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Chapter 6

After an hour we were just lying on the ground. “I will never be able to dance..” I said, looking up at the ceiling. “You have talent, we just have to find it” He said and I played offended. “Ouch, that hurts right here” I said and placed my hand on my heart. “You will learn it” He said and got up. “Get up” He said and looked down at me. “No” I said and didn’t make anything to move. He then grabbed my hand and pulled me onto my feet. “Gotcha” He said, before pushing me away and pulling me close again, I spun during those moves and when he pulled me over to him, I crashed into his body “See, hopeless case” I said and backed up again. “Wanna continue tomorrow?” He asked and I nod. “Yeah, that would be better I think” I said and just as I wanted to close my laptop, I get a video call. “Urgh, it’s Charlston” I said and closed it.

“You don’t like the guy much, do you?” He asked and I nod. “He’s just so British and polite and does everything his parents tell him to do, you know. He follows every single rule. He wouldn’t even breathe in public if his parents would tell him not to” I explained. “I’m British too” Rick said and I turned around to him. “Yeah, but you aren’t polite and you don’t follow rules” I said and closed the laptop. “Well, that was offensive” He said and I looked at him, I could tell that he was joking. I grabbed my laptop and got on the passenger seat, he on the driver’s seat and he started the car. He drove to the front of the stairs leading to the mansion and stopped the car. “See you tomorrow then” He said and I smiled once again. “Yeah, see ya Rick” I said, grabbed my bag and watched him drive off. I smiled after the truck and then went inside and upstairs and almost crashed into Chelsea.

“I saw you out there working in the dirty, that’s so embarrassing Annabel” She said and I could only laugh at her behavior, but I didn’t. “Well, that’s not my problem. I rather would work in shit than to be anything like you!!” I said and walked pass her and of course my mother was standing in front of me now. “Annabel!! Language!!” She said and I looked at her with an oh-really-look on my face. “And what are you wearing there?! This is nothing I approved of!” She said and I had to giggle. “You approved of!? You are kidding me, right?! I am 17, I can wear what I want!! And this is more like me than the clothes you make me wear!!” I snapped at her. “I really don’t get why I am still trying to make you accept me!! You never will, because I am not Chelsea!” I said and walked pass her. I hope that made her think, but it probably didn’t. I knew my mother, she never wasted a thought on me.

I entered my room to find Addy dancing crazy and sing to a song on her headphones.

“I bet you’re gonna hear this song
I bet you’re gonna sing along
And tell your friends how I’m obsessed with you
And I bet you didn’t know that you sound like a girl
Every time you call me when you’re drunk
And all that I wanna say is
You really suck” She sang while I put my laptop down on my dresser next to the door and and my bag beside it and watched her. Suddenly she turned around and ripped the headphones out of her ears. “For how long have you been standing there?!” She asked in shock,

“Well, I heard you sing the song, but I couldn’t sing along” I said and she put her head down and back up. “So embarrassed...” She said and let herself fall on an arm chair. “Well, I am gonna go and take a shower, then you can tell me everything that happened today” I said and she nod in agreement. I quickly grabbed my pj’s and underwear and hurried to the shower. Today it took me only 20 minutes to shower, which was a new record for me. I put my hair into a towel and hurried back to my room and jumped on the bed and lied down. “Okay start” I said.

“Well, I didn’t got that many of the stuff from the house, because it’s mostly already broken, but I got some kid pictures, documents that had something to do with me and some other stuff from my old room, which I couldn’t take with me the other day” She told and looked sad. I got up from my bed and went to the arm chair where she still was sitting and hugged her. “Everything will be alright Addy! You have me now and I know you moved in here fast, but I know that you will get used to live here. I did someway through Middle School, so will you” I said and she smiled. “You sound like you are adopted”

“Sometimes I wish I would have been adopted by someone, because then I had a shot of being who I want to be, because that won’t be possible here” I said and put my head against hers. In that one week we became really close friends.

