The Rockstar Second Chance Vol. 5 Rocker Girl Series

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Chapter 14


The sunlight hit waking him up from another fucking dream. He turned over in his sleep and his hands went over his face, the dream still fresh in his mind as he started to wake up. It had been a long time since that night in Mary Beth’s kitchen, and he had forgotten all about the way Dax had acted.

He wanted to groan because even first thing in the morning, the shit that South had spewed was fresh in his head. But that was years ago, there was no way Dax had feelings for Addison now, he said he never did… and if he had, he was sure he would have known about it by now. He rubbed his eyes knowing it was just that son of a bitch’s way of getting under his skin so his baby girl would think he was still a fucking train wreck… there was no way that shit that South had said was true!

He stared up at the ceiling trying to move on from what he was thinking, and thought about how his baby girl still reacted to his touch, or better yet how he got to taste that mouth of hers again. But then again he was just so fucking thankful that she didn’t throw his ass out right out of the house when she saw him yesterday but instead invited him to stay the night. Just thinking about how ready her sweet little body was for him to take her, that made another part of his body wide awake, even if he wasn’t. It looked like a cold ass shower was what was needed this morning.

When he was cleaned, dress, and not rock hard, he made his way back out to the front room to see Justin laying on the sofa. His little head on the pillow that Jimmy had been sleeping on, and the little guy was watching cartoons and sucking his thumb. He sat down next to him messing up his blond hair. “Hey kiddo, where’s your momma at?” He asked but Justin’s little eyes glanced up at him and didn’t say anything. That’s when J.W. came out from down the hall and sat in front of the TV. “Morning big man, where’s your momma?” He asked, hoping to get an answer from the older one.

“She’s getting dressed.” Was all that was said.

Next thing he knew Addison walked out from down the hall wearing a thin little blue sun dress, and he thought he might have to go take another fucking cold shower. She quickly glanced over at him. “Good morning,” she whispered, but walked by him to the kitchen before he could get a word out.

J.W. got up from the ground running after her. “Momma, can we have peanut butter and banana pancakes, please?” He asked.

“Sure, I think I can do that for you.” She smiled and then went to get all the stuff. She started to mix up the batter, and J.W. didn’t leave the kitchen, but instead went to a basket pulling out some coloring books and crayons and brought them to the table.

Jimmy sat there watching her and knew he better get his ass in there and make her feel more at ease, or it was going to be a long ass day trying to soften her and J.W. up. He got up from the sofa and Justin’s little arms came up making noises at him to be picked up… so he did. He put Justin on his hip and then walked towards the kitchen as Justin laid his head on his shoulder. “Well, at least you like me.” He smiled.

He put Justin down on a chair and gave him a coloring book and some crayons and walked over to the woman who was trying like hell to ignore him for some reason. She was next to the stove mixing in mashed bananas when he leaned up against the counter at her side. “Morning baby girl.” He chuckled making her turn her head, and kissed her lips very softly. “You regretting that I’m here?” He asked.

That had her eyes go wide stopping what she was doing, and then shook her head. “No, I’m just a little nervous.” She admitted.

“About what?” He asked, but she didn’t answer. He turned off the burner and took her by the hand and pulled her to the entry way so they were out of sight of the kids. “Tell me what are you nervous about Addie?”

“Well, my boys for one thing. They don’t understand that I’ve known you my whole life. To them, you’re just a stranger that’s kissing their mom.” She sighed.

“Okay, I get that. But baby girl, I’m going to kiss you every damn morning if you’ll let me like you just did.” He chuckled.

“Yeah, I know. But then I’m also nervous about, well, your temper Jimmy. I mean, after last night you proved that you’ve changed, and I’m not belittling that at all, but…” She started, but then stopped.

“You’re afraid that it could happen again.” He answered.

“Yes. I won’t have my children growing up in that kind of environment… we both know what that can do to a child.” She whispered.

Damn that struck him in the heart and he pulled up her chin so she would look at him. “Yes, I do know what it does to a kid Addie, and I promise you that I’m not that man anymore. I’m not my father baby girl, damn it, I never wanted to be that fucking asshole, and then I fell and became the one thing I hated the most in this world!” He growled, but then shook his head. “I’ve worked long and hard to get myself cleaned up. I’m still the same Jimmy that loved you all those years ago, but after everything that I put you through, and myself, I’ve become a more humbled man, especially when it comes to what I love in my life.”

“And what about the kids. They don’t know you; they just see you as a stranger.”

“Well, I think I got Justin on my side.” He smiled. “But I’ll work on J.W. I’m sure he's not going to like seeing me show you any kind of affection, so I’ll take it slow. Let him know that I’m not such a bad guy… but I think he just wants to protect his momma, and that’s one thing baby girl I really do get. So, if he see’s I’m not going to hurt you or Justin, I think he might start to warm up to me in time.” He offered.

“Okay, so I guess we’ll see where this goes.” She nodded.

“Come on, I’m starving.” He grinned taking her hand and leading her back to the kitchen. “By the way, where did you come up with peanut butter and banana pancakes?” He chuckled.

