The Rockstar Second Chance Vol. 5 Rocker Girl Series

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Chapter 11


He had forgotten how stuffy the nights were in the south, but he usually was at some swanky ass hotel enjoying the air conditioning, but even with the place being cooled… it was still damn hot. But even if he was dealing with the stick, it was so much better coming home from a long ass tour to someone you love, and not just some random piece of ass or groupie. He always knew he missed coming home to Addison, but being here with his baby girl right here and now… he knew just how much.

After freshening up and changing into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, he splashed some cologne on and hoped that him and Addison could pick back up where they were before the damn knock on the door. He was really hoping maybe he would be able to talk his girl into letting him kiss those gorgeous porcelain pink lips of hers again… but with the way she was acting as he touched her, it sure felt like it could go even further just a minute ago.

When he walked past the boy’s bedroom door, it was cracked open, so he peeked in. Both boys were still sound asleep in their little beds with the fan on and out cold. With a smile on his face that he couldn’t hide, he shut the door just a little more just in case he got to go further then just a kiss. When he started to walk down the hall, he knew he was an asshole for wanting more, but he had waited so damn long to get his baby girl back into his arms and his body was already wanting to have her completely.

The lights were off in the front room, only the kitchen light over the sink was on, but when he looked around Addison was nowhere to be seen. He hurried back into her bedroom, then her bathroom to see if she was in there, but she wasn’t. This place was only a two-bedroom house, and not that big for him not to find her… but then panic set in and he went back to the front room. Had someone followed him here? Could someone have taken Addison for ransom? He’d heard of that kind of shit before but it wasn’t something he’d had to worry about in so damn long! “I knew I should have brought security with me!” He growled under his breath.

Jimmy jogged going to the front door, his heart racing, when he heard Addison whisper and then a man’s voice. He peaked around the corner seeing if it was someone here to bribe her, get a story from her, or trying to hurt her… but what he saw was just as bad. “Son of a bitch.” He murmured under his breath. One of the guys from that new band Inferno was standing there in front of Addison, and trying like hell to get her into the douche bags arms. “This fucking band is going to kill me!” He growled but then took a deep breath to get himself under control. His baby girl was safe, and that was all that mattered.

He stayed out of sight, knowing that Addison was probably freaking the fuck out right about now with his ass here so, he instead just listened in to make sure she was okay… and make sure the ass didn’t try anything.

Quietly he leaned against the wall as the two talked, and from the sound of it, she was letting him down easy, which made him very, very, happy. With Addison trying to get the ass to leave, he was only going to mentally beat the living hell out of this guy.

As he listened to the conversation Addison and this guy South were having, he thought Karma must really be a bitch! Knowing that this douche had slept with her, and now he wanted her for his own… no, it was more like Karma coming back around and kicking him in the ass! Worse yet, he didn’t know if he could keep his cool if she said that she loved this guy, but he would.

He heard her tell him it was time to leave and footsteps going to the door, so he took a peek around the corner, when he saw that damn South snatch her up into his arms and start to kiss her. That was it, it was time for him to step in and teach that piece of shit to learn when a woman says no, she means fucking no. But as soon as he turned the corner, she smacked the hell out of him… that was his girl!

He cleared his throat to get this ass' attention, South looked and saw him with a shocked look on his face, but Addison’s shoulders stiffened when she heard his voice and spun around. “I think she was telling you to pound sand, not to assault her in her front room.” He said, calmly.

South scowled at Jimmy and then turned back to Addison. “Are you telling me you’re fucking your ex-husband?” He yelled.

“Keep your voice down!” She snapped, but South was beyond pissed and had no intention of doing that.

“Why in the hell would you let the man who beat the fucking shit out of you back in your house, and with your kids here? Are you fucking crazy?!” He seethed, but then said something that was meant to sting Addison. “Do you really think Win would want you fucking the man who beat the hell out of you in the first place, do you?!”

Addison gasped at what was said, and then he was done… no one talked to his baby girl like that, no one! He stomped over ready to beat the fucking hell out of that joker, when Addison stepped in front of him. “Please Jimmy, don’t. If I ever meant anything to you, please don’t start something in my home with my children asleep in their beds.” She pleaded.

