The Girlfriend Experience

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Chapter 04 | Eyes Closed

I spent the afternoon sitting in bed, crying and sleeping. When I heard the door beep open, I glanced over at the clock to see that it was nowhere near time for the end of the reception. I shut my eyes as I felt the bed shift to his weight at my bedside.

“Valerie,” he whispered my name and I hated the jolt of glee that ran through my body. I didn’t move as his fingertips brushed my hair out of my face. “I know you’re awake, Valerie.”

I slowly blinked my eyes open and sighed as I sat up to face him. There was concern in his eyes, and it confused me as to why he would care so much. I suppose someone as warm hearted as he would be worried. I definitely don’t deserve the full pay for this weekend.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” He rested his hand over mine and enveloped it.

I shook my head, knowing I shouldn’t be talking about something so personal. He was a client after all, and I couldn’t burden him with something like this.

“Well, I have the rest of the evening free, so we can do whatever you want as long as it cheers you up,” he smiled warmly at me, and I felt a tug in my stomach. It was the same feeling I had the last time I felt anything for a guy, but that was ages ago, and while it sent a thrill up my chest, I knew that it would amount to nothing.

Alex was a client and I learned the hard way not to go there.

I blinked my eyes open to the muted daylight, bleeding through the thin curtains. I was exactly where I was when I was giggling next to Alex. His side of the bed was made and as I peeked down under my sheets, I was relieved to find my clothes still on.

Not that it mattered in this situation. I was hired for it anyway.

But something about Alex keeping his word made me gladder than I thought I’d be.

Last night was a lot more fun than I expected it to be. Alex managed to get his hands on a deck of cards and we spent hours making a drinking game out of the card game Speed. Drunk Alex was cute, especially when he took off his tie only to tighten it around his head like a crown. King of this fcking drinking game, he called himself. Then, we watched sitcoms on the tv until we passed out from our drunkenness. Through the giggles and the bad jokes, he seemed even more appealing.

It might have been the way he made me feel, and no, it was nothing lustful. He just made me feel safe, safer than I’d felt in a long time. He didn’t tip toe around conversational topics, and instead, made it clear through the honesty in his eyes that he genuinely found my opinions valid and worth considering.

Working as a call girl usually meant being belittled for having any opinions over current events or important business. Men can be so condescending when they pay you.

“Hey,” Alex greeted me as he walked out of the bathroom toward the sofa. My eyes ate him hungrily as he paraded his fine ass around in nothing but a white towel. I should send a thank you letter to the hotel staff for choosing such thin ones to offer their customers.

I sat up, arms over my head as I stretched and yawned. He turned to watch me bemusedly and I returned his smile with a grin.

“Feel better?” He turned his entire body toward me as he looked through his suitcase. I stared at the beads of water roll down his chest toward his abs. Does he work out? Do workaholics work out?

“Do you work out?” I couldn’t even stop myself, but I held my gaze on the V that lead toward his…

“Yes, why?”

“So you’re not flexing right now?” I pointed at his chest.

“No,” he simply said, and after a moment he asked, “Like what you see?”

“Well,” I said almost in a grunt as I tried to get on my feet. As I made my way over toward the bathroom, I took a detour over to him, pulling my hair out of its bun and feeling the twist loosen behind me. “If I weren’t such a mess right now, I’d kiss you.”

“Is that so?” His lips pulled into a smirk and he took a step forward, closing the space between us. I tried my best to keep my eyes on his, but with the look on his face, I knew that he was well aware of how much of a struggle this was.

“Not just on the lips this time,” I added.

“You look so damn pretty like this, Valerie,” he breathed, running his fingers through my bedhead hair to rest his palm at the side of my face. His hand warms my cheek, but I knew a lot of the warm was coming from the rush of blood on my face. His touch had more of an effect on me than I’m used to. “I could kiss you right now.”

“I’m not one for kissing with morning breath,” I told him as I pulled away and stepped into the bathroom, leaving the door wide open.

