We'll Be The Stars

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Chapter 3

Finally school was over and I hurried to my car, where Addy was already waiting. “Hey there” She said and I smiled. I unlocked the car and we got in. “Program your address into the navigation system” I said and Addy took it and started typing. I threw my bag on the back seat and took Addy’s from her and put it back there too.

“Done” She said and put it back. I then followed directions to her house. It was a small one compared to mine. It looked old, old in a bad way not a good way.

“This is where you live?” I asked and she nod her head. “Yup, no Mason mansion for sure” She said, while I stopped the car in the driveway. We got our bags and got out. I locked the car and we walked up the way to the house and she unlocked it. “My parents aren’t home, so don’t worry!! They don’t really like the Mason’s blood” Addy said and closed the door once I was inside. She then lead me upstairs to her bed room. It was a small room, with not much space.

It had a single bed, a closet, a small desk, a nightstand with a small lamp on it. There was a little window above her bed, with blue curtains, who should have been thrown away a long time ago. “I know it’s no paradise, but... It’s enough for me” Addy said and I forced a smile. “We can sleep at my place if you want to?” I asked and regret it the second I said it. “I mean, not that this isn’t great, but...” I started but she cut me off. “Don’t worry, I know this is not what you are used to” She said. “When have your parents been here the last time?” I asked and she looked down. “When I was 15" She said and I felt sorry for her.

“I’m... I’m so sorry Adalyn” I said and hugged her. “Don’t care ’bout them” She said and pulled apart. “Can we go to your place?” She asked and I smiled and nod. “Let’s grabs some of your clothes or all of them and let’s get them in my car” I said and we started packing them into plastic bags and threw them into my car.

After we were done, we leaned against my car, trying to catch our breaths. “Well, that was fun” I said and she laughed. “Okay, do you got everything?” I asked and she nod. “I’m pretty sure” She said and went towards the front door and locked it. “Let’s get to my house” I said and we got into my car and I started it. Just 20 minutes later we arrived in front of the steps to the front door. We got out and each grabbed a bag and carried it to the front door. I unlocked it and we carried the bags upstairs and like an hour later, 5 big blue plastic bags were lying on the ground of my room.

“Let’s get your stuff in my closet and make it ours” I said and started. “Shouldn’t you ask your mom if it is okay for me to stay here?” She asked a little scared. “Okay” I said and went to the door. “Are you coming?” I asked and she smiled and followed me. We walked to the living room and entered. “Mother? Father? I need to ask you something” I started, My mother put her book down and my father did as well. “Yes Sweetie” My father said with an unfamiliar smile.

“Can Adalyn move in with us? Her parents left her alone” I asked, without a warning. “I’m not so sure about this Annabel. I mean, she is not exactly our kind” My mother said. “Our kind?!” I asked and all she did was nod. “What would people think about us if we let her move in” Of course once again she only cared about our reputation. “What will the people think when I tell them that you refused to help a 17 year old in need, because she is not our ‘kind’?!” Not a lady like move, but if nothing helps, I have to threat. There is nothing they care more about then their reputation. Not even Chelsea can keep up with that.

My mother’s mouth by now was open from the shock of my move, but she gave in. “Fine, Adalyn may move in, but we don’t have a room for her” My mother said and I knew she was just using that for an excuse. “She’s moving in with me. My room is big enough” I said and smiled in victory.

We walked back upstairs into our room and started jumping around and to happy dance.

For people it might feel strange, that I fought for it that a total stranger moves in with us, but Addy seems nice and I usually am good in those things. For example my sister’s last boyfriend. I had a bad feeling about him and a month later most of her jewelry was missing. And I was like told ya. They could have killed me that moment, especially Chelsea, but here I am.

“So, let’s make room in my closet for ya” I said and walked ahead. A little slow Addy followed me. We started and like ten minutes later we stopped, because none of us wanted to continue. We lied down on the beach chairs on the balcony in bikinis and hot pants, which she both borrowed from me, and were drinking some lemonade. “Who’s that guy in your garden??” Addy asked, staring at him, not leaving her eyes off him. “Richard, he’s our gardener” I explained. “He graduated from our High School the year before we started. You did start the same year as me, right?” I asked and she nod.

She sat up and stared at him for longer. “Oh come on Addy!!” I said and sat up too. “How old is he?” Addy asked and I thought for a second. “He was 18 when we enrolled High School, meaning we were 15, that was two years ago. He must be 20 now” I said and looked down at him, while he was cutting the bushes. I suddenly felt watched and looked to my left to find Addy staring at me. “He totally caught your eye” She said and I shook my head no. “NO!! I DON’T!!” I yelled and walked inside, followed by her. “You totally do and see, he’s looking up at us” She said and dragged me to the window. He was looking up and I was totally embarrassed. I hurried away from the window. “Come with me!!” She said and wanted to drag me downstairs, but I didn’t let go of the door frame. “Let me at least a T-shirt! I freeze easily” I said and she let go off me. I ran to get some oversize pullover and put it on.