“Addison, if this guy thinks he can talk to you like that…” He growled, but she put her hand on his chest and looked him in the eyes.

“Jimmy, starting a fight with South will do nothing for any of us but make things worse… there’s just been a misunderstanding between me and South, that’s all.” She whispered, and he could see the fear in her eyes and knew it was for her boys. “I’m going to go outside and have a talk with him, okay?”

South reached out and pulled Addison away from him. “I’m not going to leave you in the house with him, are you nuts! Who knows what the hell will happen when I’m gone? If you remember I got a front row seat to see what he did to you the last time he saw you!” He roared.

Jimmy’s hands balled up into fist and it took every ounce of self-control not to go over and start beating this mother fucker down. But Addison snapped around breaking free of South's grasp, and looking pretty damn pissed herself. “That’s enough South. Do you think I would let anyone in my house who would hurt me or my children… well do you?” She hissed. “Besides, Dax and the guys said he was completely clean, do you think they would say that if it wasn’t true?” She accused quietly.

“What Dax says doesn’t mean shit; you know that. He wants in your pants as much as I do… maybe even more!” South seethed. “Maybe Dax brought him over so you could see what a fucking train wreck he is, and then you’d have to call his ass to come and rescue you!”

Addison just stood there shocked, but it was now his turn to be pissed beyond belief. In one step he was toe to toe with South as they both glared hatefully back at each other, and knowing if either one made a move right then, they both stood a chance at loosing the woman they wanted. “I have no fucking clue what the hell your spewin’ here, but if you don’t leave this fucking house right now… I’m going to put your ass threw that fucking door!” Jimmy growled.

South smirked back at him. “How could you not know about Dax's infatuation with Addison… are you fucking blind? Or maybe all those fucking drugs you did, maybe your fucked-up brain doesn’t want to know the truth. So, let me update your ass…”

“South, that’s enough!” Addison hissed.

“Did your best friend tell you how he made a move on Ad only a couple months after Win died? Are you sure he’s your best friend… or is he just trying to get you the fuck out of Ad’s life?!” South growled.

“You mother fucker!” He snarled more than ready to put his fist threw this mother fuckers face, but then Addison's head dropped into her hands, and he heard the sobs coming from her stopping him cold in his tracks.

“Please stop, please stop this… I don’t want this, I never wanted this.” She cried as her hands dropped and looked at him and South.

Jimmy took a step back from the guy he wanted more than anything to beat the holy shit out of. He wanted his baby girl to know he was willing to back down for her sake and then nodded his head. He was so pissed at what South had just said, he didn’t want to say anything at all to afraid that if the idiot spewed more shit, he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

Addison took South by the arm as he glared hatefully back at Jimmy, but she pulled on South's for him to follow, and the asshole finally did. She didn’t look up at him as she quietly shut the door behind her.

He hated that this guy was right about what he was in the past. That this fucking South knew what he was when he had been drinking and on drugs, and worse yet, he knew what he had done to his wife when he was high and been drinking. He shook his head going over to the window and watched Addison and South argue, but his baby girl had her hands on her hips, so whatever that asshat had to say, she had made up her mind… and that fucker was done. “Damn it, maybe I shouldn’t be here?” He murmured. “The last thing I wanted was to bring this kind of shit to her doorstep. But if her husband wanted me, and not his best friend… maybe he knew something I didn’t.”

He heard something coming his way and turned around to see J.W. come and stand next to him and looked out the window. “I don’t like that guy.” His tired little voice mumbled.

“Did we wake you?” Jimmy asked now very happy that he kept his temper in check. It seems kids are pretty unpredictable when and where they pop up.

J.W. shrugged his shoulders. “I heard people talking so I wanted to make sure momma was okay.” He explained.

Damn, this was a good kid, and they had already stolen his heart. His and went to J.W.'s shoulder pulling him away from the window and started walking him to his bedroom. “Why don’t you like south, I mean, he seems like a good guy?” He lied, hoping to get a little more information from J.W. who clearly felt the same way about the asshole as he did.

“He gets pushy with momma sometimes. And when he comes over, he always tells me to take Justin out and go play.” J.W. shrugged again.

“Do you leave when he says to?” He asked.

“No, momma always tells me to stay.” J.W. answered.

