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'Earlier as The Heartless Mobster.' A heartless mobster. An innocent girl. Everything was bound to change. Vihaan Malhotra had more to him, than just being a billionaire or a respected man in Mumbai! Wealth, Power and Money! And maybe Pride and Arrogance, due to it! That's it, right?..... you ask! No! A big captioned NO! A darker side, which this sweet, innocent girl was about to find and being dragged into! Will she still hold onto him for life together ahead?

Romance / Thriller
Muskaan Madan
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The man in chains stared at the door in anticipation of the death lord’s arrival, from what he had overheard from the conversation between two men, now probably standing dutifully outside, guarding the door as if he was gonna run anywhere. He could...

He definitely could run away from this smelly, rotten, dusty and dingy cells and also from the rat that had made his shoe, its favourite food, But he couldn’t, whoever had made these steel locks had done a bloody great job. So, he had anticipated their next move.

Call him. The big boss. The death lord.

Speaking of the devil, The door was thrown open with a bang and whom he saw next had his heart faltering and his throat constricting. Even, the rat nibbling on his shoe didn’t bother him, because he was too focussed on the man that emerged out of the shadows.

“Y-You are.... How can this be possible?”

The man was dumbfounded, absolutely stumped, How can the best man of financial world be... the devil?

He was gonna find out very soon.


The stilled silence lingered behind as he shuffled out of the remand room of the Warehouse and was met with the impassive face of his cousin.

“You killed him.”

It wasn’t a question. It was an implied conclusion from the eerily silence behind, so he didn’t respond.

“How are we supposed to get information about the stolen weaponry?”

“.... 22, East Dock.”

His cousin gave him a dry smile, “You don’t per chance know who send him, do you?”


His cousin looked at him, as if he had gone mad and laughed hysterically. “That old duck? He couldn’t hurt a fly on his own.”

“... I know, Nakul.”

Nakul’s laughter died in his throat and his expression became solemn.

“You mean..?”

He nodded. “.... yes.”

“Sh*t!” Nakul hissed to himself and he sighed.

A Sh*t indeed!

Another mastermind.


She, the sweet and innocent angel of the college, manuveared through the crowded corridor of the first floor of her university eagerly, brushing past him as she hurried towards the exit, absolutely eager to win the race, she and her friends had put their bet on.

First, Vani Verma, the only child of Chaitanya Verma, the top class industralist and the owner of one of the biggest oil firm, the most sensible and serene girl of the college with her big charming eyes.

Next, Srishti Gulati, a transfer student from Delhi, bold connections and smart contacts and not to forget, her smart model looks and sweet innocent sheepish smile, she took when she was being mischievous.

Next, her partner in crime, Anu Verma, the daughter of two famous lawyers, bold outlooks and smart looks, with her bubbly personality.

His feet took him to the end of the rails of the corridor and he gazed down in search of her and watched her emerge from the ramped stairway and ran towards the gate of the college.

And finally, Her, the topper student of the university, the apple of the eye of the teachers, the bundle of innocence and kindness, and the most beautiful girl of his college.

Arshiya Sharma.


“You loose, Anu, so you are paying.” Srishti announced as the four girls entered the mall for the good luncheon, they had rather put their noose on to pay for the meal, who reached Vani’s car last.

Arshiya was first so she picked up the spot, Vani was second so she drove the car, saving it from the wrath of Srishti, who had came third and put the radar of paying for the lunch on Anu.

“We were almost together. Why do I have to pay alone?” Anu scowled at her as she walked towards the escalator and stepped on third yellow line to emerge from undeneath the metal stop bar and the three girls followed her up on the escalator.

"Almost, baby. I still came third and you, last. Boo.” Srishti drawled out the concluded conclusion rather smugly and Anu glowered at her, but didn’t respond and focussed on the top floor, approaching before she started bickering with Srishti again.

Arshiya giggled. Vani sighed in irritation. It’s like their brain forgot how old they are. Again.

“Shut up.” The two girls stilled as Vani hissed, obviously having enough of their childish nonsense and the two girls glanced back at her cautiously, while Arshiya put her hand on her mouth to prevent the laughter bubbling inside her to escape.

“Might I remind you that you two are not 10 years old, but sensible 22 year old adults....” Vani glared at them and Srishti interjected her lecture by raising her hand like a child of bundle of curiousity while Arshiya pressed her hand down harder on her mouth full of laughter.

“... but we are 21 and half a year old.” Srishti added sweetly and Anu smiled at her, sweetly. Sickingly.

“No, you are 21 and half a year old, I am 22 year old, boohoo little baby, in your bloody face.”

Not bloody again. Vani groaned.
Arshiya giggled.

They are following their normal routine. Again.


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