“J.W. loves Elvis, and Elvis' favorite sandwich was peanut butter and bananas so, I made it into pancakes for him.” She shrugged.

“Good to know he likes Elvis. Now I have a way to get to know him a little better.” He smiled, and then came up with a plan to do just that. “Hey, you know I’ve never really seen Nashville. Do you think you and the boys would like to give me a tour?”

“Do you think that’s a good idea, I mean… you are James Richardson of Death Ever After.” She reminded him.

“With a hat and some sun glasses nobody is going to know who I am.” He winked.

“I guess we’ll soon see if you are right but, I think that sounds like a good idea… just as long as you don’t try to buy their affection.” She smiled.

“There’s no promises with that baby girl. I’m going to use every advantage I’ve got!” He laughed following her back to the kitchen.

He had never really seen Nashville accept from out the window of a tour bus, and from whatever stadium they were playing in. They all went on a tour of the Grand Ole Opry, then walked around down town, and had a great barbecue lunch. Justin seemed to like him, but J.W. was very cautious, but as they walked around one of the big parks, he started telling J.W. stories about him and Addison when they were younger, and he seemed to like that.

It was later on in the day after he had bought both boys big Elvis teddy bears, and were eating some ice cream, that he had taken Addison’s hand as they walked. She glanced up at him, but didn’t pull away, instead she let him entwine his fingers with hers… he just couldn’t explain how it made him feel whole again.

After they got home, Addison put the boys in the bath and he turned on the TV to see what was on. Soon two little boys came out all clean and, in their pajamas, one holding a big Elvis teddy bear, the other sucking his thumb. “So the boys wanted to thank you for their gifts and say good night to you… if that’s okay?” She smiled.

“Yeah, of course.” He winked.

Addison didn’t even have to ask Justin, he just came running over, putting his little arms up in the air wanting to be picked up, and gave him a hug. “Night little man.” He laughed.

“Night…” Justin mumbled, then hurried down from his lap and went running into Addison’s arms. She glanced up at him with a big smile on her face as Justin clung to her.

J.W. came over slowly, looking like he wasn’t sure if he wanted to like him or not. “Thank's for the teddy bear… I had fun today.” He said quietly.

“Hey, I had fun to. Thanks for showing me around your town.” He grinned, but J.W. didn’t move.

“Do you really play in uncle Dax's band?” J.W. asked.

“Yeah, I’m the singer.” He told him.

“Do you play guitar?”

“Well, I don’t play like Dax and Jones do, but I write all my songs with a guitar I’ve had for a very long time. In fact, it’s a guitar that your mom bought for me a long time ago. It’s my favorite guitar I own.” He confessed glancing up to catch Addison’s eyes looking at him.

J.W. didn’t say anything, just stood there quietly, but then reached up giving him a hug. “Good night.” He said, then hurried down the hall.

Addison chuckled shaking her head. “I’m going to jump in the shower after I read them a book and tuck them into bed. You’re more than welcome to take a shower yourself if you want, or just help yourself to the fridge.” She offered.

“Sounds good.” He grinned and watched her head down the hall. He sat back then started thinking about how J.W. was so into his Uncle Dax, and damn it, the dream he had that morning came back to him. “Son of a bitch!” He growled getting up and going to take a long hot shower and get his mind off what was bothering him.

It had been a long ass tour, and to come home and be at Addison’s place was more then he could have imagined, but he really did just need to unwind and start to feel normal again. When he walked by the boys’ room, he heard Addison reading a book, and when he peaked in, he saw that both boys were pretty much out cold. “Maybe I can get some more kisses tonight” He chuckled under his breath.

When he got into the bathroom, he took out his shaving kit and his last pair of clean boxers with him looking at all the dirty clothes. “Damn it, I’m going to have to do some laundry.” He sighed before stepping into a scolding hot shower.

He couldn’t say how long he was in the water, but damn did feel good. He felt his muscles relaxing as he just stood there, and when he finally stepped out, he took out an arm full of clothing and made his way to the front room. The TV was on and so was the light on the end table when he walked over to the kitchen. He saw Addison pouring some iced tea into two glasses in her little night gown and internally groaned before making his way over. “Addie, do you mind if I put some clothes in your washer? I only brought a small duffel bag with me. But it’s from when I was on the road so everything's dirty.”

“No that’s fine. Let me just first take out the boy’s laundry…” She started to say as she turned around, and then her eyes went wide. “You’re, I mean, you’re only in your underwear.” She whispered as her eyes checked him out, thoroughly. Her little tongue came out and wetted those sweet pink lips as she looked at all his tattoos. She stopped only for a minute when she saw her name was still there over his heart. Then they slid down until they reached his shorts, and his already growing dick. “My names still on your chest.” She murmured.

The duffel bag dropped to the floor, and was doing all he could to stop himself from taking her right then. “Addie, baby, if you don’t stop looking at me like that, I’m not going to be able to behave myself.” He growled but her eyes glanced back at her name and she bit those lips that he was dying to kiss. She was holding back and he could see that she fighting herself. “Addison, if you look at me like you’re going to come over and lick my chest, I’m a goner baby girl!” He warned.

