The Girlfriend Experience

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“Fuck!” I fought the urge to scream. We were currently sitting at the corner of the bar in this hotel, my legs spread and my panties pushed aside by his careful fingers, which were inches deep inside me. My mouth fell slack as I felt his gentle kisses along my neck and I sighed happily when he reached my collarbone.

When he finally pulled away, I gave him pleading eyes, but just as his fingers curled to reach my g-spot, they were pulled out. I whimpered under my breath. He was holding out on me and he knew it. Impatient, I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the elevator. Dinner will have to wait, or maybe we’ll just order room service.

“What about dinner? Aren’t you hungry?” Alex pointed at the packed restaurant.

“Yes,” I pushed him against the elevator wall and kissed him passionately while unbuttoning his pants, “I’m starving.”

His length sprung free and I held it in my hand, marveling at its weight and width. Eagerly, he picked me up, letting me straddle his hips as he turned us around so that I would have my back against the elevator wall. His hand reached down under and positioned his tip against my opening. I moaned loudly as he eased into me, and even more loudly when he started thrusting upward.

I took a brief glance at our reflection in the elevator and noticed that the skirt of my dress covered our skin to skin contact beneath, so anyone would just see my legs wrapped around him and that’s it. His lips worked their way toward my breasts and as the floors dinged by, I bounced on him like my life depended on it.

When the elevator door opened, there was a couple around our age standing at the opening, they quietly made room for us to walk by and I giggled into Alex’s neck as I caught a glimpse of the girl smacking the guy for gaping.

It took us seconds to end up inside our luxurious hotel bedroom, and we tore off each other’s clothes. I felt the cool glass of the balcony doors against my back as he lifted a leg and plunged into me once again. I cried out in pleasure, but he muted me with his kiss.

One hand on my waist, the other on my ass, I felt myself nearing an orgasm when one of his thrusts sent my jolting. I came right when the latch to the doors was unhooked and we were suddenly in the cold night air.

I rested my elbows and back on the railing, but the exposure to the night breeze didn’t slow him down. He reached for my other leg and had me wrapped around him as he held my hips with both hands, thrusting deeper and deeper into me.

I felt him rubbing against my walls, making me shiver with excitement as another climax was coming close. His motion increased rapidly, and when I finally screamed his name at the top of my lungs, he poured himself into me with his breath held and his eyes closed.

Later that evening, as he cradled me in his arms, I felt his kiss on my head and his words whispered in my ear, “Goodnight, Mrs. Chadwick.”

I smiled gently as I nuzzled into his chest, “Goodnight, Mr. Chadwick.”

The rest of our honeymoon was more or less of the same wildness.

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