He opened up the bedroom door and then went over and tucked the little guy back into bed and then sat down next to him. “Would you mind if I made sure that that guy South doesn’t come over anymore to bug your momma?” He asked.

J.W.’s eyes looked him over and then shook his head. “No, I wouldn’t mind. But I don’t want momma to get mad at me either.” He said yawning.

“Don’t worry about that she wouldn’t be mad at you at all … Okay.”

“Yeah, okay.” J.W nodded rubbing his eyes before they started to close again.

Jimmy grinned as he got up from the bed and then went to Justin and made sure he was still asleep, and then closed the door going to check on Addison. When he got back to the window, South threw his hands up in the air before getting into his car and squealing the tires as he took off down the road. A minute later Addison opened the door and saw him still standing over by the window. She quietly closed the door behind her, then fell back against it, looking at him nervously.

The room was only lit by the moon light that was coming in through the large picture window, and the fact that Addison hadn’t moved told him all he needed to know. He slowly made his way to her and watched her body stiffen. But when he stood in front of her, she glanced up at him with big eyes and he could help by reach out and take her in his arms. “I told you I’d never hurt you again baby girl, and that was a promise. Do you hear me, I fucking promise.” He whispered into her hair hugging her tightly.

Her arms wrapped around his waist and she laid her cheek against his chest. “Okay Jimmy.” She whispered back.

“Do you want to go into the front room so we can talk?” He asked kissing the top of her head.

“Sure.” She nodded.

They sat on the sofa, and she sat crisscross turned in his direction. He could tell even in the dim light that she was still worried, so he leaned back against the arm of the sofa, putting one leg alongside her, and the other on the floor. His arms went over his head, latching behind his neck looking at her. “So, you want to tell me what just happened?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” She murmured dropping her eyes.

“Hey.” He said nudging her with his leg. “I’m not going to be mad at you, this is what friends do, right?”

That made her sigh and shake her head before glancing back up at him. “But we have never been just friends Jimmy, we've always had something more between us. Even when I was so mad at you, and you were so far gone… even then they was more to us.” She whispered.

“I know Baby girl, it’s just how it is with us, I guess? But still, just let me in on what’s going on with you and that guy South. I mean, he got more than a little pushy with you.”

She bit her lip and twisted the bottom of her shirt with her finger. “I don’t know where to begin.” She answered.

“How about where he thinks he had a chance with you.” He shrugged.

She was staring a hole into the sofa but then nodded. “I can’t even tell you how lost I was after Win passed, and somethings happened that made it worse….” She mumbled, but then stopped. There was something going on in that smart brain of hers but he wasn’t sure what. “I made some really bad choices after that. It was like I didn’t know what to do with myself anymore. For two years I took care of Win, our boy’s, and a job and then… he was gone, and everything changed. Then I made a really bad decision, well, if you could call it a decision.” She confessed.

“Okay, so you could have made some better decisions. I get that, but why was South all upset with you?” He asked.

She sighed shaking her head, and rubbing her face before her hands dropped back into her lap. “About four months ago, South came over after a concert here in town. I mean, he’d come over before when he wasn’t touring, and when Win was sick and everything, but this was the first time since the funeral.

“You see, Howie had come back for the weekend and was taking Tia and the kids to a theme park, and wanted to take J.W. and Justin along with them. They told me that it would be good for me to get some alone time, and good for the boys to get away from the house for a bit.” She mumbled and then frowned. “I was having a really hard time keeping up with my with patients and it was starting to catch up with me. So, Howie thought this would give the three of us a much-needed break from each other.”

“Sounds like a good plan.”

“Yeah, I thought so too. But after everyone left and the place was so quiet that’s when it hit me. That was the first time I had been alone in my house since Win had passed, and then the panic hit me, and it was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.” She whispered looking down at her hands. “That’s when South showed up to say hi and see how I was doing, and it felt like I could breathe again. We just started talking about how I first met him and Win after we moved out to Cleveland…” She smiled, but then stopped.

He knew why she stopped because he knew what time she was talking about. That was one of only a hand full of times he could remember that made Addison leave in the middle of the night with the girls. He could still see that black eye and her hand cradling her broken wrist, that memory still fucking haunts him. “I know Addie, I can remember why you left. But it’s in the past, so tell me what happened next?”

