The Girlfriend Experience

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Chapter 15 | Overflow

“Alex…” My voice was barely audible over the road noise that surrounded us. He was speeding and I didn’t think he realized it. His mind was elsewhere, and his expression was that of determination, probably pointed toward smashing Theo’s face.

“Hmm?” His concentration was broken as he eased his expression upon looking over at me.

“Maybe we should reconsider this. You seem a bit too upset for this.” My voice came out as a squeak, and I had to clear my throat.

“Upset is exactly what I should be. He’s in the wrong here, Val, and I can’t let him walk all over you for something you didn’t do.” His grip on the steering wheel tightened, and I watched as his jaw clenched. There was a pull in the pit of my stomach as my arousal suddenly poured into my system. God, I want him right now.

Priorities, Valerie.

“You’re hot when you’re mad.” So much for priorities.

“I am?” His lips curved into a smirk, but then he paused, “Wait. Is this your way of distracting me so I could ease up on Theo?”

“What? No,” I shook my head.

“Oh, sure, you’re not,” he said sarcastically, “You know what? You get none of this until this is over.”

“So now you’re taking sex off the table? That might make me want you more.

His grin widened and only when we had arrived in front of Theo’s place did it faded into a frown as he sighed heavily.

He took slow steps toward the front door, glancing back at me every few steps to make sure I was still there. I swallowed hard as I heard the doorbell ring through the door.

“You went running to him. I knew it.” Theo’s tone sounded resigned, but there was still an anger in his eyes as he turned around and headed inside, leaving the door ajar for us.

“Theo, there’s something you should know…” My voice came out almost as a whisper.

“What? Came to give me the good news? You two getting hitched?” His words ran into each other, but then he paused, “Are you carrying his child now?”

“Theo, calm the fuck down.” This wasn’t a request. This was an order, a command. A threat.

Theo turned and stepped toward Alex, his face an inch away from touching. “You better keep an eye on her or she’ll walk off and kill your child.”

“She didn’t get an abortion!” Alex’s blurt was accompanied by a jaw crunching punch into his friend’s face.

Theo rubbed his fingers along his jawline, eyes closed to absorb the pain, and when he finally looked up at me, his eyes widened. “Where is he? Where did you hide him?”

“Hide who?” We all turned to see a horrified expression on Sara’s face.

Alex walked over and pulled Sara to the side, probably asking her for a moment in privacy, but without him between us, Theo lounged at me. His fingers dug into my shoulders as his grasp knocked the breath out of me.

“Where’s my baby? Where did you put him?”

His eyes were animal as they pierced into mine, and the warm look on his composed face was nowhere to be found.

“You killed him, you bastard!” Alex grabbed him by the collar and threw him to the side. He gave Theo a hard punch across the face and then a few in the gut before I had the sense to reach for him and pull him away.

I rest my hands at the sides of his face, forcing him to look at me. Alex’s eyes slowly soften as they stared into mine. I gently shook my head, and as he understood me, he nodded in agreement. Violence wasn’t the answer.

“What does he mean, I killed him?” Theo slowly got up and looked to me for answers. I sighed before walking over to the sofa to take a seat.

“Remember that day in the city, after our fight in the Hampton’s?”

“Yeah, the day you got your abortion from that doctor,” he spoke confidently, as if his truth was true.

“No,” I shook my head, “I didn’t go through with it. I wanted to keep it as my own, but then-”

“But then you almost run over her, and the fall made her lose the child you keep yelling about. You killed your own kid, asshole.” Alex came to my side and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

Shock came to his expression as the realization took over. Then, within moments his face contorted into one of guilt.

“Will someone tell me what happened?”

We all looked up to Sara, whom we had seemingly forgotten in this mess.

“Sara,” I spoke softly as I patted the seat next to me, “Sit. I’ll tell you everything.”

“I’m running low on lemonade!” Sara called out, and I watched her in amusement. It’s been a couple of weeks since the the fight with Theo and she’s gotten some time to figure out where she stood with all this.

Out the back door came Theo with a fresh cold pitcher of well garnished lemonade, with the small smile on his lips. Silently, he poured extra into our glasses and went back inside where he was baking her favorite carrot cake.

“So how long are you going to keep him on this tight leash?” I grabbed my glass and took a sip.

“For as long as I’m still angry about all the secrets,” she responded confidently.

“Then why aren’t you mad at me?” I raised a brow at her.

“For what? Val,” she sighed and reached over to rest a hand over mine, “Theo is my husband and he owed me the truth. Besides, I understand why you wanted to keep your job on the hush.”

“I’ll never understand how you and Alex care so little about the fact that I used to do that,” I shook my head and looked away at the pool in front of us.

“Oh, speaking of whom,” she sat up and placed her glass down on the table between us, “We need to talk about your date tonight.”

“What about it?”

“I have a dress laid out on my bed that you can wear,” she gestured toward a window upstairs.

“Why can’t I wear what I have on?”

“Because I want to make sure this night is memorable.” She winked at me.


“Hey, babe,” Alex approached us from the back door, his face still fresh from the scowl he probably offered Theo. “We ready to go?”

“Not yet!” Sara yelled and the abruptly turned to me to whisper, “Go get your sexy butt into my dress and thank me later!”

Confused, I head upstairs, only hearing hushed whispers between them.

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