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Chapter 7

Adayln’s Point of View

“Why don’t you get along with AJ that well?” I asked Chelsea. I didn’t bother to ask AJ, since she probably won’t answer anyways. “What are you talking about?” She asked. “You and AJ barely talk to each other, why?” I asked. “We are just totally different, you for example. I wouldn’t even have talked to you, because I don’t usually talk to losers like you” She answered and somebody cleared their throat. Wasn’t me or Chelsea, so we turned around and saw none other than Mrs. Mason standing in the door. “CHELSEA!!” Her mom yelled “What’s that for a behavior?! This is unbelievable!! I am so disappointed in you” Her mom continued. “I thought that you are kind-hearted like your sister, but you obviously aren’t!!” She said and Chelsea became a little pale and was near crying.

“Guess you aren’t as perfect as you thought Chels” I said looking at her, but she could’ve killed me right now, I’m sure about that. “What? Chelsea!! Nobody is perfect!!” Her mother told her. “I think I better go upstairs.. I’m pretty sure Annabel is waiting for me and this looks like a mother-daughter talk” I said and before anyone could answer, I was already out the door and basically ran upstairs. “AJ, you won’t believe it!!” I yelled and she looked up from her laptop. “Hold on a sec” She said to her laptop. I came closer and saw she was skyping with some black haired dude. She turned off microphone and camera, then looked at me. “What’s up?”

“Your mom is home and heard the way Chelsea talked to me and your mother compared your sister to you!! She said that she thought that Chelsea was more like you!!” I said super excited, trying to order my thoughts. “Your point?” She asked and I couldn’t believe that she still didn’t understand it. “YOUR MOTHER TOLD CHELSEA TO BE MORE LIKE YOU!!” I yelled out and her face went blank. “Are you sure?” She asked and I nod like crazy. I was also smiling like crazy. She screamed up and jumped into my arms.

Then we realized that sounds were coming out of AJ’s laptop. “Ugh.. Charlston..” She said and looked at me. “Can you talk to him please, tell him whatever you want, just stall him!” AJ said and ran out of her room. I walked over to the laptop and turned the mic back on. “Annabel?” The British voice in the laptop asked. I made the window with his picture bigger and could see part of his room. I imagined boys room to be messy, but his was super clean, not one thing was lying on the ground. “Annabel? I can hear you breathe” He said in his British accent. “No, Adalyn. Annabel has something to do and ask me to keep you company” I said. “May ask you, if you wanna turn the camera on, I wanna see the girl I am talking to. I hope I didn’t sound commanding” He said and smiled.

I have never talked to a guy that is that polite. “Trying to find the camera on button. You know, I never really had a laptop, so this is gonna take a while” I said and then I found the button “Or not” I said and clicked it. Now I was able to see my face in a small window on the bottom right. “Hey there” He said and I removed some of my brown locks from my face. “A brunette? I didn’t think they still exist” He said and I giggled. “Why?” I asked smiling. “I only know blondes, I’m serious. My mother is blond and every girl in my school” He said. “Well, I am definitely not blonde, and I will never be blonde, like ever! I love my brunette hair” I said and he smiled. “Well, it suits you. If I would be you I would never change it either” He said and that made me smile once again.

“I know that sounds strange, but can I have your number?” I asked, without really thinking first. “Of course beautiful” He said and grabbed his phone. We exchanged numbers and kept talking about the most random things.

AJ’s Point of View

I walked downstairs and looked for my mother. I found her in her office. “Mother?” I asked as I entered. “Annabel, how may I help you?” She asked and I stepped closer. “Why do you like Chelsea more than me?” I asked out straight, without talking about any other things first. I needed to know and I now finally found the courage. “What are you talking about Annabel?” She asked and took her glasses from her nose and lied them down on her desk. “You always told me to be more like Chelsea. You never accepted me for me, why?” I asked, now standing in front of her desk crossing my arms.

“I was afraid to lose you I guess” She said and got up and leaded me to the couch, where we sat down. “But that way you lost me even more” I told her and I could see the pain in her eyes, but it was true. “I didn’t mean to do that Sweetheart. But you always had your own head, other than Chelsea. Things you just did, Chelsea asked if you may do them” She explained and took a deep breath. “But I always admired your character!! Your kindness and your heart. I am not only talking about Adalyn. I am also talking about school. I after I heard Chelsea talk to Adalyn like she was a nobody, I talked to Richard about Chelsea and he told me that she made the entire school terrified of the name Mason”

“You talked to Rick?” I asked her “Why?” “Because I knew he was in the same grade as her and they shared some of the same classes” She explained. I thought for a second. If Rick knew Chelsea, why would he start working here? I mean he obviously hates her, so why?