She nodded and her shoulders eased. “Well, I made dinner for him, and we talked about things. You know, things like what Win and South did when they were teenagers, the funny things Win would say, how much he loved me…it made me smile, thinking of all the fun and good times we had together, and I needed that.” She smiled, and then she took a deep breath and her eyes found his. “Winston was a beautiful and good man to me Jimmy. And I loved him so very much.” She confessed wiping away a tear.

“I know you did baby girl.” He answered, knowing that as much as that hurt to hear her say she loved this guy, he was also happy that she found someone who loved her while he became the man he needed to be for her again.

“We started laughing, and since the kid’s weren’t home, and I knew they weren’t coming home that night, I had more to drink then I should’ve.” She admitted. “But then the conversation turned and South was telling me that Win wouldn’t have been happy seeing me the way I was, and that killed me. That’s when I started to cry, and he came over to give me a hug and then, he kissed me. One thing led to another and it just… happened.”

He nodded completely understanding how something like that could happen when she was so vulnerable at the time. “Okay, things happened. So, then you told him what?”

She touched his leg with her finger, and then started to watch her finger, and not looking at him at all. “The next morning, we both agreed that what happened was a mistake. He told me that we should just be good friends to one another, and I agreed. There’s really nothing more to it. He’s on tour, and working with Billy and Sam to get the career he’s always dreamed of.” She stated and then sighed. “I on the other hand don’t want anything to do with rock stars, or that way of life anymore…” She said absent mindedly, still touching him, then stopped.

Her hand went from his leg, and her eyes quickly shot up making him chuckle. “Addison, that’s something I already knew baby, there’s no secret there.” He grinned, but then what South said about Dax came back, but he couldn’t fucking go there. Instead he focused on the beautiful woman in front of him. “But he came over tonight saying that he wanted to get together with you.” He stated.

Addison nodded her head and frowned. “It’s been months since this happened, I thought this was past us by now, I mean, he calls or stops by but he never said anything more about that night.” She answered rubbing her hand over her face. “I’ll never understand men. They go whoring around and then act like we’re supposed to be thankful when they want a commitment or something. I never want to feel I’m not able to trust the man I’m with, or wonder where the person I love has been.” She whispered, and he knew that one was directly aimed at him.

His hand took hers and their eyes met. “Let me tell you something right now, if you ever let me back into your life baby girl you’ll never have to worry or wonder where I’m at or who I’m with, you’ll know everything, that’s a fact.” He promised. “I screwed up big time and put you through hell, I’ll never make that mistake again. You’re the only woman I’ll ever want Addison.”

She didn’t say anything after his confession, they just sat there staring at one another, but soon her finger started tracing his calf again. “Win told me before he passed that South would be coming over more to see me, and that made him so upset, I could see it. He also told me South wasn’t the kind of man he would want in my life, and that I could never trust him with my heart.” She sighed, and then her lip trembled. “I told Win that I didn’t even think of South that way. I made sure he knew I loved him and only him, that it was dumb to even think of those things because I only wanted him… and look at the mess I got myself into.”

“Hey, don’t beat yourself up over what happened. People do things they regret when there upset baby girl. I’m the king in that particular department.” He winked. “But you did the right thing by letting him know tonight that you didn’t feel the same way he did, and that night was nothing more than just two friends grieving over someone they loved. Okay?” He offered, and what he got in return was a small nod and a shrug. So, he thought he would break the ice. “You know, I think I did pretty damn good tonight with that South guy, don’t you?” He grinned.

“What is that supposed to mean?” She asked.

“Well, normally I would have beat his ass till he stopped moving.” He answered.

“Oh my gosh, what do you want a brownie pin?” She chuckled.

“No, but I was thinking I did deserve some kind of reward for staying cool under extreme pressure?” He offered.

“Extreme pressure, is what we’re calling that situation?” She smiled and then sighed. “And what could you possible want from me Jimmy?” She asked, probably thinking he would never go for the obvious... but he did.

“I want a kiss baby girl.” He shrugged.

“What?” She laughed.

“You heard me. I want a kiss.”

The smile faltered on her face and her eyes dropped to his lips before licking hers. “A kiss?” She whispered.