She didn’t look up at him, just stood there in that thin nightgown that showed ever damn curve, while she devoured his body with her stare. When their eyes met again, she only said one word to him, and that’s when he was done. “Jimmy…”

He walked over snatching her up in his arms, and devoured her lips. Her arms went around his neck as he picked her up bringing her into the entry hall, and away from little ears and eyes. He pushed her body up against the wall, her legs wrapping around his waist, as his hands went under her cotton knighty grabbing ahold of her ass, only to pull back. “Baby girl, you’re not wearing any panties?” He growled pushing himself up against her warm sweetness.

“No.” Was all she said before her fingers grabbed into his hair and pulled his mouth back down to hers.

“Fucking hell…” He growled as her tongue slipped back into his mouth demanding more. A finger slipped from her ass, past her thigh, and then found its way to the place where his dick was aching to be. He groaned when he felt how ready she was for him, and her little whimpers of pleasure made his body burn. He pulled himself out of his boxers and then his arms went under her legs, exposing that sweet little piece of heaven to his rock-hard erection. She gasped when he teased her with the tip, and a growl broke from his chest as the sheer need to be in this woman over took him.

Her hips moved on him having him fight to just thrusting deep inside her. He had to think straight, he had to do this right, he had to know that she wanted him just as much. “Do you want me Addison? Tell me baby girl, tell me right now that you want me in you!” He growled barely being able to contain himself.

“Yes, right now Jimmy, right now.” She moaned, and he was done.

That’s all he needed to hear as he thrust into her in one swift move that took both their breath away and he was buried deep inside. He moved inside her like a man possessed, he couldn’t get enough. Her fingers dug into his back with each stroke gasping into his ear every time he hit the end of her. He let go of her mouth and started to kiss her neck and then sucked in a mouth full.

Her body tightened around him and he knew he had hit that sweet spot that was going to have her screaming out his name. “Harder baby, harder… faster baby!” She panted as she moved her hips in rhythm with his.

Her head fell against the wall as he took ahold of her ass and gave her everything he had. “Damn it baby girl, I’m going to cum!” He growled as he tried not to shoot his load right then!

“Don’t stop baby, I’m there, oh yes, I’m there!” She whimpered as her sweetness squeezed around his dick and her orgasm broke free. His body ached for release as he watched his baby girl coming all over him, and he was there.

He could still feel her body tightening around him when he quickened his pace and came so hard, it could have dropped to him knees. “Holy fucking hell!” He grunted wanting this feeling to never end, and on the last thrust he spilled into her until he was spent. “Damn it, I’ve missed you.” He moaned.

They were both breathing heavily after that moment of madness to have each other. He came in and kissed her lips having her legs wrap around his waist again so he could wrap his arms around her. They were both sweating and he couldn’t help but chuckle. “Well that was something I wasn’t expecting tonight, but damn it I’m glad that it did. If you’re willing, I could be ready for round two whenever you are.”

“So much for taking things slow between us.” She sighed.

“Yeah, I think we messed up on that part.” He winked giving her one last kiss before putting her back on the floor.

She straightened out her nighty and turned to walk away, “I think I’m going to go clean up.” She whispered not looking at him.

“Hey, there…” He growled taking her by the arm to stop her, and pull her around so he could get a good look at her face to see what she might be thinking in that brain of hers. “I know you know that I’m still in love you Addie. I mean, you know this wasn’t a one-time thing for me, right? I want you to be mine again, and that means the forever kind, the one that has you having my last name.” He hinted.

“Yeah, I know.” She whispered.


She bit her lip and then looked up into his eyes. “I’m not saying no, and even though this happened between us tonight… I still think we should get to know each other again is all. I want you to know that it isn’t just me you get in this deal, and I want you to really understand that. We’ve been apart for a long time now; we can’t pick up where we were before our marriage went sideways.” She admitted.

“I’ve got three months off, that gives me three months for us to feel each other out, and for you to see that I want all three of you. And if after this month is up and we both still feel the same way about each other... then I say it's time for the boys to get used to seeing me in your bed.” He said as his hand came up caressing her cheek. “But just a heads up, if you offer me the lovin’ that I’ve been wanting from my girl for so long… I’m taking it baby girl. I might be good now, but I’m no fucking saint.” He grinned.

“Yeah, I think I figured that much out myself.” She smiled, and it was a real one.

“Good, then go get cleaned up and come watch some TV with me.” He chuckled, and then… “Hey, can I get a kiss from my girl, and I mean a real kiss.”

“Oh my gosh, I just gave you more then just a kiss a minute ago.” She laughed, but wrapped her arms around his neck and when he leaned in she slipped that sweet little tongue into his mouth thoroughly tasting him. One hand caressed down his back giving him the chills and then grabbed onto his ass. When she was done, she had a sly little grin on her face. “Better?”

“Fuck yeah it was. Now hurry up and get cleaned up.” He said swatting her ass as she walked away. “And I’ll get those drinks ready for us before you were... distracted.” He called out with a laugh, and heard her laugh softly as she made her way down the hall.

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