Bruises in White

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"I should not have taken something precious to you. I had no right when my heart belongs to someone else." Andriana Mallory Curtis was an ambitious seventeen years old with dreams of walking the runway for the most famous designers. Her passion and hard work to pursue her goal got her more excited than any other thing. It was also a chance to take care of her adoptive parents for a change when she succeeds. It was in one such moment of that adrenaline rush that she collided into Sebastian De la Vega. In all sense of the word. He was not a calculated plan for her future, but how could she ignore an unsteady heart when it made her legs wobbly and left her head muddled? Even though she had insecurities that she was way out of his league and reading more into things that were not, it did not stop her from saying yes to an invitation to his world. A turn of unforeseen situations occur, and Andriana was on a path to learn two things as a teenager. One; that in the blink of an eye, dreams can be shattered. Two; that family- his family- outweighed her concept of love.

Romance / Drama
Prolifick Instinct
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This was us....But not how we started.

“I was not sure you would come after last night.” Andriana watched Sebastian’s unsure pose.

She did not like that on him. From the moment she laid eyes on him, she had an unrest heart. He sucked way more out of her than she had been comfortable with and honestly, still is.

She was sure she was in love, but that was crazy right? Just because her parents boasted of it from an early age did not mean she would inherit the same experience at seventeen. She almost laughed at her own thoughts knowing that was impossible. Her mom had talked about being sure from the heart when it hit you. She was not sure of what she had with Seb, but she could merely admit what she was feeling.

Better, it would be great at this moment to know what that part of him was feeling.

His heart.

“I wanted to.” She smiled at him, replying to his earlier statement. He looked closed off, far from being happy about something.

“Is something wrong?” She asked.

She intended moving closer, but when his dark brown eyes looked straight at her, she paused, uncertain why he looked like he was in pain.

“I’m sorry.”

She heard him alright, but the sound of the sea waves deafened every other sound, and all she saw clearly in those eyes now was the pain and... regret.

“Why?” Her voice came out cracked, and she had meant to complete her question to know why he was sorry when her voice failed her.

“I should not have taken something precious to you. I had no right when my heart belongs to someone else. You know that Andy, I told you all about it.”

She wanted to let Seb know she had been willing to surrender a part of her to him, but her heart lurched at the pain she felt when he just had to mention her.

“What happened yesterday should have been with someone you love.”

But it had been, she wanted to tell him. Because I do love you, Sebastian De la Vega. I stupidly did even though I should not have.

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