He stood at the doorway, watching me brush my teeth and taking in my full appearance in the mirror. I didn’t look like much. I was in the most comfortable clothes I had brought, a thin white t-shirt and pair of red satin shorts. The shirt was practically see through in harsh lighting and I knew he was taking a second look of my reflection.

“The family wants to have brunch together before we all separate, so we’ve got about an hour to get ready,” he informed me right as I bent down and spat all my foam into the sink. Cupping my hands, I took water into my mouth and rinsed before turning off the sink to face him.

“Okay,” I nodded. He stood there, frozen and gaping at me. “What is it?” I turned to study my reflection, scanning for anything out of place, anything strange.

“Valerie,” he spoke my name softly, and I felt a tingle in my toes, “Close your eyes.”

“What? Why?” I gave him a puzzled look, although my smile was still in place.

“Just close your eyes,” he said more gently this time, and I did as I was told.

It felt ridiculous to stand upright with my eyes closed. I felt vulnerable, but the worries over that were washed up by the thrill I was getting, because I knew in my heart that Alex was safe, that with him, I am safe.

I tried not to flinch as I felt his fingertips run down my cheek and brush hair out of my face. As soon as they reached the nape of my neck, I felt his other hand on my waist, pulling me closer to him. Keeping my eyes shut, I let my fingers trace up his arms, finally resting both my hands on his bare chest as I felt him lean in.

It was light at first. I barely felt his lips on mine but I knew they were there. I felt the warmth of his breath over my lips and only then did I realize how much I wanted this. Finally, I felt his kisses become more passionate. Our hands were all over as I felt his tongue dip behind my lips, and as he tugged on my lower lip with his teeth, I moaned so loud, I almost missed the lustful grunt that escaped his throat.

But then, just like that, it stopped. I fought the disappointment that probably ended up on my face anyway and stared at him, wide eyed. He offered a shy smile as he backed away, ready to get back to the suitcase.

“More,” I whispered, and as he turned to me, I jumped on him, wrapping my legs around his waist. His lips roamed my jaw, neck, and chest as I slightly grinded my sex against the hardness the his thin towel failed to contain. Finally, as we cooled down our kisses, I let myself down and gasped at the sight of him.

There Alex was, standing in nothing but his towel, which was hanging from nothing but his member, a tall and proud pole pointing positively at me.

I twirled on my heel and headed into the bathroom, shutting the door behind me. I doubt the walls could cover up the giggles I failed keep down, and I almost wanted to peek out to see how red his face was.

When we arrived at brunch, everyone was already there. As I approached the table with my arm locked on Alex’s I spotted several familiar faces, one of which I was shocked to see again.

Shit. I was recognized too.

“Alex,” I paused mid-stride. “I’m using the restroom.”

He nodded, and I knew he was probably wondering why I’d need to since I was in the bathroom fifteen minutes ago. I couldn’t face this now.

In the bathroom, I sat in a stall with my face in my hands. I had tears burning behind my eyes, but a part of me knew that crying over that would be a waste of my own tears. Women came in and out, letting me know how long I was taking, hiding in here. When I finally found the energy to get up, I straightened myself in the mirror and headed out, but felt a yank on my wrist, swinging me around the corner, invisible to other restaurant goers. I tried to ignore the various cleaning supplies and mops beside me as I stared wide eyed at man in front of me.

“What are you doing here?” His voice hasn’t changed on bit, although this is one of the rougher versions of him.

“I’m-” I start to say, but he cuts me off.

“Wait, let me guess, you’re working for a client. But Alex, huh? Didn’t think he was the type to call for a girl like you.” His expression had a smirk in it, but I knew his eyes burned with annoyance. I felt his hand grab my ass, fingers digging into my flesh. “Business good, sweetheart?”

I slapped his hand off my ass and pushed him away with all my strength. He barely took a step back, which probably meant he had been working out a lot since the last time I saw him. “Get off me. Just pretend you don’t know me.”

“Oh, but I do know you. Every inch, actually.” He sounded confident and I hated to admit that it was true. “Just make sure you keep business and private separate this time. Wouldn’t want to break someone’s heart.”

And just like that, Theo walked off to join his newlywed wife.

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