“Don’t ever change babe” Addy said and I sighed. “I won’t until I am who I wanna be and I’m not yet, so I won’t stop changing yet” I said and pushed myself away from the arm chair, when an idea came into my mind. “Get up!” I said, Addy didn’t make a move to get up. I hurried to my dresser and opened the laptop again and pressed play. I walked back to Addy and pulled her up, even if she wasn’t in the mood. I told her where to put her hands and I tried to teach her the steps Rick showed me and practiced them while it. After 20 minutes Addy let go of me and let herself fall ob the bed. “You should know, I am pretty lazy, so twenty minutes is all you get” She said. I lied down on the bed as well. “How went your afternoon with Rick?” She asked curious. “We laughed, we talked, we fought and met Tara’s mom” I told her. “I wanna more than just that!!” She said and lied down on her stomach, so she was able to look down at me. Because she didn’t stop, I told her everything. The entire story, almost every detail. After I finished it was almost 10pm, so we decided to go to bed, because we were going to research Rick tomorrow again.

We got up at 6am and did our morning routines. It took longer now that Addy was living here, because we had to share everything and we are already like sisters, but the ones you like of course. But we get into small fights then and there, like about who gets to use the make up first, since we shared it. But punctually at 7:30am we were both in Addy’s car.

One thing was perfect since Addy and I became friends, I wasn’t asked daily if I wanna go shopping. She understood that I didn’t like it, she was like me, she hates it too. But the bonus for my mother was that she was now able to go shopping for and with three girls. Yet, Chlesea was still the only one interested in it.

We arrived at school at 7:45am and hurried inside to get our stuff from our lockers, which wasn’t as easy as it sounds, because our lockers where on two different sides of the school.

I think I don’t have to tell you about how my school day went so I’ll skip it and get right to the lunch break.

Addy and I went back to the library and continued to look for answers. “Okay, let’s find those year books again” She said and I nod. We hurried to the section. We searched and searched, but didn’t find any of them. “Where are they?” I asked Addy, while I removed some hair from my face. “I really don’t know!! If I didn’t knew any better, I would think someone hid them”

“What if someone did?” I asked, standing up and looked down at her. “I mean it’s possible, right?” I asked. She got up, threw pulled her entire hair on the left side of her head and got up. “This makes no sense!! I mean, who would hide year books from the years they weren’t even at the school, only the seniors where, but that’s it and we have nothing to do with them!!”

“I can’t believe this... How am I going to find out the reason he hates rich people that much, because asking isn’t possible! He won’t answer, he will only push me away again and I don’t know when I will reach the point that I won’t let him do this to me anymore” I said and sat down on a bean bag and groaned. “Wait!!” Addy suddenly shouted. “What?” I asked, already with almost no hope of ever finding that fact out about Rick.

“Shouldn’t your sister have one of these yearbooks or all of them, or one of her friends!!” Addy said and I looked up again with a little more hope than I had before. “You are right!! Adalyn Bennett, you are a true genius!!” I said and jumped up. “We should skip P.E. and go search for them. My parents aren’t home yet and Chelsea is away with her girls!!” I said and grabbed my bag from the ground. “Okay, then let’s go!!” Addy said, grabbed her back and we almost ran to her car. We jumped in and raced to the mansion.

Addy parked her car behind some bushes further away from the house, so no one will know that we are home. We hurried the rest and got into my room. We threw our bags in and ran to Chelsea’s room, well I was first there since Addy didn’t knew where it was. We got in and started searching. “How unorganized is Chelsea?” Addy asked and I shrugged. “I don’t really talk to her, never have” I said. “So that’s why you are searching for something in my room?” I turned around in shock of Chelsea’s voice.

“I was looking for your yearbooks” I said. I don’t know why I went with the truth, but I did for some reason. “Why?” She asked and crossed her arms in front of her chest. “I’m in the Homecoming planning committee and I wanted to get some ideas for this years. It’s my first time and I wanted to impress them” Addy said and I just nod and agreed to that. “Fine, but they aren’t here. Mother has them in her office, I can help you find them” She said and looked at Addy, who nod. “If you have nothing better to do” I said and Chelsea nod. “Yeah, since my girls left without me, I have nothing better to do” Chelsea said.

I turned around to Addy and rolled my eyes and then left Chelsea’s room followed by them. We entered my mother’s office, which was weird she had one, since she didn’t work. She only does some charity events, but that’s it.

We looked through everything until we found all four. I grabbed them and gave Chelsea a small smile before hurrying off, back upstairs to my room.

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