At this point, he was already rock hard, and having that little tongue lick those lips that he wanted to taste for so long now… his hand reached out taking one of her calves in his hand pulling her to him. “It’s just a kiss Addie. And you’ve given me lots of those before.” He grinned.

“Yeah, I know but, it’s just one kiss, right?” She murmured.

“Just one baby girl.” He agreed, but was hoping it would lead to a whole hell of a lot more.

She was quiet but moved even closer to where she was right in front of him. “Okay, just one.”

When his lips met hers, the kiss was soft and not demanding, but when she didn’t pull away and started to kiss him again… his hands wrapped themselves into her hair and his tongue slipped into her mouth and made love to it.

She groaned as he sucked on her tongue, and his restraint snapped. He picked her up and laid her back down on the sofa nestling himself in-between her thighs. His hand traced her leg going under her shorts and panties and taking a hold of that sweet ass of hers.

He started kissing down her neck and her hands fisted handfuls of his hair. “Don’t you think we should slow down a little bit, Jimmy?” She said breathing heavily in his ear.

“Maybe we should. I don’t want to rush you baby girl, but I don’t want to stop either.” He answered as his hand came up and went under her back and unsnapped her bra. “Do you want me to stop Addie?” He growled kissing down her shirt.

“No…” She breathed.

His body ached to be inside of her, but he also wanted to taste every inch skin, starting with her breast. His hand started to lift up her tank top when she stopped him. He got up looking at her. “What’s wrong, is it too fast?” He asked.

“No, well yes, but…”

“But what?”

“I’m different now. I’m not the same from before. I’ve had children… my body doesn’t look the same anymore from the last time you saw it.” She whispered.

“Baby girl, you’re the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on, ever.” He assured her as he lifted up her shirt and exposed those generous tits of hers. “Just beautiful baby.” He growled before going down and kissing her nipple. He then took one of the soft mounds in his hand before sucking in the rosy bud making her gasp. It had been so long since he’d been there and he missed it so damn much!

Her finger dug into his back as her nipple pebbled under his mouth before flicking that little bud with his tongue. “Good lord Jimmy, you’re going to kill me baby…” She groaned as her hips buckled against him.

That had him stop, and he got back up and stared down at the woman who was a mess with passion. “You called me baby.” He stated in disbelief.

Addison bit her lip and then nodded. “I guess I did.”

His mouth went crashing down on hers, and her arms wrapped around him. His fingers pushed her shorts and panties aside as he slipped his fingers deep inside of her making him groan and her gasp at the feeling. Her hand skimmed the waist of his shorts, and then her little hand undid the button and went to his dick. When she started to stroke him… he couldn’t take anymore and got himself ready to enter the heaven he’d been dreaming of.

He slowly leaned in kissing her lips not sure if he should strip her of her clothing, or just move the fabric out of the way so he could just be in her that much faster. Going for option number two, he moved her panties to the side and was just about to enter the piece of heaven she was offering… when a sharp scream echoed throughout the house.

Addison’s hand came up stopping him cold as her eyes went wide. Another scream tore from down the hallway and she pushed him off, quickly getting up off the sofa and hurrying down the hall fixing her bra and shorts. She was out of sight when there was another scream, but then came the sound of crying. He just sat there for a minute trying to get his body to calm the fuck down. His dick was so hard at the moment, he didn’t think he would be able to walk down to the bathroom to take a freezing cold shower that he definitely needed.

After a couple minutes he made his way down the hallway and looked into the boy’s room. J.W. was still asleep but Justin wasn’t in his bed. He then looked into Addison’s room and saw her laying in her bed with Justin in her arms. His thumb was in his mouth as he whimpered as Addison hummed to him caressing his little face with her hand making him go back to sleep.

Jimmy went and laid back down on the sofa, picking the pillow up from the floor, and got comfortable before laying down and then stared at the ceiling.

He couldn’t believe how fucking lucky he was today with Addison. Maybe there was something more to her husband’s letter to him. It was obvious that he knew that dip shit South was no good for her. Maybe he could get her to love him again like she used to, and become the family like her husband had wanted.

Her boys had already won his heart, and even though they weren’t his blood, he would have no problems whatsoever calling them his own. “It will keep for now baby girl. There’s plenty of time for me to call you mine again.” He murmured.

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