The Rockstar Second Chance Vol. 5 Rocker Girl Series

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Jimmy Richardson was the singer, in the most famous rock band in the world, Death Ever After. He had everything other guys envied him for, fame, wealth, and any woman he wanted. The only problem was… he had only ever wanted one woman, Addison. After getting himself cleaned up. Jimmy had spent the last five years working and that was the one thing that had kept him going. Now the possibility to see Addison has come and even though he wants to see her again, he’s not sure if he can face the woman he loves after the hell he put her through when he was drunk and high. Addison life has always been complicated. With a sister who was traumatized by their father, to the death of her parents, to the abuse from the man she loved and ran away from… but then she found Win, and her life finally came together. But after Win died, she felt more lost then she ever had in her life. Can love that had been broken by sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll, find its way back to two people who once loved each other? Time will only tell.

Romance / Fantasy
Jennifer L Byars
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Jimmy sat on the tour bus watching the world roll past him like he had done for so many years now. He could hardly remember a time when he wasn’t on the road. Hell, there were years he couldn’t remember from being so drunk and high. But as he sat there watching another small-town go by, he knew there was a part of himself that was grateful for not remembering those drug-induced years, because he didn’t think he could live if he did remember the things he had to his wife and the only woman he only loved… Addison

He ran his hands over his face as old memories came back to haunt him. He got up as cars drove by honking their horns at the bus as he made his way to get a soda. When he sat back down, he tried to get his mind focused on the upcoming concert and not the things of the past he couldn’t change.

Jones came over with his cell in hand and a tired look on his face. “Hey Jim, how you doing?”

“Okay, how about you?” He mumbled, taking a sip of the orange soda.

“Margie has bad morning sickness again, and she’s having a hard time dealing with the boys and being by herself,” Jones answered.

“That’s tough man, sorry.”

“Yeah, but I told her I’d been home soon.” Jones grinned taking a sip of coffee.

Two hours later he got back up to get himself to get another soda and took a seat at the table where Dax had fallen asleep. He had pulled out a piece of paper and started to write down lyric’s that’s been floating around in his head for a long time now. It wasn’t one of his normal songs, it was a Ballard. He could hear the slow rhythm in his head, and he really liked it.

His thoughts drifted back to violet eyes, pink porcelain lips, a body that has a man begging for mercy, with a voice so deep, and yet so feminine, saying his name as he made love to her. She was all that he ever wanted or needed...

He dropped the pen and sat back in the chair crossing his arms knowing it was too late to fix anything he’d done to his baby girl. He knew he had fucked up beyond repair, and that was a hard truth that he’d learned to live with over the years. But every song he wrote was about Addison, and all he could do was hope she would hear the songs and know just how damn sorry he was for everything he did.

Jones got a bottle of water from the fridge and sat down next to him breaking his train of thought. “You still sitting here?”

“Yeah, I’ve had a song in my head for some time now. I thought it was about time to put it on paper.” He said then looked Jones over. “What’s going on with you?”

“Margie just called and to tell me she figured out why the boys were being shits... they all have colds.” He sighed shaking his head. “Man, she has so much shit on her plate with everything that’s been going on...” He started then stopped cold shaking his head. “I feel like a total douche for being on the road and not there helping my woman.”

Nickels came up from the front and leaned against the wall glancing down at Jones. “Don’t worry, I just got off the phone with Lynn, and she says that she’s going to stay over to help out and we should be getting an update soon enough.” He hinted.

He looked at Nickels and Jones feeling like he was back on drugs because he didn’t understand a fucking word they were saying. “What the hell are you two talking about? Is Margie okay, or did something happen beside the kids having a cold?”

Nickels glanced at Jones, and then pulled out a smoke and lit it. “It’s nothing, Jones and Howie both just keep knocking up their women, and them being on the road gets hard for the girls is all.” Was all that was offered.

There was something more going on, he could see it from the looks on their faces. He’d known them to fucking long to not know. “Whatever dip shits. Why don’t you go and find something to do so I can finish up this song.” He sighed picking the pen back up.

“Yeah, sounds good Jim.” Jones grinned slapping him on the shoulder going to the front of the bus.

“We’re going to be stopping soon to get something to eat. Howie’s in the mood for a steak.” Nickels said.

“Yeah, sounds good.” He shrugged pretending to get back to work.

Nickels nodded and walked away leaving him alone. When he was sure that he was alone, he sat back up seeing that Dax had slept through everything, and looked back out the window trying to get his thoughts under control and back on track to write. But that was easier said than done when all he could think about was how badly he missed his baby girl.

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