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The Girlfriend Experience

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"Clients?" He loosened his hold on me and I got on my feet. "What do you mean clients?" "Alex," I stated, my tone firm and serious, "You know that I'm an escort, right?" "You're a what?" Valerie has life in the palm of her hands, making an earning as an escort and living luxuriously through her clients. Her days are free and her nights are fun. That is, until she is approached by a regular client about posing as his friend's girlfriend for a weekend trip. Alex is a workaholic and he's not ashamed of it. But with the pressure his parents put on him, he has to find a girlfriend quick since he had let it slip that he already has one. This white lie leads him to vent to his best friend, Lance, for help and with a pat on the back, Lance reassures him that everything will be alright. Unexpected passion between an unlikely pairing shakes up their lives in more ways than one as one weekend turns into many.

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Chapter 01 | Getting Handsy

“I don’t know if I could do that,” I told him honestly, fidgeting my fingers. I’m usually more confident with my job, but it seems I’m rather lacking in one area of expertise.

“Come on, Valerie, we’ve known each other for a while. I need your help with this,” he pleaded, running his fingers along my bare hip. We were still in bed after round two, which will definitely cost him extra.

“I’ll make sure this trip will be worthwhile. I’ll double the rate, if you want.” He was getting desperate.

I rolled my eyes and ran my fingers through my warm brown curls. “Fine, send me a location and I’ll meet up with him for the trip. Where am I going anyway?”

“In wine country. His cousin is having a wedding there and you’ll be his plus one,” he informed me as he sat up to put on his pants. Leaving the warmth of the silk sheets, I get up to slip back into my satin dress, which hugged my figure wonderfully. The laced sweetheart neckline drew attention to my bosom, which usually makes men gape.

I stood in front of the wall of glass that offered a view of the city from the 27th floor. Tonight, he booked the hotel with less thought than usual, since a client like Lance usually went for the executive suite. Perhaps they ran out of rooms, or maybe he’s worried about cutting costs since he will definitely be paying handsomely for this trip I’m apparently going on.

Grabbing my coat and my bag, I headed for the door, but stopped when I felt his hands on my shoulders. I turned around to face him. “I’ll be going,” I told him firmly.

“So you’ll really do it?”

“Yeah, just send me an address.” With that, I turned on my heel and headed out the door. “And wire the money for tonight and this weekend.”

I took a sip of my martini and looked around the room for anyone who looked like the photo Lance had sent me. Drinking before the job was usually a no in my book, but my nerves were taking over and I felt my gut shaking as I was packing my things earlier.

Across the room were a few men sipping on scotches and eyeing my lustfully. I answered their suggestive looks with a generally disinterested vibe. I’ve made mistakes before when I was flirting with other men while working, and it had cost me a client. I gained three that day, but that’s beside the point.

“Valerie?” I heard a deep and uncertain voice behind me. When I turn, I am faced with one Alex Chadwick, who might I add is much more handsome than he was in the photo I had received.

“Yes, that’s me. Hello, Alex,” I offered him my hand and felt the warm of his palm radiate throughout my body, leaving parts of me tingling and excited. I wonder if he feels anything.

“Hi,” he answered awkwardly, “Lance says you’d be willing to help me this weekend. I told my parents a white lie and now they think I have a girlfriend.”

I smiled warmly, “It’s alright, Alex, I’m here to help. I’ll do my best to give you the ultimate girlfriend experience this weekend.”

On the plane ride there, I read a book and occasionally peeked over at Alex, who was either typing away on his laptop or napping with his jaw slack. At one point, I found myself mesmerized by his features, despite the goofy look on his face as he was dreaming. He doesn’t seem like the type to hire an escort, but I suppose I found that to be true about most of my clients. When I first met Lance, I thought I had knocked on the wrong door.

“Alex,” I tapped on his shoulder, “We’ve landed.”

He snorted himself awake and I stifled a laugh at the redness that reached his cheeks. What a cutie.

After arriving at our hotel room, we settled in and put away our luggage. He seemed to be fidgeting as he watched me take off my coat and lay it down on the king size bed.

“So I wasn’t actually the one who booked the rooms…”

“Hmm?” I sat down on the plush bed and leaned against the cushioned headboard. I turned and noticed the posts at each corner of the bed. This would be perfect for handcuffs. “Come here,” I pat the space on the bed beside me.

He eased himself down beside me obediently and offered a lopsided smile. He took in a breath, as if ready to say something, but words failed to escape his rosy lips.

I cocked my head and studied him, “What is it?”

“You’re very beautiful, Valerie,” he said softly. There was something about the way he said it that took me by surprise. I’ve had many men say those same words to me with a pool of lust in their eyes, but Alex’s tone suggested a purely aesthetic form of appreciation. I was surprised, considering my hair was still in a high bun from the plane ride. My curls were usually my selling point.

