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1 }♥{ Better Being a Stalker

It’s been a few months since the incident with Ivan.

Keith was chilling with her best friend, Ysabelle in her bedroom. Keith was urgently typing on her laptop, making sure her report for Biology wouldn’t end up being written by a no-brainer like Mr. Cruz said last time she turned in a lousy assignment.

“Have you heard of the new teacher that’ll replace Mr. Cruz for good?” Ysabelle babbles, she was known for rumors and being a loquacious chatterbox. “Everyone was talking about Charlotte’s new haircut, it totally made her look younger.”

Keith was still concentrating on her assignment, not getting anything her friend was talking about. “Yeah, sure. No problem-o,” she says, pretending to be in the conversation.

Ysabelle glares at Keith with her icy blue eyes. “Can you just stop?” She demands, standing up to make her intimidation even more effective. “A minute can do.”

“I’m busy Belle.” Keith didn’t dare to look at Ysabelle’s flaming eyes. “Mr. Cruz might decapitate me if I don’t finish this.”

“Then why didn’t you complete that last week?!”

“Because I was busy.” Keith said as a-matter-of-factly. “You don’t know how much torment I’ve been having these past few weeks.” She continues to tap on the keyboard while doing so. “It’s a living hell!”

“Let me guess,” Ysabelle taps the bottom of her lip and then raises an eyebrow. “You’re not stalking Ivan’s profile again, are you?”

Keith doesn’t answer, she kept her mouth in a straight line.

“Are you?!” Ysabelle repeats, louder this time to knock some sense into her speechless friend.

Still no answer like before.

“I knew it.” Ysabelle shakes her head as if Keith should know better. “You were stalking him!” Ysabelle expected Keith to defend herself but it was the other way around.

“Is it constituted as stalking if I took a little peak on his profile?” Keith stops typing while asking, worried and creeped out by her behaviour.

“Of course it is!” Ysabelle shakes her head.

“You’re going to be a psychiatrist after you graduate, right Belle?” Keith asks with a scary grin plastered on her face.

“Close, but no.”

“What do you mean?!” Keith says. “You said so when we were little!”

“Those were years ago Keith!” Ysabelle crosses her arms, saying ′I can’t believe you′ mentally. “Don’t you know that I can change my mind?! Gosh! After all these years, you thought I were those snotty and nosy professionals?!

“It’s their job so don’t blame them.”

“Okay, now you’re defending psychiatrists! Great! Just great!” Ysabelle frowns. “They’re like clowns to me, they scare the heck out of me.” She shivers after thinking about both the two things that scare her the most.“Wait a minute, stop changing the subject!!!”

“But I need someone to help me,” Keith motions to her mind. “I might be mental.”

“Pfft...mental?” Ysabelle let out a snort, struggling to contain herself. “Shouldn’t I be the one who is supposed to tell you that?”

“It’s not funny! I only need therapeutic help.”

“I know. I know it isn’t...” But she snorted again, covering her mouth to catch it. “It’s just...to think my best friend is...” Ysabelle really lost it then, and Keith did too. They crumpled into hysterics, sinking into each other, each of their giggles setting the other one off.

After their moment, Keith remembered it was getting late. “Dang it! What time is it?!”

“Ten o’ clock.”

“Ten o’ clock?!” Keith already got up, continuing her research for Biology on her laptop. She turned around to look at her friend. “You should go Belle, your grades won’t get higher if you stay here any further.”

Ysabelle nodded like a nine-year old and headed outside. “Sure.“She got her bag by the couch. Before saying goodbye, she reminded Keith. “Don’t forget, this conversation ain’t over. You still need to spill the beans about Ivan, ’kay?”

“No way.” Keith replies, but when she looks by the door where Ysabelle stood earlier...she was gone. “Hmph! She’s so rude these days.” She pouts and finishes her work after a few minutes of silence.

At least she thought it were merely minutes.

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