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The Girlfriend Experience

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Chapter 02 | Tulle Pastry

“So,” he disrupted the shy humming of elevator music as we waited to arrive at our floor, “Dinner was… interesting.”

A smirk twitched onto my face as I turned to meet his confused eyes. There was finally lust in those eyes as they admired my body blatantly. Just as quickly, he looked away, almost ashamed or perhaps just… shy? He’s adorable.

When he finally seemed to have gathered his thoughts, he looked at me again with his lips ready to speak. But there were no words. He just met my alluring gaze with a dreamy expression on his face.

“Yes, it was,” I murmured, leaning in closer to him, “Did you enjoy it?”

His lips were parted, begging me to kiss them, and he nodded ever so slightly, still captivated by our shared gaze. Within moments, our lips were pressed together, moving at a rhythm as I was lifted against the elevator wall with my legs wrapped around his hips.

I ran my fingers through his rich brown hair and felt his fingers tangled in my curls. The air was filled with out heavy breathing, my occasional moans, and his occasional grunts. His touch left trails of fire on my skin and I was so desperate to feel him against me, to taste him, and to see this reserved man become a little more animal in bed.

Vaguely aware that the doors had opened, he carried me to our room while his lips continued to massage mine and his hands roamed my curves. It was only when we were finally in the room did he pause to stare at me with a blank expression.

“Alex? What’s wrong?” I noticed his bulge pressed against me.

“I didn’t bring any protection,” he mumbled.

“Oh, I have some condoms in my purse,” I told him, brushing my worries away.

“You do? Did you anticipate…”

“I always supply the protection for my clients,” I reassured him.

“Clients?” He loosened his hold on me and I got on my feet. “What do you mean clients?”

“Alex,” I stated, my tone firm and serious, “You know that I’m an escort, right?”

“You’re a what?” He pulled out his phone and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration as he tapped to call someone. I’m assuming it would be Lance.

“You really didn’t know?” I tilted my head and gave him a puzzled look. “Would first dates ever do to you what I did at the dinner table?”

He sighed as he waited for Lance to pick up and walked off into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. I could only hear bits and pieces of what Alex was saying, so I stopped trying and decided to change into my sleepwear.

“So it looks like we can’t do anything about what’s already done,” he came out of the bathroom staring at his phone. “My parents have already met you and I guess we’ll just attend the wedding tomorrow.”

I was standing in my lingerie set when he finally looked up at me. Black lace covered my shoulders and bra-panty set, leaving plenty of skin for his eyes to visit as he took a moment to ogle me.

Clearing his throat, he informed me, “I will not be having sex with you, Valerie.”

“That’s your choice, Alex,” I told him, “But I really thought we had a hot moment there.”

He remained silent as he sat down on the couch and pulled out his laptop. I sat in bed, flipping through channels until one of my favorite sitcoms popped up. Trying to keep the volume down, I minimized my laughter to a soft chuckle as the episode played through. I noticed Alex glancing at me several times and there was always this look on his face that I couldn’t explain. It was almost as if he was in awe.

“Valerie,” he called for me.


“How did you find yourself in this profession?” He closed his laptop and slipped it back into his bag.

“We don’t have to talk about this just to break the ice, you know. I think the ice was broken hours ago when you kissed me on this bed,” I said matter-of-factly as I gestured to the space beside me on the bed.

“Again, I’m sorry about that,” he sucked in air through his teeth, “You were just so… alluring.” He then cleared his throat and pushed through his own awkwardness, “But really, how did you get into this business?”

I hesitated to tell him, but then considered the fact that he was only an honest man. He didn’t even know that I was his escort. “I was in college at the time. A one night stand left an envelope full of money for me and I guess that got me curious about the job. After that, my first real client happened to be someone I met at a high class hotel. I was hired to bartend, but instead found a better paycheck. I was desperate for money at the time, with my tuition fees and my rent, so I just pushed forward with the profession and I haven’t looked back since.”

“Are you… okay with all of it?”

I cocked my head to the side, “Are you asking me if I’m happy working as an escort?” He nodded gently. “Alex, I love sex and money is a necessity. I think that should answer that.”

He let out an amused exhale, “Never met a woman who would bluntly say she loves sex.”

“Just being honest. Do you like sex?” My eyes darted down at his pants.

