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Will Alexandria give her virginity to a lothario full of secrets? (18+) Alexandria Verano is a conservative, benevolent, sweet, and hopeless romantic woman who loves her work as a second secretary of the C.E.O. of Johnsen Enterprises. Dranel Arthurs is a very weird, hoot, sumptuous, imperfect, and quixotic gentleman. His way of affection towards the women he`s interested in is different from a usual guy as it has deep roots in their family tradition. Will Alexandria give her virginity to a lothario with dark secrets? Join Alexandria and Dranel as they share two weeks of love, suspense, and passion. Get ready to be engulfed by a steamy and a new extraordinary love affair.

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About The Author

Werner Empleo Teddiesfield. also known in his pen name ‘W. E. Teddiesfield’. He is 18 years old. He lives in Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines and is a High School Graduate as of 2018.

He discovered his passion for writing on May, 2017. He hopes to inspire others internationally by bringing a new taste, cliché, and culture coming from a conservative Philippines.

I use ‘Teddiesfield’ as my name in:





Public Email Address: [email protected]

- Email me some compliments or suggestions. Those will be greatly appreciated.


This is a planned trilogy with 100k words each.




This is a work of fiction, An all in one product of the author’s imagination for fun. Names, places, and etc. are purely coincidental. I own the cover, the ideas, concept, and the originality of my work.

[1st Person P.O.V.]

[Deflower Me]

[Werner Empleo Teddiesfield]

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Author’s Note

English is not my mother tongue, so sorry for that. Also I’m posting my works without edit. Thank you again for understanding.

Proper indentation, all out editing, and revisions will be notify to you after the manuscript is complete. If and only if you add this book in your library or reading list.

18+ and RATED ’R.′ For young audience, I’m truly intrigued that you’re interested to read this work but I’m afraid that your godly innocence will vanish because of me. I’m not truly sorry for that.

Inspired by business romance, my love for cruises so does traveling, and of course my precious voluptuous taste of erotica.

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