“You look like a mess, besides that’s mine” She said and I rolled my eyes. “By the way, what was your plan?” I asked. “You are going to wear some of my clothes tomorrow.” She explain. “Kay then” I said and regretted it the second after, because Adalyn pulled me downstairs into the garden towards the guy. “Hey” She said and I tried to hide behind her. “I’m Addy and you are?” She asked totally confident. “Rick” He answered a little cold. “Why so cold? The sun is shining” She asked and he looked at her. “Sorry for my words, but being bothered by rich mean girls is not my favorite thing” He said and I couldn’t believe my ears. “Oh, I am not rich. My parents ran away and left me alone. Annabel was so nice of convincing her parents to let me stay here with them, so not a rich girl” She explained.

“You mean like Annabel Mason? She’s a nightmare!” He said and I came out in from my hiding place behind Adalyn. “Excuse me!?” I asked not believing what he just said. “I AM A NIGHTMARE!? CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I DID TO YOU?!” I asked almost angry. “I wasn’t talking about you, I was talking about Annabel” He said and I almost jumped him, if Addy wouldn’t have held me back. “This is Annabel!” She said and gave me some time to calm down. His face became pale. “I thought the tall blonde was Annabel” He said and looked at me “I am so sorry” He apologized. “How can you mix me up with Chelsea?! With Tara I would get a little, but not Chelsea!!” I snapped at him.

“Wait a sec...” I said and took a closer look at him, well as close at Addy let me to him. “You are that guy from the library, that threw Tara Ricardo out” I said and he seemed to realize just now who I was. “You are the school’s queen bee. Of course” He said like it’s a bad thing. “Excuse me?! What did I do to you?! Nothing!! I haven’t even talked to you until today, so what is your problem!?” I asked and he turned away. “Excuse me, I have to get back to work” He said and walked off. “What is it with this guy??” I asked Ada, but she shrugged with her shoulders. “Let’s get back inside, I have to study for History anyways” I said and walked off a few steps before saying: “Before World War 3 starts!”

With that I walked back into my room, grabbed my school stuff and walked to the flower house and started studying there. It was my favorite place to study, because it was just me here, no one else. I could completely concentrate on my studying. No one here to bug me and my family would never think about coming here.

I think hours went by, with no one bugging me: I already gave up on studying. I will never get that anyways. If you would ask me when the second world war started, I could answer 1939, but when it ended, I would have to look up. My brain ain’t the best for studying and keeping school stuff in my memory. I began to become tired, meaning lazy too, so I just turned off the light and lied down on the dirty ground. That much about me being all about luxury!!

I think I don’t even have my phone with me here. So no talking to Tara tonight either. I wasn’t really up to talk about Taylor Swift anyways or the boy she’s crushing on right now, because that changes every week. I used a bag of potting soil as a pillow and tried to fall asleep.

“What the-” A male voice yelled and I shook up. In front of me was standing none other than Rick. “What are you doing here and at that time?” He asked and I yawned. “What are you talking ab-” In that moment I noticed the shining sun outside the window. “Shit!! What time is it??” I asked and gathered my school stuff. “It’s 2:28 pm” He said and my eyes widen. “I almost missed an entire day of school?!” I asked scared and jumped up. “You are lucky Mr. and Mrs. Mason are out today because of work” He said and I sighed in relief, then Addy hit my mind. “Did Adalyn go to school?” I asked and he thought for a moment. “Are you talking about the brunette that threw up the entire morning?” He asked and my eyes widen. “Is she okay?” I asked and he laughed a little. “Like I said, she threw up. But anyways, I am not a babysitter, I am the gardener and I have to do my work” He said and took a shovel. “You should go and clean up to fit that perfect image your parents have of you” He added and I rolled my eyes.

“Are you kidding me!?” I asked. “By the way, I think I am rocking this look, even if I have no idea what I look like” I said. He then pulled out his phone and took a picture of me and showed it to me. I had to laugh. “Yeah, I am totally rocking this look. Maybe I should go to school like this” I said and I knew he thinks I was joking. “BTW, not joking” I added and looked back at the picture.

My hair went everywhere it shouldn’t. Bed hair that I have every morning or today I could say potting soil bag hair, literally. My face was covered in potting soil and it looked like I was buried alive and pulled out again. Even in my hair was potting soil. My arms and legs were covered in that brown power thingy as well. Even my pants and Adalyn’s pullover, that I was wearing, had some on them. My make up was also running and was everywhere it wasn’t supposed to be. I looked like I haven’t showered in days.

“Don’t think your parents would be so keen about it” He joked. “Like I care what they think” I said and put my flip flops back on. “I should check on Adalyn” I said and walked pass him, up the stairs to the patio and in through the back door. I tried to be as quiet as possible as I ran upstairs and dropped my bag on the floor, which was a mistake because the potting soil that was on it, was now on my floor. “Hey Addy, how are you feeling?” I asked, getting closer to my bed, where she was lying in, but I didn’t sat down. I won’t sit down being dirty like this!!

“I feel like throwing up” She sang and I let out a little laughter. “Even when you are sick, you try to be funny” I laughed “And by the way, that was totally off key”. “Well, that’s me! Adalyn Bennett” She said with a smile on her face. “Where you buried alive or what happened?” She asked, pointing at me. “Or is this your new look?” She added and I laughed. “No, I fell asleep studying” I explained. “You were studying while being buried alive?” She asked. “NO! Forget the being buried alive!!” I yelled. “I fell asleep studying in the flower house!!” I said and grabbed some clothes lying on my desk. “I’m going to take a shower” I said and left for my bathroom and seconds later I was in my shower, cleaning my body and hair. As you can imagine, my hair took like forever.

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