I smiled, avoiding his eyes. There was too much honesty in there and I found myself uncomfortable looking into them, knowing that he’s just another client willing to pay for sex. Can a person lie so well? Can a lustful man have pure intentions?

“So, anything in mind for us to do for the rest of the evening?” I rested my hand on his hand, which sat on his lap, sensing him freeze under my touch.

“Well,” he swallowed hard, meeting my sultry eyes with nervous ones, “we have to attend a family dinner in about an hour, but until then, you can just relax and do what you please.”

My hand inched higher up his arm, caressing it slightly. “And what will you do?”

His lips parted as his eyes focused on my mouth. I trapped my lower lip between my teeth, careful as to release it slowly. These little moves tended to entrance men, and Alex was no different than those men. Boys will be boys. And boys are always easy to hook.

He moved closer so that our faces were inches away from touching, and I closed the gap, letting our lips graze ever so slightly. With my eyes closed, I let myself completely fall into the kiss, which grew more and more passionate. I felt his fingertips brush against the side of my face until they ran through my hair for his palm to cup my cheek.

I almost didn’t hear his phone ring, but as soon as it went off, he jolted away with wide eyes. “I-I’m so sorry,” he apologized, though I wasn’t sure if he was sorry for the interruption… or the kiss itself.

I sat there listening to his yeses and mhms until he hung up his phone and turned to me with a weak smile. “Looks like we’re having dinner sooner than I thought. Do you need to freshen up or anything? We need to leave in ten,” he said as he walked over to the desk where he had left his coat.

“Yes, I’ll need to change.” I pull out my luggage and grab my floral dress, which had red roses blooming on black satin in a deep plunge halter cut. Within eight minutes, I had my curls cascading down my bare back and my makeup retouched to perfection. I kept the eye makeup light and the lips more natural to let my dress take the attention for the evening. This was the girlfriend experience package, which meant subtlety in front of family.

I stepped out in three inch high strappy stilettos and a coat on my arm. “Ready.” I received silence, so as I looked up, I found the goofball date of mine gawking at me. “Alex? Are you alright?”

He nodded and looked away for a moment before meeting my gaze again. “Let’s go.”

When we got there, I silently thanked myself for bringing a coat. Dinner was outdoors on a hill with twinkle lights surrounding the seating area. Besides the waiters, we were in our own little world at the top of that hill.

Alex had introduced me to many people, including his father, mother, aunt, uncle, and cousin. Being the only child of their immediate families, Alex and his cousin, Sara, were closer than normal siblings are. Because this was just a dinner for the bride’s side, the groom was not attending, but from what I gathered from the conversations at the table, Sara’s fiance, Theo, works with Alex at their company.

“So, Valerie, how did you two lovebirds meet,” asked Aunt Tiffany, who came to this event wearing bubble gum colored lipstick. I didn’t want to tell her that half of it ended up on her teeth because frankly, I found her to be such a sweetheart.

Alex cleared his throat, “Oh we don’t have to-”

“Nonsense,” I spoke with enthusiasm, “I love the story of how we met.”

He was visibly uncomfortable, and I was starting to wonder if it were possible for a grown man to have never lied before. Below the table, I reached my hand over and ran it along his inner thigh.

“Well,” I started my bullshitting, “I was at the post office and Alex was right behind me.”

I felt him getting hard under the fabric of his pants and a smirk flashed across my lips as I met his eyes for a moment. He shifted in his seat.

“I was sending a few things including a letter that I forgot to address. It was a really busy day there so all the pens they offered were being used.”

I felt his member throbbing under the layer of fabric, and so I minimized movement in my arm, but rather began stroking his shaft with my fingers. I heard him gasp, though his eyes remained straight ahead. I knew his pleasure was surpassing his nervousness.

“Then, this guy swoops in and offers me his fancy pen. Who could resist this handsome face?” I stopped my stroking and moved closer to him so that my stroking hand was behind his back. He had his arm around me and my other hand was now on his lap, stroking even faster.

“I gave him my number with that same pen and it’s been amazing being with him,” I grinned at the rest of his family, who were oblivious to the extra touch I was giving to the story.

I felt his c0ck twitch as he finally came under my hand. A sense of satisfaction filled me, knowing that even without the skin to skin. A grunt escaped his throat and as soon as I heard it, a smile spread across my lips. Of course, he managed to cover it with a cough.

“Are you alright, dear?” His mother’s eyes drooped to show concern.

“I should -cough- go to the restroom -cough- and maybe ask for a glass of warm water,” he said to the table, scrambling up to head inside.

“He’s been having a dry throat,” I told everyone with a polite smile, “The coughs are coming up less often, though, with the lemon-ginger-honey mix I’ve been making for him.” My little lie brings everyone to nod in approval, a good sign.

I couldn’t help but hold a smirk as I met his eyes when he turned around to look at me. There was confusion in his eyes and I could tell that I had given this very vanilla meet-cute story an extremely naughty delivery.

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