The Girlfriend Experience

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Chapter 05 | Intensity

I dropped two sugar cubes into my mug of tea and dipped a slender silver spoon in to stir gently. Dropping the spoon in the sink, I hugged the mug with both my hands, taking in the heat with my palms. Holding it closer to my face, I soaked my senses in its aroma.

It’s been a couple of days since I got back from the trip with Alex, and while I was glad I didn’t have to deal with Theo again, I found myself missing Alex more and more. It seemed ridiculous the number of times I stared at the number in my phone I have saved under “Workaholic” with a briefcase emoji. I wonder if he even thinks of me, because the number of times my mind drifted to him was alarming.

The rest of the trip was quiet as I pretended to look forward to heading home. I dreaded going back to my own routine, especially now that Theo was back in my mind, haunting me, taunting me. The mention of his name in my mind shattered my heart every time.

But all my worries turned to dust the moment I remember Alex.

I’ve kissed more men than most, and while some have been spectacular, none come close to Alex. I liked that he was gentle. That he asked questions and listened.

I took a sip from my tea and opened a new text window for his number. I stared at the keyboard for a long period of time, my thumb twitching just an inch above the screen. Shaking my head, I closed the text window and shut off the display of my phone.

He was a one time client. That’s it. He didn’t even want sex.

Well, I’m sure he did, but he didn’t try anything, which both intrigued and disappointed me.

I flinched, almost pouring all of my tea over myself, when my phone lit up his number, ringing loudly. I gingerly placed my mug down and held my phone with both hands, hesitating to tap the little green circle.

I didn’t realize I had been holding my breath until I finally did.

“Hello?” My voice was small and uncertain.

“H-Hello? Valerie?” His stutter was absolutely adorable, making me melt from the sound of my name in his voice.

“Yes, that’s me,” I tried to sound casual. There was a slight trembling from the pit of my stomach and clutched it with my free hand, hoping it would settle down.

“So I know you don’t prefer to do the girlfriend experience, but I’ve just been asked by my parents to bring my lovely girlfriend over for our family day this Sunday, so I hope it’s not much of a bother-”

“Yes,” I answered rather quickly, so I eased my tone, “I think I can make it work.”

“That would be amazing,” he sighed in relief.

“So,” I tried to extend the call, “family day? Sounds like you and your girlfriend are getting pretty serious.”

He laughed nervously as he responded, “Yeah, I actually don’t see them often, so family day is their excuse of making my presence mandatory. It’s usually mid-June, but it looks like they pulled it back five months early because they want to see you again.”

“Well, I’m glad they seem to really like me,” I bit on my lower lip as my smile grew wider.

“Like you?” He let out a laugh. “They love you! Probably more than they love me.”

“That can’t be true.”

“You should know by now how wonderful you are,” he said sincerely and then paused. “We’ll meet again? Where we met last time.”

“Alright,” I nodded, and then shook my head because I realized he couldn’t see me. This man is turning me into a fool. “Text me the time and I’ll let you know my rate.”

“Oh, Lance told me you charge double for this type of thing, so I’ll go with what he paid you last weekend.”

“Oh, that’s oka-”

“Please. I know it’s a lot to handle, and you do really well with it. And honestly, I’d pay an arm and a leg to spend time with you.”

I stayed quiet, blushing feverishly. Oh, god, what the hell is happening to me?

We said our goodbyes and hung up, but I sat there for a long moment staring at my screen. I’d do anything to avoid Theo, but since their wedding was this last weekend, I assumed they’d be on their honeymoon. At least I hoped they would be.

My stupidity will get the best of me, but the idea of seeing Alex again had my stomach fluttering.

“So what does family day include? Please don’t tell me I have to play twister with everyone,” I joked, running my palms down the tight pencil skirt of my outfit. I went with a cream colored blouse with soft ruffles running along the front. Tucked into the waist of my skirt, the blouse accentuated the curves of my body. I was almost certain I saw Alex’s jaw drop when he saw me.

I took a mental picture, knowing that visual would make me smile more than once.

“Oh, god no,” he laughed, “I mean I hope not. It changes every time. My parents decide what to do and I just go along with it.”

“Really?” I turned to him with a raised brow. “What if they decided on a full family day of learning to knit?”