“Can you now try to accept me for who I am? Meaning the name, the behavior, the clothes I wear? Because I really don’t like those expensive ones, that’s why I am wearing Addy’s clothes the entire time” I asked. She inhaled and exhaled before answering. “I can try” She said and I gave her a small smile and hugged her. “Thanks” I said. Surprisingly she hugged me back. After a while, I let go of her and left. I needed to talk to Rick. When my mother talked to him about my sister, then he will be it a bad mood.

I searched and searched until I finally found him at the place we planted the flowers. “Hey” I said a little scared. “What do you want Mason?” He asked cold. Yup, he was in a bad mood. He always calls me ‘Mason’ when he’s in a bad mood. “Why are you so mad at me, I didn’t do anything!” I said, walking towards him. “You are related to her, that’s enough!! Every time I look at you, I can see her, so please do me a favor and just leave me alone!!” Rick said and walked away.

Tears started to form in my eyes as I watched him walk away. I turned around and walked back to the building and sat down on the edge of the pool and let my feet hang into it. I started crying more and more. After a while, I got up and dried my feet and walked back into the building, up the stairs and stopped in front of my room. I heard Addy talking to Charlston. She laughed then and there, so did he. I listened for a while, before walking downstairs and out the building again. I walked to the place where I always played when I was a kid and climbed up the tree. To my surprise I found the tree house I built with my old manny, a male nanny. It was so much fun. He always read stories to me up there.

I somehow made it and climbed into it. The furniture was still there. I looked through the games that where here, and let me just say it where many games. But all where for two people, so I couldn’t play them anyways. I lied down on the floor and thought for a while. How can it be possible that Rick can hurt me that much?

I mean, I don’t have any feelings for him and I remember from movies, that every times a girl talked to a guy and that one told her to stay away, she cried because she was so deeply in love with the guy, but that is not my story, right? I mean, Rick and I are friends, right? I don’t even know if we are friends, so how is it possible that he can hurt me so much, like he did? Screw my life!! What is wrong with me?

Nothing makes sense anymore...

Suddenly I heard a voice from outside. I got up and went to the window and saw through the leaves of tree that Rick was standing there, talking on the phone. Well, more arguing.

“You don’t understand!! I am trying my best to pay the rent, but it’s hard when you don’t earn that much!! I am working three jobs and I don’t earn enough!! What else am I supposed to do?!” He yelled into his phone.

He was quiet now, so I think the other person is talking now. “I CAN’T GET A FOURTH JOB!! I AM WORKING 7 DAYS A WEEK!! I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR ANOTHER JOB!!” He yelled now louder. “You can’t do that!! You can’t kick me out of the apartment!!” He said really angry.

What? He has to fear to be kicked out?

“Goodbye dad” He said angry and hung up. I backed up from the window with a pale face. His dad is his landlord and wants to kick him out!? I heard a groan and then an “ouch” I went back to the window and saw that Rick was holding his hand in pain. He must have hit the tree with it.

I climbed out the window and down the tree. “Are you okay?” I asked trying to get a closer look at the hand. “Since when were you here??” He asked, but I didn’t answer. “Where is the truck?” I asked, but he didn’t answer. I took the keys from his pocket and pulled him to the truck and helped him onto the passenger seat and got onto the driver’s seat.

This car brings so many memories back...

I started it and drove him to the hospital. After a long argument he finally got out of the car and entered it. I parked the truck and entered it too. This is when I realized that I wasn’t wearing shoes. The floor was cold, but I didn’t care right now. I looked around until I found Rick. “You hit the tree didn’t you?” I asked and he was still holding his hand in pain. “Is this seriously how it’s going to be from now on?! You are just ignoring everything I say?” I asked and once again no answer.

Then finally it was his turn and I followed him the entire time. The doctor did his thing. Then an x-ray followed, which showed us that Rick’s hand was broken.
The doctor took care of his hand and told him to come back tomorrow, so he could take another look on it and freshen the bandage. We went back to the truck and sat there in silence. “What did I ever do to you, that you treat me like this? I was always nice and friendly, because that’s who I am, but somehow it’s never enough for you” I said, but once again he was quiet.

“I can say what I want and you won’t tell me anything, can I?” I asked, again no answer. “This is killing me, why won’t you talk to me?!” I said and looked in his direction.

Then he did something I did not see coming.

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