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Keith Feltis and Ivan Harrison have been friends for life, now that he was moving...will their relationship stay strong or break down into nothingness? Keith Feltis referred to herself as a pathetic wimp. She recently broke up with her boyfriend; she didn't accept it that easily. She may never be the same person again...until someone turns her whole world upside down just to get the old Keith Feltis back. ☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔ This story is just a simple celebration of my birthday: April 8! 🎶Happy 14th birthday to me 🎶 Thanks for trying to read my story, I appreciate it so SO MUCH!!!

Romance / Drama
Jhara Mae
Age Rating:


Keith was sulking under the rain. The rain helped her hide the tears she had stained on her cheeks. No one would suspect a thing that she was indeed, crying...although her reddish eyes gave away her sobbing all this time.

She didn’t do it for so called ′dramatic pleasure′ she can ever get from it. Yes, she did feel like she was straight from a sad movie but that wasn’t the reason why she was there. She kept on questioning herself. I changed for him, but he still left nevertheless. Was I the problem why he didn’t come back?

Her conscience was full of regrets and if onlys. Asking practically the whole universe what she did wrong. The tears never stopped flowing, a sorrowful expression plastered on her face which not at all vanished.

She wanted to feel numb so her heart wouldn’t be hurt again; but it wouldn’t happen even for a fact that she wished on numerous bright big stars she could hardly find. It didn’t work that way, even if you did lots of good deeds...it’ll not give you the reward you really deserve. She felt like the entire world was against her. Keith looked at her palms, it were pale and wrinkly. She stood where they first met, in the middle of the rocky road. She always thought of positive thoughts instead of the negative, that’s the reason why she was there.

While reminiscing every sweet little thing they did together, she shifted from left to right. Looking at both sides of the road to check if there were cars she didn’t notice heading towards her. It was dead and silent. Keith’s breath crystallized instantly and mingled before floating off into the air. The unmistakable flickering of the traffic lights made her comforted somehow. It flicked from red, to amber, and then to green, conducting invisible cars.

“He is never coming back.” Keith scrunched her eyebrows, not being able to absorb the fully known truth. “He didn’t love me at all.” She wailed. “He only pretended to.”

“He lied to me the whole damn time...”

This time, Keith kneeled down on the snowy road, bowing her head as if she was showing the world that she was pathetic and weak. After she looked down, her silver heart pendant she wore on her neck shone in its full glory. She covered her pale face with her clammy hands but she moved her hands away quickly because her hands were icy and all numb from the cold night. The pendant was given to her by that one heck of a guy; although she did not have the heart to throw it out into an ocean or technically anywhere.

“Keith, what are you doing here?!” The familiar voice of her best friend was heard.

“Shouldn’t I be the one asking you that Ivan?” Keith retorted automatically. Keith’s eyes widened in disbelief that he was there, right in front of her. She had a loss of words and her throat was dry.

“Did you know how hard it was to find you?” Ivan tried to change the subject immediately.


Ivan is such a good friend, he was always there for me even if I didn’t need that extra attention. Keith thought to herself.

“H-how did you know where I was?” Keith started to wonder.

“Easy, you always tell me about this place...remember?” he said as a matter-of-factly. “Let me get you a towel.” He turned around to get a spare back to his car.

“I didn’t tell you anything!” Keith scoffed—still not accepting that Ivan found her. “This place was supposed to be secret!”

“I have my ways.” Ivan beams at Keith with a toothy grin after he tossed the extra towel to her. He also brought two raincoats—one blue and one turquoise. Although it was too late because she began sneezing a few minutes ago.

After a few minutes of silence together, Ivan initiated conversation. Keith was still drying off her hair under a shade of a tree.

“Hey Kitkat,” Ivan looks at her, making sure if it was alright to ask. “Why is th--”

“Don’t call me Kitkat!” Keith interrupts Ivan’s question and she gives him the stink eye.

“Why not?” Ivan pouts adorably. “You’re the one obsessed with that unhealthy snack!”

“Just don’t,” she sighs, her face seemed illuminating considering that the moonlight was the only light they depended on. “I’m not in the mood for your petty aura.” Keith tosses the towel back to Ivan. “Plus, don’t you dare talk about Kitkat bars like that! Kitkats are life!”

“So, then you love the green tea flavored bars?” Ivan raises an eyebrow. She shakes her head. “That’s what I thought.”

Ivan chuckles and hands her the turquoise raincoat —it was smaller by comparison so that’s what he gave her. Keith accepted it instantly and wore it.

“Want to talk about it?” Ivan asks her.


“No. I mean at least not today.” She felt the need to tell him what happened but part of her didn’t want to. As much as she wanted to tell him, she didn’t want him to feel sorry for her. He already had lots of things in mind. “I’m sorry.”

An air of melancholy surrounded him.

Ivan is moving at the end of summer, the only meaning? He’s not going to be her classmate anymore. To be honest, she thought that they’ll always be together. Keith knew that it was going to end someday. But a girl can still dream you know. And his mother was suffering from a brain tumor, he still smiled under those circumstances, only Keith knew that beneath his smiles...he was worried and frightened. He needed to lean on someone’s shoulder and someone who will always be for him.

She didn’t think that she was the one who did the job all throughout those years. Ivan was secretly very fond of her. She had no idea even in the slightest.

“Kitkat?” Ivan ruined her deep thoughts. “Are you alright? You don’t look that good.”

She made sure that every word she will utter wouldn’t be too harsh like the stern no she said just a while ago. “I’m not fine, I’m in pain. It gets harder and harder everyday, maybe we’re better off this way--.” She stopped it short before she could say ten words that could’ve hurt him so bad: ′it is better that we should not be friends anymore’. She felt guilty about how she made him sad.

She was wrong, not in any way did she make him sad. It was the other way around.

He shrugged it off, for only a moment; his eyes showed a sadness in his eyes. Keith not by any chance did she see it.

“Dance with me and pretend the world doesn’t exist.” he pleaded. And after that, there was no going back.

“But I’m not good at dancing.” she gulps, she seemed frightened that she might step on his foot like in the movies.

“I’ll be here to guide you.”

He held her waist and her hand on the other, it only felt like they were swaying from side to side and after a couple of times doing it repeatedly, he twirls her like she was in a fairytale. Her stomach was filled with butterflies and her heart was beating rapidly, she feared that he might hear her heartbeat that was so fast.

In a split second, Keith felt something different towards her best friend. It was like something immediately sparked when they danced. She had mistaken her love for him as a brother-sister bond. That very moment helped her make her mind clear, she was definitely in love.

She engulfed him into a hug so tight that it was so hard to breathe, she knows that it’ll be the last time she’ll ever have his bear hugs.

“I’ll miss you Ivan, so much! If only this wasn’t the end of our adventures together.”

“I came here to say goodbye to you and greet you a ‘happy birthday’ at the same time.” he shyly admitted, he looked absolutely flustered. “Thanks for lending me a shoulder to cry on.” he gives her one of his genuine trademark smiles that is rarely seen. “This won’t be the end of our story.”

“I hope it’s not.” Keith suddenly cries, waving goodbye to Ivan—it was midnight after all and he was beginning to doze off. He’d be leaving tomorrow. After she saw the car slowly disappearing onto the slippery roads she whispered softly, “I think I love you.”

Moisture still condensed from the atmosphere that fell visibly in separate drops, the world wasn’t against her like she thought. The rain never stopped to make it seem dreamy. She felt the whole universe making the moment last a lifetime.

For a moment the rain washes away the grime of the world, turning her murky surroundings into an impressionist painting that dances with colors she’d forgotten how to see.

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