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Adira grew up being told to treasure her mate, that the moon goddess only mate ONE for her and she didn’t give second chances. Yet Adira being strong, having dreams and wishes gave it all up for the man she believed that she was destined to be with forever even though he didn’t even want to bare her mark or be fully mated. The truth is, he was hiding a darker secret then the red flags she chose to ignore—he was hiding something so undignified underneath that answered all the questions that Adira never could figure out. So when she finally had to run, run for her safety and break the bond between her and what she believed to be her last chance. She was okay with being alone, okay with the pain. Until she jumped into action, saving a child Who just happened to lead her… To her second chance.

Romance / Fantasy
Lil Bunny ❤️
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Chapter 1-Rewrite

My name is Adira Watson,

I am a Beta female in the Riverstone pack,
My parents died when I was 13 years old.

I met my mate when I was 18 years old, he was everything I assumed he’d be. He was kind, he was sweet—he said he couldn’t wait for me to be his, and I allowed him to mark me.

Little did I know, he was nothing like I had dreamed
June 15th/ Monday
Time: 8:30pm
Location: Beta Home


Currently, I was sitting at the kitchen table, watching the clock tick by as I waited for my mate.

John had been working late hours as the Beta for Logan our Alpha and Leader of the pack, it was nothing I didn’t expect from my mate. As I had wanted to be a Hunter prior to meeting my mate, he had made it clear that he couldn’t stand the idea of constantly having me away for long periods of time.

At first, it enraged me, he had such an important role, and I had spent ages 16-18 preparing to enroll myself into the Hunter rank. Logan was excited, I didn’t want to be a Beta even if I was of beta blood—my mother was a Hunter and she loved her job with every fiber of her body. When I met John that changed, Logan was greatly disappointed by my sudden change of attitude but he understood the desire of pleasing your mate.

Now I was 21, I had been with my mate for three years and we weren’t fully mated, the mate bond was so sacred and important it killed me every day that he didn’t want to complete it. The arguments would go on for days, and he’d storm out angrily—my wolf Ava had distanced herself from his wolf, John, and his wolf both shared similar views and it was like talking to a wall on both ends.

The door opened and I saw him enter, the smell of bleach stung my nose immediately. It drove me nuts, I didn’t understand what could Logan possibly be getting him doing that made him have to bleach and clean his clothes every day. He knew my nose was sensitive to smells, I had trained for hours to be a Hunter—he never thought of me.

“Hello, Babe.” John spoke, his voice raspy and annoyed.

“Have fun at work?” I asked sweetly, staying calm and relaxed.

“Eh, it was stressful but I got things done.” He answered curtly, the same response every night.

“Are you ready to eat? I kept it warm for you.” I asked him, he smiled and sat down at the table.

“Of course, I always look forward to your wonderful meals.” He spoke kindly, yet I always heard the sour tone in his voice.

I made his plate and placed it in front of him at the table. The strong smell that came off of him hit my nose and I turned around and sneezed repeatedly as the bleach burned my nose.

“Are you okay?” He asked, his voice sounded bleak and plain.

“Of course, you smell like bleach—my nose is just sensitive.” I replied, I turned to him and he just sat there silent—he keeps forgetting about my abilities.

“I forgot, I apologize babe—I’ll be more careful with how I clean my clothes.” He spoke simply, before getting up and leaving his supper half-eaten.

I didn’t understand his hatred towards my cooking, I had spent most of my childhood being taught to cook. My mother taught me everything she knew, when my parents died and I was taken in by their friends—my aunty and Uncle I called them, they continued the tradition of teaching me something new and helping me grow into all my abilities but I never knew the pain I felt now every time my mate rejected my food.

I watched him plug in his phone before heading upstairs, sometimes I felt the desire to scroll through his phone but I knew he’d know. With me being marked he could sense my moods, my health if I ever got pregnant—he knew it all and I knew absolutely nothing about him.

John never helped me clean up, he never helped with chores, he never helped with grocery shopping—I looked up from my dishes when I saw John coming back down to go to the gym inside our home—he looked at me and smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes.

It was the type of smile my momma wouldn’t of liked or my dad would have punched right out of him.

“Gym?” I asked, he nodded unplugging his phone.

“Yeah, I haven’t been working out a lot lately–I’ve been feeling the strain.” He answered honestly, he seemed fit to me.

“Oh, I have a question.” I asked sheepishly, almost afraid to ask.

“Yes? Spit it out already, I don’t have all night.” He said, I kept my composure and asked—my wolf and I had been feeling the bond strain.

“Can we go on a date tomorrow? You’ve been at work so often my wolf and I are feeling it.” I spoke softly, he paused before sighing.

“I’ll try babe, it’s a big day tomorrow.” He answered, I nodded and he walked off.

I felt tears well up in my eyes, I couldn’t help it—he hadn’t been doing anything for the mate bond. I felt the strain, the loneliness and it truly hurt my heart. Ava was barely communicating, she really didn’t care for anything unless I was hurt or needed help. We didn’t even shift and go for runs as much, because we did so much at the house for John or he was unbearable to deal with.