“At the risk of sounding like an old lady, I’d like to put it out there that I am excellent at knitting,” he admitted rather proudly.

“A workaholic who knits?” I took a moment to stare at his profile as he drove us along a small road up a mountain.

“Go ahead, make fun all you want. I knew it would haunt me some day,” he sighed dramatically. I bit back the smile spreading across my lips.

“I won’t if you teach me,” I offered a small smile.

We stopped in front of a large house, wooden in color and modern in style. I noticed a nearby hiking trail and gazed at my surroundings, taking in all the tranquil nature. Besides the light chirping from some birds in the trees, the land was completely silent. I also noticed that our car was the only one in the driveway.

“That depends on whether you have the hands for knitting,” he said as he took my hand in his. He only stared at it for a moment before intertwining our fingers and leading me in. Only after a minute or so did I realize that he only said that to find the excuse to hold my hand.

Not that he needed one.

Inside the home, there were pictures everywhere. Upon entry, there was a wall of photos from different events that the family members had attended over time. While the wall alone was plenty to show, I was almost certain there would be much more in the other rooms.

“That’s me when I was five,” Alex pointed at a little boy in one of the pictures. Everyone else there was standing in formal wear, posing seriously with barely a smile in the crowd. Being the only child in the photo, his wide grin seemed out of place yet so endearing.

“You were so cute,” I murmured as I took a closer look.

“Still am, I hope.” I watched him wink at me in the reflection on the glass of the frame and turned around to be inches away from his face.

I had grown to miss his features over the past week, and while I still went on with my business, sex with other men didn’t have the effect it used to. Not after meeting Alex, or at least the theory of it appealed to me, even though the reasoning didn’t add up. It didn’t make sense that a man like him can change my inner thoughts so much. I kept finding myself mouthing his name in silence and picturing his face before falling asleep every night.

Things were obviously getting out of hand and I wasn’t sure how to handle it.

He leaned down, and I let him take my lips with ease as he pulled me against his body, which hardened within moments. He was holding back, kissing me slowly while his hands ran up and down the curve of my back. My chocolate curls poured over my shoulder as his mouth roamed my neck, leaving kisses and bites here and there.

We were still right at the entryway, out in one of the more public spaces of the home. I bit my lip to hold back a moan as he kissed his way down to the shy opening of my blouse, where I had conveniently left the top button undone.

He hiked up my tight skirt and let me hang onto him with my legs wrapped around his hips. I don’t hesitate to rub myself against his bulge, which was getting harder by the second. He massaged my lips with his own as he carried me from one room to another, finally resting me down on a stool by the bar in the parlor.

I wrapped my arms around him as he nibbled at my neck. Working to pull out a condom from my purse, I ripped open the foil. Blindly kissing him on the lips, I felt my way down to his zipper, freeing his member from his pants. He reached down to move my red lace thong to the side as I rolled the condom onto him.

He knocked the air out of me as he thrusted inside me for the first time, and I realized that I should have braced myself. As he started to rock back and forth against me, I enjoyed the very audible moans that escape his throat. He had his forehead pressed against mine and for the first time, I was having sex with a man who put all his focus into my eyes.

I ran my hands up my body to massage my breasts, knowing full well that he’d enjoy the view. As his eyes lingered on my breasts, I felt him thrust harder than before, making me gasp and moan louder. With a grunt, he leaned down and caught one of my breasts in his mouth, sucking and flicking his tongue against my sensitive nipple.

I bursted into an orgasm, the strongest I’ve had ever, and felt my limbs shake from the violent climax that overcame me. As I felt my insides pump against his length, I knew he was about to release as well, and when he did, I felt him hold me tighter against him.

We quickly straightened ourselves up as we heard the sound of keys unlocking the front door. As I double checked my appearance, I felt his hand pull back a few curls from my face and as I looked up at him, I spotted a gentle smile. He slowly leaned over to kiss my temple, and I knew what he wanted to say.

To him, that wasn’t just sex. It was a moment of heat and passion.

To him, I was more than just sex.

I took a deep breath as we greeted his parents, and as we started making small talk, all I could see whenever I blinked was the look in his eyes as he stared into mine with intensity when he was claiming my body. And while I am my own woman, I loved the idea of being his.

But I am who I am, and I know my place.

I’ll never be his, but just a taste should be fine. Right?

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