We'll Be The Stars

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Chapter 9

“ADALYN!! AJ!!” I heard my mother yell. I smiled a little at the fact that she was actually calling me AJ. “Adalyn, where’s AJ?” I heard her asking. I didn’t wanted my mother to know what happened, so before Addy could answer I flushed and opened the water tap and closed it a short time later. I then unlocked the door of the bathroom and walked out. “I’m here mother” I said and gave Addy my it-was-not-your-fault-look, which she understood and gave me a small smile in return.

“Are you two ready??” She asked. “For what?” Addy asked and my mother looked at me. “You didn’t tell her?” She sounded like it was something important. I thought for a second until the reason my mother was standing here came back to my mind. “Sh.. Dress shopping... I totally forgot. I am so sorry mother” I said. “Are you ready?” She asked again. “I am” I said looked at Addy. “Yeah me too” She said and grabbed her phone and mine and put it into her purse.

The three of us walked downstairs and then into the limousine my parents owned. We drove to the city mall and got out. All eyes were on us. My mom hooked arms with us and dragged us to a store full of dresses. There were so many of them.

Short, long, middle length, black, blue, white, grey, any other color, sparkling ones, and any other kind of dress you could ask for.

“AJ, do you know by chance what Charlston will wear?” My mother asked and I seriously had no idea. “A tux?” I asked. “Didn’t you tell me just this morning that he told you that he will wear a black tux with a blue rie?” Addy said and I wondered how she knew that. “Okay, then you will look for a blue dress of course Sweetheart” My mother said and turned to my best friend. “What color of tie will your date wear?” She asked.

“I don’t know, I asked him once I found him” Addy said and started looking through the dresses. “What?” My mother asked confused. “That was Addy’s way of telling you that she doesn’t have a date” I explained it to her. “Oh..” Was all my mother brought out. “AND please don’t set her up with one!!” I added. “I won’t I promise” My mom said and I hoped I could believe her. “By the way, the price doesn’t matter!! Buy whatever you like” My mother said and Addy gave her a smile.

That was a sentence she never heard before and I couldn’t be mad at her that she was probably going with one of the expensive once. I mean she showed me old pictures from Homecoming dances and she looked like a mess.

My mom throw like eight dresses at me and I had one that I picked out. Addy had nine dresses that she picked. We went to try on the first dresses. My first one was a ariella mazie jersey dress in dark blue and Addy’s first one was a dark pink loana cocktail dress/party dress paradise. We stepped outside the changing room and showed the dresses to my mom. “Those look so great on the both of you!! Now go and try the other’s on!!” She said and almost pushed us back into our changing rooms.

My next one was a cheap short peacock prom dress in dark blue. “Where is the rest of that dress?!” I asked out and groaned. I stepped out and saw that Addy’s second one was a pink color dress catherine dress, that was as short as mine, “Yeah, that’s not it” We said at the same time and stepped back inside the changing rooms.

Next one was a versace collection long dress in blue. It looked like... I don’t know, but it looks awful. Addy’s next one was a cute purple satin dress. She liked her’s but we both hated the one I was wearing. We went once again to change. My next one was a anoushka g zoe corset style proom dress in blue which was totally not me. It was a short one again. Her next one was a valentine asymmetrical evening dress with jewels in red. It was beautiful, but she was to short for it.

Next one for me was a rare london black and ivory strap chiffon dress, which was more like a day dress than one for a dance, my mom will kill me if I would choose this one. Addy’s next one was a black vero moda laced one shoulder short dress, which didn’t fit her at all. “This looks strange Ads, sorry but...” I said. “Stop, just! I know this is not me” She said and stepped inside again.

I did too and as I unzipped the dress, I got a text. I grabbed my phone and saw it was from Rick.

Rick: Can we talk? I’m sorry for the way I acted

AJ: Yeah sure, but can’t right now... Shopping... Hate it

Rick: Shopping? You?

AJ: Homecoming dance :( Y is my mom making me go?

Rick: You’re a Mason

AJ: Mason... Answer for everything?

Rick: Pretty much

“ANNABEL!! NEXT DRESS!!” My mom yelled. “ON IT!!” I yelled back.

AJ: Text u l8er. Mom freakin out

I wrote back and smiled. I lied the phone down and got into a vakind new women’s celebrity v neck backless bodycon mini dress in blue. I took my phone and took a picture and sent it Rick. Then I lied the phone back down and got outside the changing room again. “Mom, I think they forgot part of the dress” I said, crossing my arm in front of my chest. Addy’s dress was an bright pink anoushka g chloe sweatheart neck short prom dress. “I like my dress” Addy said and spun around.

“I’ll go change” I said and went back inside and took a look on my phone.

Rick: So not you

AJ: Tell me somethin I don’t know

The next ones of mine where a blue jump juniors matte chiffon hi|Low dress with ruched bodice, followed by a turquoise fashion plaza short chiffon strapless crystal homecoming dress. I liked it, but I don’t think it was the right one for this homecoming dance. Addy next ones were a purple dresstells short prom dresses sexy homecoming dress for junior birthday dress and a beautiful halter elastic silk like satin sheath|column sleeveless knee length evening cocktail dress with ruching in dark blue, but they were both not her.

Finally we were on our last dresses. Mine was a chi chi london baroque style dress in beige and hers was a closet lace v-back dress, cerise in pink. “Like the dress babe” Addy said and let me spin. “But it is not blue sweetheart!! It has to be blue!!” My mom said of course. “But can I have it after all?” I asked. “Of course sweetheart!! Oh my gosh, my daughter wants a dress!! Best day of my life!!” My mom said excited and hugged me.

In the end I took three of the dresses and Addy took three. My mother was super excited about it. I on the other hand was on the phone all the time, because I don’t know what it was, but Rick was texting me. That was something that he never did.

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