“Yes, but I’d rather not talk about it.” He rested his head on a pillow and mumbled, “We’ve got a long day tomorrow. Get some rest.”

I stared at his peaceful expression for a moment before letting myself fall into deep slumber, dreaming of the sensation of having his fingertips graze my skin.

The wedding was held in a wide dreamy grass field behind a very old fashioned building. While the venue itself looked like the princess’ castle in a fairy tale, it had nothing on the extremely detailed decorations that enhanced the scenery behind it. No matter where I looked, I saw gardenias pressed together in a bouquet. The amount of creamy white flowers and fabric had me dizzy.

Coming out of the bathroom, I walked down the hall and overheard light sobbing from an ajar door. Peeking in, I found the room a complete mess with the beautiful bride, Sara, at the center of it all. There were veils and lamps on the floor. Drawers were pulled out and flipped. She was sitting on the carpet facing a mirror, and her bright white ballgown dress puffed around her like a pastry made of tulle. There was something hanging from the back of her dress that I could not discern from where I stood.

“Sara? Is everything alright?” I entered the room, careful with my steps to avoid all the things on the floor.

“Oh,” she wiped her tears as she saw me, “I’m so sorry you had to see me like this.”

Her veil, which was pinned atop her blonde bun of hair, draped around her, framing her beautifully tearful face. She was absolutely stunning, even with the slightly red eyes.

“It’s okay, hon. Tell me,” I offered her a hand up and she rose higher than the tulle that surrounded her, “What’s the matter?”

“I can’t find my something old. It’s a pearl necklace that was passed down by my grandmother. I didn’t want anyone to worry so I told them to leave the room while I got ready. I’ve been looking, but there’s no sign.” She hid her face behind her hands in frustration and I patted her arm to comfort her.

“No kidding,” I chuckled, “You really ransacked this place.”

She met my eyes with low lids, a true Are you kidding me? expression on her face.

“Alright,” I laughed nervously, “What if I tell you that I know where it is?”

“What?” Her face lit up. I smiled as I reached behind her to unhook the pearl necklace that was dangling from her tulle skirt. “Oh my god, all this time it was behind me?”

I handed her the necklace and she held it up in admiration, but her eyes quickly shifted into something else. Uncertainty?

“Sara?” I almost whispered her name.

“Hmm,” she turned to see my look of concern and sighed, “What if Theo’s not the one for me? What if I don’t end up happily married to him?”

“Well,” I took her hand and enclosed in both of mine, attempting to comfort her, “I think that if he had been good enough for you to say yes when he proposed, then there’s a good chance he’ll continue to be good to you. Besides, you really won’t know how a story works out unless you actually read through the book.”

She laughed and only when she noticed my bewildered expression did she tell me, “When I was in high school, I refused to read Romeo and Juliet because I found out how it ended.”

“Good. It was a sh!t love story anyway,” I said plainly and laughed along with her.

“Valerie,” she tightened her grasp of my hand, “I’m glad you’re part of Alex’s love story. I know that sounded cheesy, but I mean it. I was really worried for him before I knew he had you.”

“Why?” Alex seemed fine to me. He’s an upright honest man with a functioning manhood and a sweet charm to his presence.

“He’s really only ever been in love with one girl and when she cut him out of her life, he threw himself into his work. He’s been working nonstop for years and I hadn’t even heard of a girl by his side until you.” She reached up to tuck a lock of hair behind my ear. “Just be good to him, please. I need to know that he’s happy.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her, nor did I have the ability to lie straight to her face, so all I did was purse my lips and nod.

“Oh god,” she groaned, scanning the mess of a room around us. “They’ll know I had a freak out in here.”

“It’s okay, I’ll stay and tidy things up,” I offered with a gentle smile.

“Oh, Valerie, no,” she turned to me, shaking her head. “You’ll miss the ceremony going through this sh!tstorm.”

“It’s okay,” I rested a hand on her shoulder, “I’ll be there for the reception. You, however, can’t miss the ceremony. You’re the main event!” I led her to the door and put a do not disturb door hanger on the outside knob.

“Valerie, you’re a blessing sent from heaven,” she kissed my cheek and gave me a grateful look before stepping out, closing the door silently behind her.

With a happy sigh, I started picking up the things that were flung on the floor.

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