After I was done cleaning the kitchen, I went to finish the laundry and the smell of bleach once again stung my nose. I hated his clothes, I had to rewash them or I’d be driven insane for the rest of eternity. I sighed as I threw them into the washer—loading it with a bunch of stuff I usually used for cleaning so that they’d smell good when they came out.

When I was finished, I noticed John was gone from the gym. I winced at the overwhelming smell of sweat and bad BO, so I sighed and grabbed my cleaning supplies, and spent an hour cleaning the gym so that it didn’t smell or there weren't any stains. I switched the laundry and sighed in relief when his clothes came out and smelled a lot better—I tossed them in the dryer and then headed upstairs.

John was already asleep, I sighed cleaning up the mess around the bedroom and putting his work out clothes in the laundry basket. After I was finished, I took a long shower—all I needed was the hot water to wash away some of my stress, I was going to have to go on a run with some members of the pack soon or I’d start feeling restless.

Throwing on my nightgown, and doing my night routine—I headed to bed laying down, I rolled over and kissed his forehead.

“Goodnight John.” I whispered, he grumbled something along the lines of goodnight.

I felt the squeeze of my heart as I rolled over, my wolf and I felt neglected and alone.

June 16th/ Tuesday
Time: 7:30am

I woke up to my alarm, I dragged myself out of bed—I still felt exhausted and tired as I took my shower and then freshened up, throwing on some makeup to conceal the dark under-eye circles from working so hard around the home to make him happy.

I cook him hash browns and sausage today, which he’s used to every day except Tuesday which is signature waffle day. Yet today I didn’t feel like it. I munched slowly on some food, it turned my stomach but I kept eating—I knew starving myself was not the answer and I would get myself back together because I knew I was better than this.

Ava wanted us to go out, maybe to the mall, and have a day too myself. That actually sounded good, I felt comfort in knowing I had her—she was my only support sometimes.

“Good morning babe.” He spoke softly, dressed in casual clothes—never understood how Logan accepted this style of his.

“Good morning, I made bacon and eggs today.” I said, placing the food in front of him.

I wanted to completely go off his routine, why did he HAVE to have the same food every day? Why did he get so angry at me for cooking something different, or wanting different foods? There was nothing wrong with bacon, or eggs and I was tired of having hash browns and eggs 6/7 days of the week.

“No signature waffles today? You could’ve made my normal breakfast. Why this shit?” He asked, I shook my head and shrugged.

“I didn’t feel like it today, as you can see I don’t feel well and I wanted bacon. So I made you bacon and eggs instead.” I answered with a smile, I watched his eyes twitch with rage.

“I made simple instructions for you to make me ONE meal for my breakfast and you can’t even do that.” He fumed clearly angry, I didn’t care.

I was tired of following his “instructions” so I ignored him and changed the subject.

“I've been feeling agitated lately, I might need to go for a run.” I explained softly, he fumed and slammed his fork down angry I had completely changed the subject and ignored him.

“I don’t like it when you go on the group runs, the males stare!” He snarled, I growled back not liking his attitude.

“I am a wolf, I need to run—you won’t take me anymore.” I hissed back, his eyes darkened as he stood.

“I am a beta, you will respect your mate.” He fumed back, using his beta tone on me which pissed Ava off immensely.

“I’m of beta blood too, respect me as well.” I growled back, his eyes showing anger and disrespect.

He threw his food against the wall, I flinched when it shattered—he had never blown up like this before. I glared at him, Ava coming forward to help protect me—if he thought I was going to stand down and whimper while he tried to abuse me he had another thing coming.

“I work all day! I bring home the money, I deserve respect!?” He growls, I roll my eyes feeling rage and anger.

“I do the housework! I clean your messes, I make you dinner that you NEVER finish—nobody said you had to make all the money, I’ve said I could apply for a job.” I growled back, it was low and angry.

“I don’t want you working! I want you home.” He growled, gripping my arm—one thing he had against me was strength, I hadn’t been able to focus on my body or working out so I was far weaker.

“You are hurting me you asshole! What happened to my loving mate?” I hissed at him, ripping my hand from him—his eyes filled with pure rage.

“You are such an ungrateful bitch!” He spat, before stomping out and slamming the door.

I angrily began cleaning up the mess, looking around the house I’d spend hours cleaning again as he peeled out of the driveway–my body was on fire, with anger and disgust by the way he thought he could treat me. I was a beta female, I was strong, I had smarts, I finished school and finished Hunter school— I was worth so much more but to please my mate I gave up everything for him to be his housewife.

Was this really what we wanted? Is this really the kind of man I was meant to spend eternity with? A man who didn’t want to fully mate me, who didn’t want to marry me, who didn’t trust me, who wanted me kept to myself and away from my pack?

Was this really what I wanted?

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This book is undergoing a rewrite, same concept but I’m going to be adding more and really working on this book because I feel so bad about just abandoning it. I feel better now that I’ve been working on it and fixing it to be something I’d like to read.

I have so many papers on this book really focusing on what it’s about, and how I want it to be like I’ve been doing for a lot of my books.

I hope it sounds better, and it’s really working.

I love you my lil rabbits,

Tata for now.
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