. “I am not allowed to tell you” He said and I could feel that it was hard for him to be nice. “What’s wrong? If you have something to tell me, just do it” I said. “It’s not like I’ll tell anyone” I added.

“You popular girls always think you can get everything, just because you put other people down to get what you want. You walk around like you own the school, no not just the school!! You walk around like you own everything and that you are better than other people, just because you are rich and people like you for the clothes you wear” He said and I had to confess, I was a little bit shocked.

“Well, I have to say for my defense that I didn’t choose to be popular, my sister made the last name popular at this school. I don’t put other people down to get what I want, I help the people that get bullied, no matter who they get bullied from. I don’t wanna own the school and I don’t act like I am better than everyone else, if you really think that’s who I am then you are mistaken me for my sister who can be a real bitch. And the clothes I wear, aren’t designer clothes. They are from Forever21 and they are like two years old” I said and he looked at me.

“Well, the jewelry you wearing tells another story” He said and I looked at the pink bracelet around my arm, the silver pink ring on my finger and the silver heart necklace around my neck. “Well, they are really important to me and if you judge me because of those things, then go on! You don’t know the stories behind them, unlike me” I said and fixed my black hat, that I was wearing on my head and handed him the book, grabbed my bag and was about to leave, when I turned around to face him one more time. “You don’t even know me, so who’s the one with those prejudices? Oh, and one last thing! Don’t ever compare me to my sister again” I said and with those words I walked off and through the school halls, onto the parking lot and into my car. I didn’t start it, I just sat there until I could feel some tears rolling down my cheek.

Faster than I could look, those drops turned into a river and I couldn’t calm it down. I am a 5 feet 5 inches tall mess. I put the hat down on the passenger seat and locked the car doors and crawled onto the backseats and lied down as far as possible it was. I continued crying, trying to calm down with no success. How did I end up in a life like this?

I cried and cried for like 30 minutes until I was in control of myself again. Suddenly someone knocked on the car window. I sat up and fixed my make up and opened the door. The person came in and got on the driver’s seat and turned to me. It was the brunette girl from homeroom. “Are you okay?” She asked and I nod. “Don’t lie to me Mason” she said and I sighed.

“Everyone has that picture of me that I am totally not... I am not my sister” I said and tears came out of my eyes again. I am kind of a crybaby, if you want to call it that. “I am not like Chelsea” I said for like the millionth time. “I know that, you just have to prove that to everyone, even if you already did that, do it again” She said. “It’s not so easy when you always get compared...” I said and she had a sad look on her face.

“By the way, what’s your name?” I asked, hoping she wouldn’t hate me for not knowing. “It’s Adalyn, but you can call me Addy” She said and smiled. “So, how can I change the way people think about me?” I asked her and she had a smirk on her lips. “Leave that to me, but now get out of the car!!” She said and got out. I crawled out myself and fixed my outfit and grabbed my bag. “Okay, you are gonna sleep over at mine, is that possible?” She asked and I nod. “Yeah, my parents won’t mind!” I said and smiled again. “That’s the smile that can light up an entire world” She said.

“I am not the sun or the moon!” I said and she laughed, “Then you are a star. Shining, even when you are long gone” Addy said and I couldn’t help but giggle. She grabbed my hat and put it on my head where it belonged. I laughed and closed the car door and locked it. “So Annabel, we need a not rich sounding name for you” Addy said and put her arm on my shoulders. “How about Bels?” She asked and I shook my head no.

“We’ll work on that later” I said and we walked back inside. By now the next class started. “At your car after school, mine’s broken” She said. “See you there” I said and went to class. A little late, but the teacher said nothing against it. Maybe the Mason bonus, which I don’t wanna have!!

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