We'll Be The Stars

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Chapter 4

After I finished, I towel dried my hair and removed the rest of the make up. I looked like a raccoon with green eyes and blond hair.

It took me like 15 minutes, but for my defense, I didn’t find my make up remover for five till six minutes. Rita must have cleaned here.

After I was finished, I went back to my bed room and let myself fall on my bed next to Addy. “I talked to Rick” I said still a little tired and exhausted. “Shoot!!” She said in her sick people voice. “He said and I quote: ‘You should go and clean up to fit that perfect image your parents have of you’” I said with a sigh at the end. “Well..” She said, trying to find something positive about those words “He said ‘perfect picture your parents have of you’” she said with a little smile. “That’s positive, right?” She asked just to be sure. “Do you think he understands that I am not those typical rich girl?” I asked and she shrugged. “I have no idea, seriously” she said a little sad. “Do you like him??” She asked and I almost screamed out “NO!!” I then realized it was a little too fast.

“What I meant, he’s nice, I guess.. but he’s an employee and my parents wouldn’t even let me date a housemaids son” I said and sighed. “They already picked a boy out for me” I said and her eyes wide. “What is this? The middle ages?!” I shrugged my shoulders. “You may guess who my homecoming date is and the reason I don’t wanna go” I said and she looked at me. “I am so sorry for you A” she said. I then sat up “That’s it!”

“What are you talking bout?” Addy asked and I smirk. “Mission Nickname” I said, hoping she would get the hint. “My initials” I said, she thought about it. “AM? Sounds strange, you know that right?” She asked, raising an eyebrow. “Not that name, my second name!!” I told her. “And that would be?” “Jaline” I answered, not exactly proud of this name. “Okay, come on! Your parents are crazy name givers” She laughed. “But AJ, yeah. Addy likes that” Okay, that sounds funny with a normal voice, now imagine that with Addy’s sick people voice.

I had to laugh, I honestly tried to keep it inside of me, but the laughter burst out. “AJ is being annoying” Addy said and I kept laughing. Then my phone rang again. Addy took it and looked at the display. “Who’s Swift Addict??” She asked and I stopped laughing. “Shit.. that’s Tara..” I said, taking the phone and answered it.

Me: “Yes?”

Tara: “I am not talking to you anymore”

Me: “You called me btw”

Tara: “Because you didn’t like you promised and then you don’t show up to school?! Everyone kept asking me if you are okay!! I’m so mad at you!!”

Me: “I am sorry Tara.. I studied and forgot time, next thing I knew was that I woke up past 2pm”

Tara: “idc bout your explanations”

Me: “Tara please”

Tara: “No!! Oh and thanks for detention honey!! Thanks for being a traitor!!”

Me: “You were pretty loud Tara and there signs everywhere that you are supposed to be quiet in a library. In fact it’s something you are supposed to know, so don’t blame me!!”

Then the line got disconnected. She hung up on me. “She’s pissed” I said and put my phone down. “I have to say something AJ” She warned me and I sat up against the back of the bed. “She isn’t the right best friend for you. She doesn’t seem like such a good friend, if she’s not asking if you’re okay” Addy said and I knew that in some way she was right, not only this move Tara made, there is more that you don’t know.

Tara is like a spoiled brat, just that her parents don’t really have the money to spoil her.

“Just distract me” I said and she sat up. “You can get me a bucket to throw up” She said and I jumped up to get it. I made it just in time, because she threw up again. “You should sleep a bit. I’ll take my phone with me, so you can call me when you need me” I said and she showed me a thumbs up. I grabbed my laptop and phone and went to the garden, to a small hall that I found while I was hiding from my family. I sat down on the floor and went online.

Charlston: Hello dear“Oh come on...” I said to myself and rolled my eyes.

Annabel: Hey Charlie

Charlston: How are you today my love?

Annabel: Okay I guess. Could be better

Charlston: What’s wrong?

Annabel: My friend’s sick, makes me sad..

Charlston: I cannot wait for your homecoming dance. You are going to be so beautiful

Annabel: Doubt that!

Charlston: You are so pretty Annabel Jaline Mason

Hate to say this, but this made me smile, even when he said my entire name.

Annabel: I see ya then, g2g

Charlston: Goodbye Annabel

I then logged off. Well, now I can’t chat anymore... All because of Charlie. I turned on some music and when a small song came on, I got up and tried to dance like they do in those music videos. Yes... Slow dancing with myself. I am pathetic, but it’s better than to watch Addy throw up.

I kept going and going and first realized I had an audience of one, when someone laughed. I stopped and turned around. It was none other than Rick. “What do you want?” I asked and crossed my arms in front of my chest. He threw the gloves on the ground and came closer, then stopped in front of me. “Okay, put your left hand into mine up here” He said and I did it. “Okay now, the other one on my shoulder” He said and I did as told. He put his left hand on my waist, which made me jump a little. “Now, when I go a step back with my left leg, you take a step forward with your right one” He said and I nod. He took a step back and I forward. “Fast learner” He said and smiled. “Okay, now let’s try to follow my lead” He said and started the dance steps and I had trouble to slow down. Soon he stopped.

“Okay, know what, just get on my feet” He said, maybe he as sick of me stepping on his feet all the time. I did as told and soon he started the dance moves again. “This is harder than it looks like” I said after a while. He stopped and I got off his feet. “Can you teach me how to dance?” I asked and he laughed. “No” He said and walked away. “I’ll pay you 1.000$ dollars per lesson” I yelled after him, don’t know why I said that..

“Fine” He said after he sighed. “Thank you!! I am already enough of a disappointment to my parents and this year they make me go with that guy from England and that means I have to know how to slow dance” I said and he laughed again. “Through YouTube tutorials?” He asked with an raised eyebrow. “Why don’t you take lessons with some fancy dancing teacher?” He asked and I rolled my eyes. “Again with this?!” I asked raising an eyebrow at him “Besides, my parents once got me a teacher, but I bribed the teacher to tell my parents that I was there while I skipped the class” I explained.

“You bribed someone to tell your parents that you were doing some rich people thing while you skipped?!” He asked, not really believing it. “Yeah, I rather went skateboarding. I think I am pretty good at it” I said, being proud of myself. “So, when do you wanna start with the lessons?” He asked and ended the topic with that. “How ’bout tomorrow? 4pm here?” I asked and he nod. “See you tomorrow Miss Mason and no one has to know about this, right” He said and I nod. He grabbed the gloves from the ground and walked off and out the building. I sat down on the floor and let myself fall on my back and groaned.

I stayed like this for a while, before I decided to look after Addy, so I took my laptop and phone and hurried back into my room. “And? How’s the patient?” I asked, while she was sitting up in the bed. “Feeling better, but I don’t think I’ll be able to go to school tomorrow” She said and I sat down beside her. “That’s totally fine, just get better as fast as possible” I said and rubbed her back. “You smell” She said and I stopped. “I’ll be taking another shower then” I said and grabbed my pj’s and went to the bathroom to take second shower.

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